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Crazy Egg Reviews, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Crazy Egg Reviews is a cloud-hosted website optimization arrangement designed to help you understand how your client behaves on your website. The software is a sale booster that gives you more command over your business techniques through powerful tools.

Whether you are new or a veteran in the online business world, Crazy Egg doesn’t require you to be a tech master to utilize the services it offers.

Crazy Egg Reviews Copy


The main benefits of Crazy Egg include its cloud-based arrangement, easy and simple system setup and a large group of effective tools. Read on to understand further. Crazy Egg pricing is too low.

Clear And Simple in manner

It’s incredibly clear and simple to set up, giving you much relief from a boisterous work routine. Crazy Egg has been giving its services to some leading companies all over the earth. So think how fantastic its services are.

Crazy Egg features

Crazy Egg Reviews provides you a scope to know what your clients are doing at the present moment. Because of the Heatmap functionality, you would be able to see precisely where your clients are clicking the most on your website’s pages.

It resembles an infrared camera that permits you to recognize one of your well-known areas on your landing page. Additionally, it gives you a chance to perceive how they are peering down and which area of your site is being viewed generally.
Crazy Egg features

Wide view for your Site

With Crazy Egg, you comparatively get the chance to discover the birthplace of your site visitors. Whether it’s from your Facebook page, Twitter, or other sources, you become more acquainted with which of your web-based media platforms are doing acceptable to get more traffic to your site.

More Budget-Friendly tool

Along these lines, your ROI is anticipated to increase, making it more budget-friendly to utilize Crazy Egg Reviews. Likewise, there are testing services accessible so you can mess with design strategies and see what works best.

Intelligent Online Reports

Crazy Egg is among the services which provide you intelligent online audit report. The way of showing data results is quite different from other tools available. Rather than perusing investigation reports, Crazy Egg gives you the capacity to see things for yourself.

This is one of the elements of why it becomes the most loved software by top organizations over the globe nowadays.

Crazy egg pros and cons

  • Easy implementation on location.
  • Easy to understand visual reporting.
  • Easy (and quick) setup.
  • Great UX and UI within the tool.
  • I wish there was more customer support to lean on for test ideas and how to use the tool to our advantage. I’m sure there is a huge load of the value we haven’t unlocked yet.

On our sites, we have a huge load of pop-ups. Despite checking off the “omit pop-ups” on the test set up, we still capture the spring up on the page’s image which can cover up a huge load of retail space to analyze.

Return on Investment

Helped us increase blog ad clicks by a huge % (I wish I remember the exact percentage, however, I believe it was 300%+ or something close to there). Helped us make data-driven decisions on the best way to update and design our website. Permits us to easily A/B test changes on the website and measure data-driven results.

Crazy egg alternatives

  1. I didn’t evaluate other software. I knew of Crazy Egg through its awesome reputation and fell in love immediately!
    Crazy Egg features

The Punch Line

Crazy Egg is perfect for all organizations that are hoping to understand their website traffic more deeply. Crazy Egg Reviews is perfect for tracking how far users look down the page, what they click on, where they come from you can see session recordings, and create website A/B tests. Basically, Crazy Egg Reviews is your one-stop search for digital examination and A/B page testing.

Shimanto Neer
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