Free Website SEO Audit

Free Website SEO Audit

August 23, 2022 2022-10-02 14:46

We are ready to give Free SEO Audit for you!

As SEO is an important factor to rank your website, it should be done correctly. Find out the issues of your website and solve those to rank better and faster. Our Free Website Audit Service would tell you what the problems are and how to manage those.
Try our free service to check how you can get a better position.

Note: We will do 26 seo check points for your website.

What you will get?

★ OnPage Issues
  • Title, URLs
  • Headings, H1, H2 tags
  • Meta Description issues
  • Missing ALT-tags
  • Broken Links
★ Technical Audit
  • Sitemap Check
  • Website Index Check
  • Robot.txt check
  • Page speed
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Google search console and Analytics check
  • Redirect & Errors
  • CSS, JavaScript
WHY it best

What We Do


SEO Check

In our free website audit service, we check the current situation of your SEO strategy and how that is performing. While checking, we find out the issues in the SEO strategy and suggest some ways to fix those issues. Also, if needed, we provide some tips about improving the SEO strategy. We check on-page SEO mainly, for example- alt texts, keywords, SEO metadata, etc. However, sometimes we have a look at off-page SEO too. We have included technical SEO audit service too.

Performance Evaluation

We also check the performance of your website. We check the responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, load time, etc. to see how well your site performs to satisfy the visitors. Also, these factors have impacts on SEO too. Besides evaluating the performance, we provide a report on it that includes what we think about it. You’ll find the possible scope for improvement there.

Checking the Plugins

Plugins are important for your website as they have an impact on the performance of your website. Some are good and help you to make sure that the website is doing great. Some plugins are actually drawbacks for websites. Many people, especially newbies, sometimes use plugins that are not good for the site. So, we check the plugins you use, mark the ones that should be gone, and suggest replacements for those.

Functionality Check

Keeping the website functional is one of the most important tasks. Buttons, links, and pop-ups should work properly in order to ensure an enjoyable and dependable user experience. If those are not functional, the visitors would lose interest in your website. That’s why we check those for functionality. If anything is broken, we ask you to fix that as soon as possible.

Theme Evaluation

The theme has a huge impact on the performance as well as the user experience of your website. Also, it should be appropriate according to the purpose of the website. Otherwise, you can’t direct the visitors to the right path. We check the theme and see if it is okay for the purpose or not. Also, we find out core issues with the theme, if any, and suggest improvements. If required, we recommend changing the theme.

Content Audit

As content plays an important role in the performance of the website, we can’t leave without checking the contents. So, we check the contents and relevant keywords to see whether the content quality is good, or improvement is needed. Also, we check the positions of the keywords to see if everything is okay. We check the content relevancy too. Then we tell you to improve the content if needed.

Hosting and Server Evaluation

The hosting service you use and the server have impacts on the website performance. The quality of the host and the server affects how your website is serving its purpose. We check the host and the server of your website. If there is an issue with those, we suggest a better option for you within the budget. Sometimes, the budget should be increased a bit, but that would be worthy.

Evaluating the Overall Visibility

We also have a look at the overall visibility of your website from a visitor’s end and suggest what you can do for ensuring a better experience for the visitors. We check the color combination, the visuals, text size, relevancy, etc. Also, we focus on how well your website can hook a visitor. If any improvement is needed, we suggest you do that.

We have impactful numbers

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Our Process

Step 1- Receiving the Request

We can’t start until you ask us to. So, send us a free website audit request. 

After you make the request for an audit, we start working with it. We communicate with you and ask for the required information to start the process. Keep your eyes on the email address you’ve provided because we communicate through that. Be responsive so that we don’t have to remain stopped for a long time before starting the process.

Step 2- Looking from Outside

After receiving the necessary information, we check your website from a visitor’s end. We focus on the overall visibility, visitor’s experience, performance on different devices, load time, etc., and try to find out issues, if there are any. Also, we check for broken links, buttons, etc.

It allows us to help you in solving problems that a visitor may face. We keep note of the issues we find here.

Step 3- Entering the Inside

In this step, we go a bit deeper to check everything. We check the performance of your host, evaluate the plugins, look at the SEO, search for technical issues, etc. Also, we focus on how the theme is performing. 

This inside checking helps us to find out how your website is working for you. We find out the problems, and cater a better solution depending on the type and purpose of the website. 

Step 4- Making and Delivering the Report

Then we make a report that includes the issues we’ve found in the previous two steps and our recommendations to improve the performance of your website. We want to ensure that you understand the report properly. So, we try to keep it as simple to understand as possible. 

We send the report to you through email. 

The whole process takes some time. So, you would have to wait with patience to get the report. 

