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SEO Growth Increased by 168% of A&D Appliance Repair Service Company

A&D is an appliance repair service company in the United States. They offer repair services for refrigerators, washer repair, dryer repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair, cooktop repair, etc. They wanted to create better branding in America.

Being a new company in America and bringing the reliability of people to the company portfolio, it used a digital marketing platform. The company had selected an agency to make it happen. The agency has a great idea to handle customers by allocating company assets, liability, and market growth.

After optimizing the features, the clients communicated with them and felt appreciated for their fantastic service. They brought variations in service charges and made an average charge so that people could afford the cost. The engagement rate was gone higher at that time.


Within 2 years, the engagement rate had increased and reached 780%. It was a massive growth compared with the USA market lead, where this market growth was at only 45% last year.


People from many places asked for the service. Most of the time, female homemakers called them to provide repair service. At the same time, 45% of customer engagement was from service holders, businessmen, and women. But the homemaker ratio was much higher than service holder or business oriented person.

Agency strategies

After analyzing the overall condition and lack of marketing factors agency decided to move forward with the project. It took almost 2 years to optimize the task and take further initiatives.

Client’s goal

  • Increase traffic growth
  • Increase service request
  • Make better establishment of business within 2 years.

The agency analyzed competitors’ features and executed competitors’ growth reasons for better ranking of blog sites and service landing pages. They also identified weak points of the company that should be recovered.

Agency focused on the following points

  • Competitor’s portfolio verification and understanding of the marketing strategies. Analyze investor company growth and update.
  • Optimization of pages that directly generate money from the client
  • Increase organic search visibility by adding new landing pages
  • Measure the growth rate of the landing page and the client’s motive
  • Increase SEO optimization for better organic search results on landing pages.
  • Changing SEO formation in link building.

Analysis competitor portfolio

Agency worked for competitor analysis and focused on Keyword research. It focuses on the keyword distribution process and executes the way of optimization. The agency had taken help from Ahrefs for identifying keywords.

They focused on 2 pages of companies and collected keywords

  • Appliance recovery + area
  • Brand value + Repair

The process has executed exact keywords, and after analyzing relevant keywords from Ahrefs, it got a better optimization.

SEO optimization and making a plan

After a month of verification, it was executed that the company had not analyzed the actual customers. So targeted customers of advertising were wrong. They had not added instant communication information in blog content and organic advertising campaign.

The researched keywords were not optimized. The company collected high-ranked keywords. Later we added emergency numbers, and the right choice of customers and collected optimized keywords for organic ranking growth.

We also took some initiatives like

  • Which beneficial pages should bring first
  • Which information pages should optimize
  • Competitors focus on specific pages for better market growth

So changes in all these factors made the system more accessible, and the pages became ranked within a few months.

Optimization of pages for traffic growth that directly generate money from the client

The agency made a list of various places to create initial branding growth and service. The list is given below

  • Atmore
  • Bessemer
  • Clanton
  • Demopolis
  • Enterprise
  • Fort Payne
  • Greenville
  • Jasper
  • Phenix City
  • Sheffield

In New Jersey

  • Bloomfield
  • Bound Brook
  • Caldwell
  • East Orange
  • Edison
  • Englewood
  • Haddonfield
  • Long Beach

In New York

  • Beacon
  • Cheektowaga
  • Crown Point
  • East Hampton
  • Geneva
  • Hudson
  • Jamestown
  • Massena

The SEO team had done complete research on these areas. They have collected data on how many families are available there. How many hostels do there have, how many people live there as per bachelor and so many? They also found an ordinary 8500 people in some areas.

The later agency decided to run offline ads and content marketing. Because to reach massive numbers of people, they had to take help from various blog sites. So it will offer the best options for reaching many people. They had decided to open a branding center if the company got a massive response from a specific area.  

Let’s see the SERP position of the website

On-page SEO

After analyzing the measurement and engagement rate, we started working on on-page SEO.

We brought variation in the optimization process

  • Made a semantic core and used keywords to the engaging areas of the page.
  • Change the page outlook
  • Solve technical bugs and issues
  • Optimize page speed
  • Bring changes in first-page visit greetings
  • Sharing work portfolio to grab the attention of customers

Analyzing the Semantic core of the page

We first executed the competitor’s towns and customers when we analyzed the semantic core. Here we understand what types of customers are available—a type of service they need. 

Customer’s expectations from the service and so many others. Then had decided to open a new page with changes in services and including new offers. We also set 301 redirects for better presentation.


Analyze the competitor’s site and decide if you need those service pages.

For collecting information on customers, we collected main town keywords and implemented them.

Give a chart of Appliance type keywords on the town’s main page.

Increase organic search visibility by adding new landing pages

We made a decent change to the pages. Then we paid attention to landing pages. So that customers get adequate knowledge and a positive idea about the company, this process increased the engagement rate and sales growth fon desired level. For this, we made many landing pages for different types of advertising, like blog content landing pages, sales growth landing pages, company portfolio landing pages, and so many others.

We have added the features on the landing pages given below

  1. Free and discount offers
  2. The benefits of the service compared with competitors
  3. My portfolio of working with leading brand
  4. Statistical data of working areas
  5. Awards, achievements, and certifications
  6. Client’s feedback
  7. Frequently asked question

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Meta tag revise

We also revised the Meta tag of the business and added extra information and instant support service options.

Recovering other issues

  1. Solving empty meta tag issues
  2. Removing extra information and extra H1 headings on the page.
  3. Improve page appearance and information
  4. Recovering broken links.
  5. Make the redirect terms effective.

After a few days, the sales growth had increased frequently. After a few months, this sales growth had increased by 250%. So we focused on the keywords and revised landing pages for better market growth.

PPC Ad publish

After a better optimization company went for a PPC campaign, and after the optimization, the company traffic rate increased at an incredible speed. People from regional areas had collected better ideas about the company. So the company took these steps to increase sales growth instantly, 

  • It created engaging content with optimized keywords collected from Google ad sense
  • Then select the average campaign rate for a month. The rate was approximately $2600
  • Also had selected a bit low-ranked areas of marketing.
  • Then publish ads.

After the next 4 months, the organic search section of main towns came to the first page of Google.

Changing SEO formation in link building

We changed SEO keywords to make better link-building. We have selected variations of words to get an immediate response and set the links at the right corner of the first page.

Anchor set up

We also made engaging anchors by changing keywords, bringing variation in writing, and hyperlinks. So people got impressed and entered the sites to purchase the service. We differentiated engaging and money anchors.

To conclude, it can be said that the link-building process is one of the most interactive ways of branding. You should focus on it to convert an average traffic rate into massive growth. 

To make a transparent site and get instant branding, you should change the SEO words of information and maintain the SEO keywords percentage. However, you should focus on content SEO words because this is a huge marketing platform. 

See Example of One Backlink

Most of the people will get ideas on service and connect with the company sites for purchasing. So all the features will optimize your sites and enrich a better market growth in a short time.

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