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3 SEO Ranking Benefits Of Building Wikipedia Backlinks (1)

3 SEO Benefits Of Building Wikipedia Backlinks

There are always new developments happening in SEO. Backlinks’ significance, however, has stayed unchanged despite SEO’s development. One of the most important variables that search engines evaluate to determine a site’s rating is the number of backlinks leading to it.

Because of this, SEOs and digital marketers have a constant need for fresh, relevant backlinks. Hyperlinks from authoritative websites are indicative of high-quality backlinks. Wikipedia is just one of many such sites, yet it’s often overlooked due to the hassle and difficulty of getting it. Once you realize the SEO benefits of building Wikipedia Backlinks, you’ll see that the effort was well worth it.

Here, we’ve laid out in detail why you should want backlinks from Wikipedia, and you’ll be greedy for getting them after reading this.

Why Is a Backlink from Wikipedia So Valuable?

You may already be aware that links from authoritative sites have more weight with Google. Wikipedia has earned a perfect Moz Domain Authority score of 100, signifying that it is widely regarded as an authoritative and reliable resource. As a direct consequence of this, Google has prioritized it as one of its most trusted websites. Having a link to your site from here will do wonders for your site’s search engine rankings.

Wikipedia is one of the most trusted resources online since its content is reviewed by human editors before publication and only credible sources are allowed to link to its pages. This is why a link from a respectable Wiki site carries more weight than one from a less reputable source.

You will not, however, be able to enjoy the advantages of it until you carry it out in the proper manner. Wikipedia backlinks, if applied properly, have the ability to greatly increase the worth of a site or an online firm. So, check out the other article we wrote for a comprehensive guide about getting a Wikipedia backlink.

SEO Benefits of Building Wikipedia Backlinks 

When search engines see a website linked to Wikipedia, they know the site must have high-quality content and deserves a high position in search results. From a search engine optimization perspective, Wikipedia is quite useful because it is one of Google’s most frequently visited and highly rated sites in terms of DA. here are some of the benefits:

  • Wikipedia links are nofollow, and so are other types of links that don’t necessarily lead anywhere. On the other hand, if a website has a large number of users like Wikipedia does, you may profit from the traffic that the website sends to your own website.
  • Having links to your site from Wikipedia increases its credibility. When people see that you’ve connected to credible resources like Wikipedia, they’ll immediately view you as an authority within the industry.
  • Having a backlink from a reputable source like Wikipedia can do wonders for your SEO. If you can earn a backlink from Wikipedia, other publishers will see your work as credible and link to you more often.

That’s how you attract plenty of organic visitors and win Google’s favor for better search engine results page placement.


Gaining a backlink from Wikipedia is challenging. That’s great since perseverance always pays off in the end. You can get them if you put in the effort; they’re not impossible to obtain. Google ranking improvements are a just reward for your efforts. 

If done correctly, the SEO benefits of building Wikipedia backlinks are immense. We have just described how you can gain from putting in a small bit of effort to establish a backlink on Wikipedia, and we really hope that you will check it out.

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