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BlackHatWorld is one of the internet-based search engine optimization platforms. It’s also known as spamdexing. It’s the best platform for online marketing and digital business.  It serves worldwide & a large number of people are engaged here.

Their marketplace is very useful. It offers a large array of services such as web designing, app development, copywriting, graphic design, Social media marketing, SEO, etc. It advertises both banner ads and promotes links. It has a number of sites linking to it for providing the best result.

Nowadays the Instagram and Facebook marketing of this platform is being very popular. It is very convenient. Users can get enough information and strategies for doing business on those platforms.

Approximately, more than 100 thousand people visit here monthly and their monthly rank growth is 10.98%.

It’s one of the best online media for money-making. Their information, tips, and reviews are reliable. Therefore, when a new member enters in place, they must spend some time to understand the platform. Spending time here is an investment for the future. Because it will help them at work. For earning a good amount of money, a seller must keep a good budget and patience.

Why Should Someone Choose BlackHatWorld

This is a very helpful platform. A new member can learn lots of things. For a new user, it may seem difficult in the beginning. However, after spending some time they will understand it.

It has a fairly large community. A new member can ask for help from the old members. They may help them through many tips and advice.

All the members worldwide share their idea here. Through this platform, one can gain insights into many new and updated knowledge. They can get new innovative ideas for business.

When a user publishes something on this platform, it will reach a large number of audiences worldwide. It shows those advertise only to the targeted people. The privacy policy of BlackHatWorld is also very good.

A user can upgrade and downgrade their account at the time of subscription. For upgrading the account user, have to pay a charge immediately.

How to open an account

  1. Go to the website and check on the login then you will find out the option for register now.
  2. Give your user name for the BlackHatWorld account.
  3. Fill the whole form with appropriate info.
  4. Then give a valid email ID and verify it.


Approval receiving and posting Guideline

  1. For posting as a seller, a user’s must-have Jr. VIP or marketplace seller status.
  2. Their services or products must comply with the BlackHatWorld rules.
  3. The price of the products must be reasonable with good quality.
  4. Must pay the annual fees. If a user did not pay then he or she will be notified via pm (Private Message).
  5. Irrelevant products and services will be rejected.
  6. A seller cannot post the same types of products many times.
  7. You must follow all the rules and laws before posting.

To gain the status of Jr. VIP a user, have to be a member for at least 60 days. They must make at least 100-quality posts. After that, they have to pay annual fees in this forum. Then they will get the status.

If a user wants to gain, the Executive VIP status then uses have to be a member, at least for 3 months. Then there is a voting method. If the user gets a 51% vote they will be Executive VIP.

Rules and Regulations

This forum has many rules and regulations a user must follow. Otherwise, the authority will remove their account without any kind of consideration. Sometimes SEO Blackhatworld’s authority may change or update their rules anytime with or without notice and sometimes without.

  1. A user cannot post something vulgar, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, or hateful for the community.
  2. All the shared programs and content are the property of No one can use them without their permission.
  3. Discussion of Cookie stuffing is strictly forbidden.
  4. Creating more than one account in BlackhatWorld is strictly prohibited.
  5. Never use the domain name as a user name.
  6. Signature Banner with bare skin, Criminal activities, vulgar languages, religious references are not allowed.

Some features of BlackHatWorld

  1. Thank you button: If you got help from another member, then do not post “Thank you”. There is a “Thanks” button and by pressing on it, you can thank others. It helps to keep the platform free from clutter. This is a very important feature to keep the forum neat and clean.
  1. Rep button: There is a Rep button for giving a positive or negative review for helping or providing any suggestion.
  1. Report Button: If a user sees something illegal or fraudulent, they can report to the administrator through the report button. They will never disclose the identity of the reporter. Then they will take action. Moreover, the use of the report button is an effective way of countering spammers.
  2. iTrader: It is a member rating method of Blackhatworld. It allows each member to provide a positive, negative or neutral rating about other members. These ratings are visible to everyone.
  1. Shitlist: If a user gives wrong information about any product/service or gives faulty reviews then he or she will find themselves in the Shitlist! Later, authorities can remove their account.

Terms of using BlackHatWorld

  • A user gets much information such as web page, online resource, and content in here. Therefore, the user must agree to and obey all the conditions, policies, guidelines, or amendments when the authority will ask.
  • When a member will share something on this site such as data, video, text, software, tools, graphics, or any other materials they cannot remove it.
  • If a content loss or damage then the user cannot claim that authorities are responsible for that.
  • Users cannot report directly about any content. They can only E-mail the authority about it in “Abuse/at/”. After that, if the authority finds any problem, they’ll take the necessary action.
  • Users out of the United States have to agree with some extra rules and laws.
  • Never post anything fraud or deceptive. Your account will disappear just like that.
  • Activities which involves the use of bots, worms, virus; can harm computers hardware and those are forbidden to use.


Policies for copyright

They follow the policy of the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and some other related applicable law for Copyright.

Uploading any kind of copyrighted content without permission is prohibited here.

Sales and service rules

BlackHatWorld charges fees for posting something in some area. Member must use the “For Sale” or “Freelancer” section.

Billing and Payment method 

Users have to pay the membership charge through a credit card or other accepted payment system. Sometimes they use the third-party service provider for it.

They send notifications to the member if payment is due.

If the user uses the credit card method for payment, then he or she must pay the fees within 5 days of being notified from the BlackHatWorld. From other accepted methods of payment, the user must pay within 15 days after notified.

If the user becomes unable to pay, then BlackHatWorld SEO will follow the following steps-

  1. They will charge 1.5% interest monthly for late payment.
  2. Suspend the user’s access from their services.

There are many BlackHatWorld alternatives to this platform such as-

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