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25 Quora Statistics and Facts (1)

25 Quora Statistics and Facts: All Marketers Need to Know

Using social media for marketing is nothing new in 2023. Marketers always look for opportunities to use social platforms and viral trends in their marketing. Social media offer a huge advantage to marketers to reach a huge audience and get the best out of the reach. 

Quora is a similar social media platform where people ask questions and others provide answers to those. As a marketer, you can take advantage of it to promote the business you’re working for. Though marketing is restricted in Quora, good marketers always find out their own ways. 

Reasons You should focus on Quora

Quora is known for being a source of high-quality traffic. People asking questions here are really serious about it and looking for some legit answers. Marketers take the advantage of this and grab traffic to their websites. 

To utilize this platform properly, you need to know more about it. As numbers make more sense, here are 25 Quora statistics marketers need to know to have a better idea about this platform. 

25 Quora Statistics and Facts

More than 300 million users are active in Quora per month

As per the latest information from 2018, Quora gets more than 300 million users per month. Right now, in 2023, the number is bigger for sure. 

Even if only 0.01% of this audience is interested in your niche, can you imagine how effective this platform is going to be for you?

Quora Statistics and Facts
Quora Users Statistics

More than 116 million questions are asked on Quora

The total number of questions may vary depending on several factors, but the number is not less than 100 million. Among all these questions, you’ll find many that are directly or indirectly related to your niche. 

In Quora, over 300,000 topics are discussed regularly

You won’t find any boundaries of the topics discussed in Quora. From a good morning routine to complex statistics, everything is here. From these 300,000+ topics, you’ll find at least a hundred topics related to your business or service. 

¾ of the visits are done using mobile phones

Among the huge number of audiences of this platform, around three-forth users visit Quora using their mobile phones. Because of the easy portability and mobile-friendly interface, mobile users find it comfortable to surf this platform through mobile phones. 

Quora Statistics and Facts

70% of the Quora users haven’t asked any question

More than two-thirds of Quora users haven’t asked any questions. Also, around 30% haven’t answered any questions. So, a lot of users are there in sleep mode. Suppose you find that your niche has very few questions and inadequate responses, don’t worry. Many are in sleep mode. 

Around 35% of Americans use Quora

If you want to reach quality traffic from the USA, Quora is one of the most suitable platforms. More than one-third of Americans use Quora. A huge portion uses this platform regularly. As a marketer, you can take advantage of this.

65% of Quora users have a college degree

Quora offers quality traffic because almost two-thirds of the users have a college degree. Also, 28% have a graduate degree. So, while designing content as a marketer, keep this in mind and ensure quality content. 

77% of Quora users are aged between 18-34

The largest age group of Quora is 18-24, having almost 45% of total users. The second largest group is 25-34, to where almost 32% of Quora users belong. So, generate content and answers keeping this in mind. Youngbloods have taken almost 80% of the platform.

Quora Statistics and Facts

54% of Quora users make more than $100,000 per year

While designing your marketing strategies for Quora, you should keep this in mind. You’re offering your product or service to an audience group where more than half make a decent income. You can take advantage of this. 

77% of Quora users come from search engines

Search engines send more than 77% of the total traffic of Quora. A lot of questions are ranked in the search results already. Marketers can take this as the scope of reaching search engine traffic is huge without doing SEO.

In 2020, Quora was 80th in terms of daily visitors and page views

According to Alexa, Quora was the 80th most popular website in the world in 2020. Its popularity is increasing, and in 2022, I think it has ranked better. Thus, Quora offers marketers a huge number of traffic attached to this platform. 

Questions asked on Quora get five answers on average

Even if you find any question answered a few times, don’t worry. On average, five answers are provided for each question. So, you can always come up with a better answer representing your business or service if you’re up to free marketing.

36% of Quora users are in management positions

More than one-third of users of this platform hold a management position in companies. You can use Quora ads for advertising your B2B product or service business, as a huge sum of traffic is related to business management positions. 

Users spend 2X time on Quora compared to LinkedIn

If you want to reach a huge sum of audience easily, Quora is your platform. Compared to the amount of time spent on LinkedIn, Quora users spend twice the time on this platform. Your marketing strategies and campaigns should be able to take advantage of them. 

Quora offers a paid service too

Besides the free platform we all see, Quora, there is a paid platform, too, called Quora+. In Quora+, people who have answered questions can hide their answers for a specific amount. Anyone who wants to see the answers should subscribe to Quora+ for a fee. 

Quora Statistics and Facts


60% of users of Quora Ads are B2B businesses

B2B businesses are taking leverage of the Quora advertising platform by directing their ads to other businesses or people searching for business solutions. As at least one-third of Quora users hold a management position in their companies, it is easy for B2B businesses to reach other businesses with their products. 

Quora users spend around 4.20 minutes on this platform on average

According to several sources, on average, Quora users spend around four and a half minutes on this platform. People are becoming more and more attached to Quora for their learning. So, the time is increasing, slowly but steadily. 

Video conferencing was the most popular search term on Quora in 2020

People come to Quora to feed their interest in recent trends and needs. For example- in 2020, just after covid strikes, video conferencing was the most searched term in Quora, whereas the second most searched term was Work from Home. 

So, marketers who love to work on recent trends for marketing strategies can take benefit from Quora. 

Marketers are investing more in Quora Ads

With time, the amount marketers spend on Quora Ads is increasing fast. The power of Quora Ads is not being underestimated anymore. A healthy portion of the total ads budget is kept for Quora just because of its ability to take you to the educated traffic. 

No marketer should let this chance go away. 

Mobile devices generate the most impressions and clicks on Quora ads

According to a study, around 80% of the click-throughs and impressions on Quora advertisements come from mobile device users. Keep this fact in mind and focus on mobile-friendly ad interfaces next time you run a campaign on Quora. 

Quora Ads drive 4x more traffic compared to other platforms

Businesses are seeing a huge boom in impressions and click-throughs after using the Quora Ads platform. Most businesses using Quora Ads are seeing around 3x-4x more traffic than other social media advertising platforms. 

So, you should keep a decent budget for Quora if you want to drive maximum traffic to your website. 

Quora Statistics and Facts

Male users are more in Quora compared to female users

Though there are conflicts about the exact numbers, male users outnumber female users in Quora. According to a source, 62.96% of users of Quora are male, whereas the rest, 37.04%, are female. 

Knowing the approximate portions of our audience base allows you to craft strategies and advertisements better. 

Quora doesn’t reveal numbers like other platforms

Like other platforms out there, Quora doesn’t reveal the numbers. So, every statistic you know about Quora from other sources or a bit old. There is no way to validate. However, the statistics I’ve stated here are from dependable sources. 

Quora supports multiple languages

Quora is available in 24 different languages. So, there is a huge scope to reach your audience who use any of these 24 languages. Among them, English is the most common. Others are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Finnish, Bangla, Japanese, Indonesian, etc. 

Quora Statistics and Facts
Quora’s supported languages

A huge portion of Quora’s contents is evergreen

Around 80%-90% of Quora questions and answers are evergreen, which means those will be applicable for many more years. So, people will come to Quora again and again, and the contents are not likely to be wiped out. 

Final Verdict

Quora Ads has given fascinating results to users in recent years. It has shown a boom in click-through and impressions on ads. So, it is time for you to take advantage of the platform if you haven’t done it yet.

The statistics here will help you to do that, as knowing the platform is important if you want to receive the best out of it. While crafting strategies for Quora Ads, keep them in mind. Best of luck. 

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