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Wikipedia Niche Edit Backlinks

Backlinks are very vital for your website. Quality backlinks allow your site to rank better keeping your competitors behind. That’s why your site should have backlinks with relevant keyword from quality websites that have high DA and PA.
Wikipedia is such a quality site that has a high DA and PA. So, a link from Wikipedia can push your page to grow faster. Besides, it is capable of driving a lot of real traffic to your site. But getting a Wikipedia link is not easy.
That’s why we’re here. Our expert team is always ready to bring some quality backlinks to your site directly from Wikipedia. Exciting, right?

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a totally free online encyclopedia that covers the maximum information possible. The whole system runs with the help of free collaborators from around the world and a wiki-based board system.
The information you’ll find here is accurate, updated, and dependable. That’s why people trust what Wikipedia says.

Why You should Get Backlink from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a huge website with a high DA and PA. Links from such a website boost your DA and PA too. Thus your site will rank better and your online presence will be more visible.
Also, people trust Wikipedia a lot. So, if your website is something that Wikipedia suggests or uses as a source, people would trust you too. This will increase the traffic flow of your site a lot. A huge part of this traffic flow can be from your targeted traffic. Thus, you’re getting a boom in sales too.
Don’t forget that people use Wikipedia for information. So, when Wikipedia suggests your site, there is a chance that you’ll find backlinks from many other sites too. Investing in a Wikipedia link is investing in something that continues generating more and more links for your website over time.
So, what has stopped you from going for some Wikipedia links?

pricing plans.

1 Wiki Link


3 Wiki Link


5 Wiki Link


10 Wiki Link



Delivery Time

5 day

7 day

7 day

12 day

comparison table.

It’s final! Dot Mirror is not only the most affordable SEO service, but also the quickest service provider around. Have a look at our comparison chart to see which one is best for you.














Reasons You should Get Our Service

Getting Wikipedia backlinks is not easy at all. But for you, our expert team is there to take all the hassles.

Our service comes with a warranty. If the link is lost somehow within 6 months, we would get you another link for free.

We ensure the satisfaction of our clients. So, you’ll get exactly what you want.

Links to your website will be placed carefully and subtly so that it doesn’t seem irrelevant.

Over time, we’ve served a lot of clients with our service, ensuring a great success rate of more than 95%.

Writers in our team ensure 100% error-free and attractive write-ups for your existing or new Wikipedia page.

We ensure links that’ll stay for years.


Frequently Asked Question

You may have some more questions about our service. If so, worry not. Here are the answers of some common questions that we face from many of our clients.
Getting backlinks from Wikipedia is not an easy task. Our team has to work hard and carefully to get a backlink for you. This needs enough time, effort, and patience. That’s why our charge for Wikipedia backlinks is a bit high. But compared to many other providers, we’ve kept our charge reasonable.
For a domain, we generally don’t go for more than two domains. More than two domains are risky. So, we do only two for a domain.

We’ve worked on a lot of niches. So, we are confedent enough that we can do it for all the niches.
However, we avoid providing our services for some niches. These are- adult, drug, casino, and gambling. We also avoid some gray niches. Knock and let us know your niche.

None can guarantee anything forever. However, our experts have successfully edited pages and placed links and more than 95% of those are still there. We do our best and hope that those won’t be removed.
However, we’ve got your back for at least 2 months. Within these 2 months, if the link is removed, we replace it with a new one without costing you more bucks. Isn’t it a good deal?

Yes, currently we’re working on only English pages. However, your pages will also be translated to a few different languages, depending on some circumstances. To discuss detail, please knock us.

PayPal, Payoneer, Visa Card, Mastercard, etc. are the common payment methods we accept. However, if you’re comfortable in a different one, let us know. We’ll try to arrange that for you.

Delectation of the link won’t be a big issue for your site. You’ll lose the impact that the link had on your site. There won’t be any additional negative impact. However, we’ve got your back for at least 2 months. So, don’t worry.

So, these are all about our Wikipedia Page edit and Niche Backlink Service. also, many people called it, buy wikipedia backlink service. I guess you’ve understood the importance of your Wikipedia presence. So, don’t be late anymore. Our expert team is waiting for your knock.

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