370% of Organic Growth: Our SEO Strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Golf Accessories Business

🔍 The Client

This niche Shopify e-commerce site, focused on golf accessories, faces organic growth challenges. To address this, a content revamp is underway to engage golf enthusiasts and enhance online performance.

🏆 The Objective

Our objective is to ease the struggle for organic growth. What we did actually defines us. We wanted to make it profitable as soon as possible. As SEO is a long-term journey, we needed to be very strategic and effective in implementing a white hat SEO strategy.

🔥 The Competition

Start Point 👉

The client was struggling to get organic traffic. We started to work with the client when it had 150 maximum traffic. Which is very less considering its vast business opportunity.

Results 👉

358 keywords in SERP Top #3 Position

250 Keywords in SERP Top #10 Position


Organic Traffic


Website Revenue


Top 3 Keywords


Page 1 Keywords

How can a small Golf Ecommerce shop in London compete against a venture-backed national chain with over a million customers?

The Dot Playbook ➡️

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

Let’s get the context:

  • The journey to its growth was gradual as I acquired insights into effective strategies; however, after gaining momentum, its monthly earnings escalated from $150 to $2,000 within a year.
  • I won’t disclose the website’s URL, as sharing it wouldn’t enhance this case study, and there’s a likelihood that revealing it could negatively impact the site’s future performance.
  • The website features approximately 400 product & category pages
  • While it doesn’t fit the description of a “micro-niche” site, it certainly revolves around a specific niche. Within this niche, there exist numerous product categories, each encompassing dozens of brands. Consequently, there’s a substantial range of subjects to explore.

Our Strategy:

As I mentioned there are a lot of competitors to beat. So firstly we headed for more narrowed items, in the SEO context we say it is long tail keyword targeting. We tried to cover a very specific niche. It is searched by 50 -100 people in a month. And we made individual categories for that. 

Another important thing we implemented is the blog section. Where we tried to make the overall process of helping golf playing easier. This is to help the golfer in the playing journey. We also started a blog on t  

Where we started:

The client was struggling to get organic traffic. We started to work with the client when it has 150 maximum traffic. Which is very less considering its vast business opportunity. 

How a low-traffic niche website competes with a giant: Our SEO Strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Golf Accessories Business

Finding Low competitive keywords:

To find low-competition keywords for effective SEO, start by using keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. Look for longer, specific phrases (long-tail keywords) with moderate search volumes, as they often have lower competition. Analyze competitors and Google search results to gauge the level of competition. Leverage Google’s autocomplete for keyword suggestions and use Google Trends to understand keyword popularity. Focus on keywords specific to your niche and consider question-based or conversational phrases. Lastly, strike a balance between relevance and competition to select keywords that can drive valuable organic traffic.

Implementing Low KD keywords to boost Authority:

Integrating low Keyword Difficulty (KD) keywords strategically can enhance your website’s authority. Opt for relevant low KD keywords and craft compelling content around them, incorporating keywords naturally in titles and content. Elevate the quality of your content with in-depth information, internal and outbound links, and a seamless user experience. Consistently produce valuable content, promote it across platforms, and monitor its performance to refine and maintain your site’s authority growth.

Implementing blog section:

Incorporating a blog section on your website is a powerful strategy to enhance engagement and boost your online presence. Choose topics relevant to your niche, optimize for search engines, and craft valuable content that addresses your audience’s interests. Maintain a consistent posting schedule, use visuals to enhance readability, and encourage social sharing to expand your reach. Foster interaction by inviting comments and discussions. By analyzing performance metrics and adapting based on feedback, your blog can become a dynamic platform that adds value, builds authority, and strengthens your overall online impact.

On-page Optimization of collection and product pages:

Collection Page Optimization:

Collection page optimization enhances user experience and conversion potential. Organize items logically, utilize high-quality visuals, and craft engaging titles and descriptions. Implement relevant keywords, clear CTAs, and user-friendly filters for easy navigation. Ensure mobile responsiveness, quick loading times, and incorporate cross-selling opportunities. Include social proof, reviews, and promotions to build trust and encourage purchases. Regularly monitor analytics and conduct A/B testing to refine your approach. By optimizing for SEO and offering a well-structured, appealing experience, you can drive engagement, conversions, and overall success on your collection pages.

Product Page Optimization:

Product page optimization is crucial for enhancing user experience and driving conversions. Use high-quality images, compelling titles, and informative descriptions to showcase products effectively. Highlight pricing, promotions, and clear CTAs like “Add to Cart.” Leverage customer reviews, display product variations, and provide transparent shipping and return information. Ensure mobile responsiveness and fast loading speeds for all devices. Employ trust badges, related product suggestions, and social sharing buttons to boost confidence and encourage upselling. Regularly monitor analytics and conduct A/B testing to refine your approach. With these tactics, you can create product pages that engage customers and lead to increased sales.


When analyzing the competitors we found that most of them are very much prominent in their business. They have been in the golf industry for a couple of years but our client’s business is for 2 years only. Beating an industry-lead competitor is not an easy task.


Feedback 👉

I'm thrilled with DotMirror's SEO services for my golf accessories business. Their expertise, transparency, and communication made it smooth. Their strategies boosted organic traffic and sales. I confidently recommend DotMirror for top-notch SEO solutions.

John Fairway
John Fairway
GreenLinks Golf Gear

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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