Why Choose Our Free Website Audit Service

It’s Free

We offer our website audit service free of cost. You won’t have to send a single buck to get the website tested and find out the SEO issues. Also, we offer some ways to resolve the problems and grow faster. 

Till now you’ve seen everyone offering value for money. We’re offering value for free. Why won’t you grab the chance?

Done by Experts

Our team of experts does the whole thing for you. Everyone in our team has long experience in working with SEO and related things. So, we know how things work.

We examine your website depending on our experience and expertise in the field. As the audit is done by experts, you can depend on it.

Focused on Latest Requirements

The requirements of search engines change continuously. So, it is a must to focus on keeping pace with the recent requirements. Our experts keep enough knowledge about the latest requirements and demands of the search engines. 

While auditing your website, we find out the issues that are backdated and recommend you to update those to keep up with the pace of the search engines. 

Detailed Report

After checking your website, we make a detailed report about the issues. The report contains everything that should be there. We also focus on making it in a simple format and easy language so that you can understand what’s written in it easily. 

The report also contains recommendations that can help you to compensate for the mistakes and do better performance.

Related Services

We are 360-degree service providers who have solutions for everything related to SEO. So, after finding out the problems, we can help you to fix those easily. Also, we can provide you with any added service you need. 

All our services come at very reasonable prices. So, you can save both your money and time if you allow us to fix the issues on your website.

Reasons You should Get a Website Audit

Improve User Experience

Providing a satisfactory user experience is important if you want to have sales. An audit service can help you to find out the issues for which the user experience is being hampered. Issues like long loading time, not being mobile-friendly, missing information, etc. can be found out through audit.

You can focus on resolving those issues and improving the user experience to hold more returning users. 

Ensure Better Ranking

An audit service will tell you why your website is not getting a better rank and what you should do about this. A lot of factors are associated with ranking and it is not possible for everyone to keep eye on everything, especially if you’re a newbie in this field.

That’s why you should take the help of an SEO audit service. You’ll find out the problems and fix those to rank better. 

Cut the Drawbacks

Ranking factors change regularly. As a result, something that was a plus point yesterday might not be the same anymore. In fact, that can turn into a drawback. Sometimes those can be the reasons for penalties too. 

A website audit service can find out such drawbacks that you should get rid of. Thus you can stay safe from the potential issues that may damage your website. 

Improve the Performance

The performance of your website depends on a lot of factors. You might be too focused on SEO and forget other things. A complete website audit service won’t do this. It would check everything that is needed to ensure a better performance of the website. 

So, you’ll get a complete overview of the things that need to be done if you get your website audited. This will help you to focus on everything that is needed to improve the performance of your website. 

Increase the Security and Protection

Security is an important factor for your website and business. You have to keep the data of your business and the visitors of your website secret. Any type of breach can cause huge damage that is very tough to fix. 

Website audit services can help you by finding out the security issues and helping to fix those. Thus you can keep your data protected and stay safe from any damage caused by the leak of data. 

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now

Do you audit all types of websites?

Yes, we audit all types of websites. Starting from small sites to large ones, we can audit all of the sites and prepare a report to help you in improving your rank. So, you can reach us and ask for an audit no matter what type of website you own.

However, depending on the circumstances, we might avoid some specific types of sites. 

How long do you take to audit my website?

It differs depending on the size of your website mostly. It takes around 1-2 weeks to finish the job and deliver the report to you. However, if there is a huge workload on us, we may take longer than this. 

We try our best to do this as soon as possible because we don’t want you to wait for a long time. 

How often do I have to get my site audited?

None have suggested any hard and fast rules about it. It typically depends on your instinct. If you feel that you are not seeing the progress as it should be, you should get your site audited. 

If you feel the necessity of getting your site audited regularly, you can do that once every six months or a year. 

Do you require access to my website?

Yes, we need to access your website admin for a few reasons. Checking the plugins, or the technical issues is not possible without access to the site. Also, several other evaluations require us to enter your website and check. 

So, you would have to share your login credentials with us. Don’t worry, we protect your data. 

How do you make the report and send it to me?

Our website audit reports are made after completing each step of the process. This report is a written one that contains the problems and the ways to solve those problems. We try to keep the report short and understandable. So, we assure you that there is nothing to worry about.

After making the report, we send it to you through email. This is our most comfortable option. But we can use skype or another way if you want. 

Also, if you can’t understand any part of the report, you can reach us for help. We’ll help you with that.

Do you use audit tools only?

No, we are not dependent on only tools because we have a lot of expert people in our team. While auditing the sites, our experts perform their portions. Our SEO experts check the SEO parts, whereas the Web Design and Development experts check their portion. 

However, we also have to take the help of the tools in some cases. But tools are not our only option here. We utilize our experiences too.