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The Amazing Results of Express Content Link Building (2)

The Amazing Results of Express Content Link Building

The express content agency has achieved the reliability of people within a few months. The agency provides informational support on various niche items, tours and travels, technological concepts, health, culture, and many more. They provide trendy information. The proper guidance on specific topics and explaining offers of the product and services have achieved people’s favorable impression.

This is an excellent source of updated topics and also an encyclopedia. The valuable information is essential to execute services and product maintenance. Better service provides better engagement. People get all good data merits and demerits of products and services and make the right decision. So they get the actual price rate, other information, etc. All assistance confirms the best support to people.

However, this achievement did not come within a day. The agency struggled and brought to the ten positions on Google’s first page. The link-building strategies changed the overall scenario and got the agency into the first position. In July, the Company collected a profit of more than $27000 and still counting.

SEO Score: At the Beginning of This Project

Here I am going to explain the condition of the company over a few months and the proper development:

  • Off-page SEO analysis
  • Link-building mechanism design
  • Backlink research and anchor diversity
  • Utilize EMD power
  • Solving issues within a few months

Off-page SEO analysis

At the Begging of this Project

When we analyzed the SEO performance of the content, we executed strategical, ranking, Competition, and other issues. All conceptual factors are given below

  • The SEO percentage was not raised by 100%
  • All SEO keywords were not authentic for later ranking
  • The rate of referring domains was only 15
  • The competition rate was 60% compared with other agencies.
  • The written content was error-free and quality-assured.
  • The content was human friendly, although AI has been used for the content.
  • The anchor text was not engaging and also a bit casual.
  • The website rating was 1.5 compared with other websites
  • The backlinks looked so simple and shabby.

Link-building mechanism design

Our Link-building mechanism design

The agency applied many strategical factors to execute the best result of marketing attribution. By this, the engagement rate had increased and reached 300%. Here I am describing how the engagement process worked.

  • We analyzed people’s impressions and made each anchor with the most suitable keywords. So Google optimized each anchor text and sent it to the needy person.
  • We made each link by allocating the content topic and intention of posting.
  • We showed anchors on the first page. So google optimized the page. That is why people efficiently executed the content and collected information from the topic.
  • As we worked in an EMD (Exact Match Domain), the engagement anchor and money anchor became the same. For this, we made each anchor different and leverage.
  • We applied a pillow-linking formula to make the links stronger and more convenient. This formula has shown anchors more transparent top identification and optimization.
  •  To represent effective service, we used guest posts for PBN two times on average. Here we used a high authority link to increase the content reliability.
  • We used keyword variations to show the best service to the people and used more money anchors to increase engagement.
  • Later, we analyzed the site optimization, reviews, bounce rate, engagement ratio, etc.

Backlink research and anchor diversity

To identify the main keywords for backlink implementation, we researched SEO-optimized keywords. However, the engagement rate and reviews were lower during the month because we could not make enough backlinks.

Later we added effective hyperlinks. We analyzed the anchor texts and ensured their natural looks. The company growth had increased rapidly, and to complete the project, they had to expense $5000 on average.

Utilize EMD power

We applied the EMD method. For this reason, the keywords and domain anchors ranked quickly. So the density of engagement became high, and the website ranked quickly.

Solving issues within a few months

We selected a marketing agency to analyze the company growth, public motivation, content clarification, link-building growth, backlink strength, etc. They identified issues and took the initiative within a few months. The result was incredibly high.

5 Months of Working


Month-1 Statistics

In the first month, we applied pillow links to naturalize the process. We used a natural anchor and analyzed the result.  We used a social signal pack to create an environment for better engagement and initial branding.

However, we collected niche and guest post packs and connected with 800-1200 domains. Niche edit level 5 took a high rate. So massive link-building resulted in colossal branding.


In month two, we generated and implemented more links. The site looked fabulous. The engagement rate of people doubled. The public review was positive. It looked like a well-neutralized agency, and the site ranked instantly. It reached the first page of Google.

The proper implementation increased the professionalism structure. So marketing agency decided to expense $1500 this month and bought niche edit level 5. They had reached other domains for better responses. They also expensed more money in the guest post section.


In the third month, the traffic rate increased by 35%, and SEO was optimized by 30%. We analyzed the growth report and found this growth is much lower compared with 2nd month. To identify why we studied the engagement time, public review link-building comparison, proper link counting, etc. We analyzed Ashref’s report. Later decided to build links and domain posting 2.5x faster.

So we have purchased Niche edit level 6, which contains 1200+rd domains. We also purchased niche edit level 5 and level 2. Then post unique subject content whose competition level is much lower than other sites. However, we changed the anchor keywords and made them aggressive for better ranking.

Here we also used social signals to get the best result in terms of neutralization. We used PBN links to create backlinks in the name of a site name.  We also increased the guest post amount. We had to expense $2000 in the third month to do the task.


Month-4 Statistics

The strategy worked accurately. This month the traffic rate increased by 300%, and the total traffic increased by 3000%. At the same time, the keywords optimization rate of this month was 46%, and the overall optimization was 350%.

We continued the formula to keep the traffic level higher and better optimized. We decided to buy more niche edit level-5, where the higher authority link was (15-20) compared with the lower authority link (10-50) RD. We brought variation in authority text and used many guest posts.


Metrics: 5th Month
Keyword Ranking Position

 So we have executed the desired result in month 5. This month the traffic rate had increased by 400%, which was a massive upward trend. The SEO engagement became higher. Here we found the main keywords.

The overall growth rate increased by 6000%. Thus all the content became ranked and brought to the first page of Google. The marketing agency made a customized investment plan and handed the whole task to the content company.

After that, company employees decided how they would expense during the monthly end meeting. Thus the company earned an average of $27000 in a month.

SEO Score: After 5 month

Final result

The company understood link strategies. They recruited new employees to make the link-building system creative and beneficial.

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