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Here at dotmirror, we deliver the best-performing WooCommerce SEO services for people who want to take their business to the next level. If you want to increase your online store’s visibility and see a boom in sales that you’ve never seen, try our service. WooCommerce websites require a bit of special attention in SEO for several reasons. That’s why we go a step ahead of regular SEO efforts and optimize your WooCommerce website for relevant search results. Want to know more about us? Here’s who we are and what we do.

Know About Us

We’re a team of search engine optimization enthusiasts who have been working with SEO for more than seven years. Our journey as a team started around five years ago, intending to serve clients with the best possible SEO strategies for ranking their websites. Till now, we’ve been serving with the same goal in mind. Everyone on our team is eager to learn and upgrade themselves with the recent changes in the field of SEO. So, from us, you’ll get the service that works. Besides keeping up with the recent trends and changes, we improve ourselves through discussion and competition. Besides effective SEO strategies for your WooCommerce websites, you’ll enjoy a satisfactory experience from us. We try our best to deliver exactly what our clients look for. If you’re struggling with ranking your site or looking for some consultancy about increasing sales, you can try our service. Besides offering consultancy and overall WooCommerce SEO service, we offer small particles of WooCommerce SEO.

Services We Offer

WooCommerce Website SEO Audit

If you wish to know exactly what is preventing you from ranking your website, try our WooCommerce SEO Audit service. An audit will help you to know the problems with your SEO efforts and the ways to get rid of them. After the audit, we can help you with fixing the current problems through another service.

Keyword Research

For e-commerce business websites, picking the right keyword can increase sales a lot. You should pick the exact keywords people use while searching for products similar to what you sell. Our keyword researchers look for and provide the buying intent keywords people use. Using those, you can optimize your content more preciously.

Technical SEO Audit

WooCommerce websites come with a lot of technical issues if not maintained properly. We think you’ve overlooked some technical issues because of a lack of technical knowledge. For you, we offer a complete Technical SEO Audit service. Here we ensure that your website is free from technical and security issues that don’t let it grow.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your opponents helps you to design your strategy better. So, while optimizing the website for search engines, you should also analyze the competitors. That’s why we have a competitor analysis service where we investigate your competitors’ websites and find out their shortcomings to grow your website.

Meta Information Analysis

Meta information is vital for ranking your website as it is an essential part of on-page SEO. Through meta information analysis service, our experts check the meta information of your web pages and optimize those with keywords if needed. Through updating meta information, your website becomes easier to find for search engine crawlers.

Backlink Profiling

A healthy backlink profile is a must if you like your website to rank for a long time. That’s why we offer a backlink profiling service through which we design a backlink profile that can possibly work. Depending on that, you can build backlinks for the site or let us handle it. We ensure healthy backlinks from quality websites.

Domain Authority Development

Domain authority is a score that shows the possibility of a website to rank on keywords. It depends on your SEO efforts and connections throughout your website’s lifetime. Our experts can help you to increase domain authority through healthy SEO practices. If you want to increase your website’s DA, try our service.

Content Review

Contents of your website play a major role in ranking. That’s why we offer our content review service, where we check your website content (product descriptions, images, videos, duplicate content, etc.) and review those so you know where to improve. Through a few effective suggestions after review, our service helps your website to improve.

Localizing Your Business

If your products are for people around you, local SEO can help you a lot to reach them. That’s why we offer local SEO services too. Through this service, we ensure that people around your locality find you when they search for similar products. Localize your business through our local SEO service and enjoy better ROI.

Overall SEO Support

If you’re looking for someone to handle the overall SEO of your WooCommerce website, you can appoint us. We’ve already worked for several websites and helped those to multiply ROI within a few months. So, you can depend on us to optimize your website for search engines. We know how to do it.

Reasons to Try Our Service

Value for Money

We don’t expect you to pay a huge amount to get our service. Instead, we’re offering value for the bucks you spend on us. Our packages are priced reasonably so that everyone can afford those. So, even if you’re struggling with your WooCommerce SEO budget, we have something for you. Compare our prices with others, and you’ll see it.

On-time Delivery

Keeping our clients waiting is the thing we hate most. We know that if you can’t maintain your timeline, things might end up being a mess. That’s why we ensure that our clients are receiving the service within the time we promise. For that, we don’t take jobs exceeding our capacity.

Customer Satisfaction

Our focus is to satisfy our clients through the service and experience we provide. In the last five years, we’ve served around 500 clients and ensured they are satisfied with our services. We know that satisfied clients are the biggest advertisements. So, we don’t fail to satisfy our customers.

After-sales Service

We have an after-sales support system to support you even after the task is completed. Each of our services comes with after-sales support for a specific time. You need to communicate with us within the time mentioned. We’ll fix any issue in the service and make sure that you’re satisfied with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SEO different in WooCommerce?

There might not be a huge difference between WooCommerce SEO and regular SEO, but something is definitely different. So, hiring a WooCommerce SEO specialist for your WooCommerce website is always recommended.

What is the best option for SEO- an agency or a person?

In the case of SEO, an agency is always the best pick. The reason is- in agencies, there are multiple brains to think about your website. Also, in agencies, discussion among experts can bring up a better solution than what a single brain can think. So, picking a service from an agency can help you more.

How long SEO takes to rank my website?

SEO depends on many things, including- the approach, structure of the site, internal issues, difficulty of keywords, etc. So, it is tough to tell something definite about the time needed to rank a website. If you let us handle the overall SEO of your site, we can show you the initial jump in the rank within 2-3 months.

So, What are You Waiting for?

If you’re sure about appointing a WooCommerce SEO consultant for your website, try our service. You already know all you need to know about our service before placing an order. If you have something more to ask, feel free to communicate with us. We’re always ready to answer your doubts and serve you with the best experience. Try once.

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