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250% of Organic Growth: Our SEO Strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Shopify Phone Case Business

🔍 The Client

The client owns a Shopify e-commerce store specializing in phone cases. Despite being in business for two years, sales was challenging to come by, with only a few hundred units sold by that time. The online business was facing difficulties due to inadequate organic growth.

🏆 The Objective

The objective was straightforward: selling more phone cases. That’s the bottom line – the reason they approached us. Their aim was to market iPhones and various types of phone cases on a larger scale.

🔥 The Competition

Start Point 👉

Working with an agency for over a year, organic traffic had grown by about 2,000 monthly visitors, but not enough to generate a positive ROI.

Results 👉

From the start of the campaign until end of May, SEO traffic is up 502.87% with revenue up a significant 163.28% also.

Overall search visibility has increased exponentially, as seen in the impressions/clicks growth from Google Search Console.


Organic Traffic


Website Revenue


Top 3 Keywords


Page 1 Keywords

How can a small phone case shop in United States compete against a venture-backed national chain with over a million customers?

The Dot Playbook ➡️

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

Let’s get the context:

  • The journey to its growth was gradual as I acquired insights into effective strategies; however, after gaining momentum, its monthly earnings escalated from $50 to $2,000 within a year.
  • I won’t disclose the website’s URL, as sharing it wouldn’t enhance this case study, and there’s a likelihood that revealing it could negatively impact the site’s future performance.
  • Apart from occasional updates to content and the addition of new links, the website broadly generates passive income.
  • The website features approximately 100 posts/pages.
  • While it doesn’t fit the description of a “micro-niche” site, it certainly revolves around a specific niche. Within this niche, there exist numerous product categories, each encompassing dozens of brands. Consequently, there’s a substantial range of subjects to explore.

Our Strategy:

In analyzing the client’s competition, we observed that they were offering a wide range of phone cases, covering virtually every type. This revealed a gap in the market that we could exploit. In the initial stages, our plan was to concentrate on specific brands, such as iPhones. To achieve this, we prioritized low Keyword Difficulty (KD) keywords to secure higher rankings.

Our overarching strategy aimed to establish authority within a specific niche. Once accomplished, our expansion plan encompassed diversifying into other types of phone cases, including Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus models.

A pivotal SEO approach we implemented revolved around delivering value. This involved creating a dedicated blog section where we shared practical tips and tricks for maintaining phone cases in a clean and organized condition. Incorporating this blog proved to be an excellent addition to our journey in enhancing this business’s offerings.

How a low-traffic niche website competes with a giant: Our SEO strategy to Boost Organic Growth of Phone Case Business.

Finding low competitive keywords:

In our pursuit of finding low-competition keywords, we focused on longer and more specific phrases, commonly known as long-tail keywords. We utilized Google’s auto-suggestions and explored related searches to generate a wide array of keyword ideas. Furthermore, we analyzed our competitors to uncover potential keywords that they might have been neglecting. Say for example we have chosen these high searched but low KD keywords. “iphone case with strap” SV- 2400, KD-14; cute iphone 14 pro case, monthly search Volume: 590 Keyword difficulty: 14. These keywords are not highly competitive and these have a good amount of search traffic. 

Our approach also involved delving into niche-specific topics. We considered incorporating question-based or how-to keywords to address user intent effectively. During the keyword evaluation process, we prioritized those with lower difficulty scores. For valuable insights into keyword trends, we consulted tools like Google Trends.

When relevant to our context, we included location-based keywords to capture local search traffic. Throughout this process, we kept in mind that creating high-quality content and implementing effective optimization strategies were crucial for achieving success in rankings.

Implementing low KD keywords to boost authority:

Strategically incorporating low Keyword Difficulty (KD) keywords helped elevate our site’s authority. We researched relevant low KD keywords, created valuable content around them, and optimized naturally. This approach allowed us to establish expertise over time, which enhanced our search engine rankings and attracted organic traffic. Internal linking was also employed to further strengthen our content network and improve user experience.

Incorporating blog section:

We incorporated a blog section to boost engagement and online presence. We chose niche-relevant topics, optimized for search engines, and created quality content addressing industry queries. We maintained consistency, used visuals, and encouraged social sharing. We fostered engagement, promoted through various channels, and measured performance for continuous improvement. A blog added value to user experience and strengthened our SEO efforts.

On-page Optimization of collection and product pages:

Collection Page Optimization:

As collection pages are the most important pages of an e-commerce store, We optimized collection pages to guide users effectively. We seamlessly integrated relevant keywords into the page title, meta description, and headers, ensuring a natural flow. 

For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro collection pages were lacking important LSI keyword implementations such as “iPhone 14 Pro cover collection” and “iPhone 14 Pro red case.” After incorporating these keywords, we experienced a significant 30% increase in organic traffic within just 15 days.

We crafted concise and captivating descriptions that accurately portrayed the collection’s essence. High-quality images were utilized to vividly represent the products, enhancing visual appeal and user engagement. 

User-friendly filtering and sorting options were implemented to aid customers in finding their desired items effortlessly. To improve navigation, we strategically placed internal links to related products or categories. By focusing on these elements, we created collection pages that were both search engine-friendly and user-centric.

Product Page Optimization:

We understood the importance of effective product page optimization in driving conversions. We began by incorporating target keywords into the product title, meta description, and headers, creating unique and compelling product descriptions. 

Multiple high-resolution images displaying different angles and views of the product were displayed. Detailed specifications, including size, color, material, and any unique features, were provided. Pricing, discounts (if applicable), and availability status were clearly stated. Persuasive call-to-action buttons were implemented for easy purchasing, and genuine customer reviews and ratings were showcased to establish trust. 

We considered showcasing related product suggestions to encourage cross-selling, and we ensured mobile optimization for a seamless experience across devices. By adhering to these practices, we created product pages that resonated with users and contributed to improved search rankings and conversions.


We analyzed the competitors and found that most of them are more than 5 years in business. So beating them with all the categories was not a good decision.

Feedback 👉

Dot Mirror's SEO service has been a game-changer for my Shopify Phone Case Business. Thanks to their expertise, our website's organic traffic has soared, and our products are now more visible to our target audience. Their responsive and dedicated team made all the difference, and I highly recommend their services. Thanks, Dot Mirror, for helping us succeed in the e-commerce market!

David Smithson
Marketing Manager

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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Organic Traffic Growth:

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