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200% of Organic Growth: Our SEO Strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Padel Racket Shopify Store

🔍 The Client

The client sought to boost organic traffic in the US Padel market and establish a strong presence. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, they approached us in May 2023. Since then, in just three months, we’ve increased their monthly visitors to over 5,000.

🏆 The Objective

Their main goal was to increase sales of padel rackets in the USA market, which brought them to us for our expertise. They aim to significantly expand the distribution of padel rackets, accessories, and equipment.

🔥 The Competition

Start Point 👉

We started when there are 2K-3K monthly organic traffic. The client was frustrated with the previous SEO services as he was not getting any improvement after working with different SEO companies in the USA.

Results 👉

From the start of the campaign until end of May, SEO traffic is up 502.87% with revenue up a significant 163.28% also.

Overall search visibility has increased exponentially, as seen in the impressions/clicks growth from Google Search Console.


Organic Traffic


Website Revenue


Top 3 Keywords


Page 1 Keywords

How can a small Padel Shopify shop in United States compete against a venture-backed Padel Giant with over a million customers?

The Dot Playbook ➡️

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

Let’s get the context:

  • The journey to its growth was gradual as I acquired insights into effective strategies; however, after gaining momentum, its monthly earnings escalated from $50 to $2,000 within a year.
  • I won’t disclose the website’s URL, as sharing it wouldn’t enhance this case study, and there’s a likelihood that revealing it could negatively impact the site’s future performance.
  • The website features approximately 30 collection pages and 70 individual padel rackets and accessories. 
  • While it doesn’t fit the description of a “micro-niche” site, it certainly revolves around a specific niche. Within this niche, there exist numerous product categories, each encompassing dozens of brands. Consequently, there’s a substantial range of subjects to explore.

Our Strategy:

We made a technical & On-page SEO audit of the website. We found that there are a lot of technical and on-page issues including robot.txt issues, crawling issues, etc. 

As a renowned SEO agency, we made a different strategic plan. We first conducted technical SEO. We believe that This is the thing that we care about first. Most SEO agencies feared to work with technical terms that we are experts in. 

After incorporating proper tech SEO, we started to work on the collection pages of the Padel Shopify store. We also worked on the individual product pages as well.  

Where we started:

We started when there were 2K-3K monthly organic traffic. The client was frustrated with the previous SEO services as he was not getting any improvement after working with different SEO companies in the USA. 

After working for three months on SEO services, the client is satisfied with our services. 

How a low-traffic niche website competes with a giant: Our SEO Strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Padel Racket Accessories & Equipment Business

Organic growth case study for padelUSA padel shopify store

Finding Easy-to-Rank Keywords:

To discover keywords with less competition, we used tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush. Focus on longer, more specific phrases that match what people are looking for. Look at what your competitors are using and explore Google’s suggestions. Websites like Quora and forums can also provide keyword ideas. If it’s relevant, consider local keywords. Create content to cover topics that haven’t been addressed much. Aim for keywords that aren’t too hard to rank for, but always remember that great content is crucial for good SEO. Find a balance between relevance and competition when choosing keywords to attract valuable organic traffic.

Using Easy Keywords to Boost Your Website’s Authority:

Adding keywords with low difficulty (KD) to your content strategy can increase your website’s authority. Identify these keywords with tools like SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner. These keywords have less competition, so it’s easier to rank higher in search results. Naturally integrate them into high-quality, informative content that meets user needs. As your site gains visibility for these keywords, it establishes itself as an authority in your niche, attracting more relevant organic traffic and helping your online presence grow.

Starting a Blog Section:

Creating a blog section on your website is a valuable way to connect with your audience, showcase your expertise, and boost your site’s authority. Dedicate a space for your blog, organized by categories for easy navigation. Choose topics that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand’s goals. Use relevant, low-competition keywords for better SEO and to attract organic traffic. Consistently publish high-quality, informative, and shareable content that addresses common questions, challenges, or trends in your industry. Encourage interaction through comments and social sharing to build a community around your blog. Regularly update the blog with fresh content to establish your authority and increase visibility and audience engagement.

Improving SEO with Canonical URLs:

Using canonical URL optimization is a critical SEO strategy to fix duplicate content issues, enhance SEO value, and boost search engine rankings and user experiences. This is especially useful for a company dealing with duplicate URLs. It’s an essential tool for webmasters and digital marketers striving for better online visibility and performance.

Optimizing Collection and Product Pages:

Collection Page Optimization:

Making your e-commerce collection pages user-friendly is crucial for better user experience and more conversions. Organize products logically with clear titles and images. Use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and headings for better search visibility. Ensure easy navigation for visitors to explore and filter products. Provide concise product descriptions and high-quality images. Use prominent calls-to-action like “Shop Now” or “Learn More.” Make sure the design works well on mobile devices. Keep your collection pages fresh with updates to showcase new arrivals and promotions.

Product Page Optimization:

Optimizing product pages is essential for increasing conversions and improving user experience. Craft compelling and informative product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your product. Highlight key features and pricing information. Make navigation user-friendly, especially for selecting options like size and color. Include prominent call-to-action like “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” Use customer reviews and ratings to build trust. Ensure your pages work well on mobile devices. Regularly update and optimize product pages based on performance and feedback to maximize conversions and user satisfaction.


Until now, our analysis has focused on our competitors, highlighting that many of them have extensive experience in the industry. Among these competitors, I’d like to mention a few key ones:


Feedback 👉

I'm extremely satisfied with Dot Mirror's SEO service for my Padel Racket Shopify Store. Their expertise has boosted my store's search rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved conversions. The team's knowledge and responsiveness were exceptional. I highly recommend Dot Mirror for top-notch SEO services that have truly elevated my online presence!

PadelUSA client
Diego Fernandez
Founder and CEO

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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