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How Gilkey Window Company Cut Ad Spend by 37%

About Gilkey Window Company

Gilkey Window Company has been delivering superior-grade windows and doors with unparalleled customer service for four decades. Their custom manufacturing ensures customers benefit from long-term value without compromising quality or performance.

The Challenge

With little to no background in local search engine optimization, Vince Gilkey relocated from the operational team to become Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales. To support his transition and succeed in his new role, he embarked on a mission to craft an effective strategy that would boost local search visibility, customer reviews, and engagement.

Vince Gilkey exclaimed, “Our digital consultant had previously suggested that Dotmirror could help our business with Google reviews and rankings. We knew they comprehended the relevance of these tactics, so it was an easy decision to pick them as consultants.”

The Solution

Dot Mirror Google My Business Management Service provided expert local search strategy and execution.

To strengthen their local position and oversee their Google Business Profiles, Gilkey Window Company has engaged Dotmirror SEO Services for assistance.

The Dotmirror squad began by meticulously auditing Gilkey Window Company’s Google Business Profiles and implementing all of their suggestions. Once the profiles were perfectly optimized, a thorough review strategy was created for each branch.

The Dotmirror team not only provided review request materials and training, but also managed all Google reviews on behalf of the business. Their Account Manager conducted a comprehensive website analysis to unearth missed local SEO opportunities with essential target keywords, which they then worked together to improve title tags and website experience.

“By collaborating with Dot Mirror, Gilkey Window Company’s visibility has skyrocketed. Now, those searching for windows can find us when they type in our targeted search terms; we display a 4.7-4.8 star rating and photos that draw potential customers to check out what else we have to offer–something that wouldn’t be possible without the help of Dotmirror!”

The Results

Increased Sales By: +6,496,626 (+34%)

Decreased Ad Spend By: -$654,767 (-37%)

Decreased TV Ad Spend By: -$475,478 (-68%)

By leveraging the power of a dot mirror GBP specialist, the Gilkey Window Company saw their profits skyrocket and advertising costs reduced. Furthermore, they gained more visibility in local search results; thereby allowing them to focus on other areas of growth for the business.

Our company is consistently performing at its best thanks to you! Whenever Google makes modifications, we can count on you to keep us up-to-date. Moreover, your professional responses to customer reviews that they leave on our profile are admirable. And not only do you continually motivate us by pushing us toward new objectives but also prevent any complacency within the organization.

Our team has been working hard to solicit reviews and photos (before and after shots) from our customers, so I can proudly say that my understanding of marketing is really growing. Thanks to your help, I’m able to look like a genius – it’s making me feel great!

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