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Is Quora Promotion Still Effective in 2023

Is Quora Promotion Still Effective in 2023? 

Your loving dotENGINE here, Some so-called SEO gurus may try to tell you Quora promotion is dead, but I don’t think so. Quora promotion is still an effective method to generate leads for your website or business.

With approximately a net worth of $20 Billion, Quora is a growing website. But a density of promoters on the website made it harder for marketers to promote on this site. But if you have a proper SEO strategy, Quora can be your best source for generating traffic.

Through this article, we will explain some reasons why I believe Quora promotion is still effective in 2023 and going forward. Besides, I will provide you with tips on getting the best out of your Quora promotion.

Quora Promotion

What is Quora?

Quora is a question-answer platform that allows users to ask and answer questions on various topics.

You can ask about literally anything on quora and get answers from legitimate experts. Besides, you can answer questions on topics where you have expertise and also can promote your business.

5 Reasons Why Quora Promotion is Still Effective in 2023

Quora has been a great marketing tool for business and blog owners since its inception in 2009. But due to increased competition from other websites, experts are beginning to think Quora will not be as effective in 2023 as it was in the past. I believe Quora is still worth it for promotion.

Quora Traffic Growth Overview
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Why? Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why Quora promotion is still effective in 2023:

1. Large audience

You will get exposure to over 300 million monthly active users on Quora. The numbers seem to refuse to slow down and are still growing. That means you will still have a massive audience to promote your business in Quora in the upcoming years.

What is more interesting is that almost all the users here seek genuine answers. They are not here just to hang out like other social media sites. Instead, these users need real help, and if you can answer their questions well, they definitely will visit your site or business.

2. Traffic from a high DR site

Backlinks from a high authority website are always helpful. According to Ahrefs, Quora has a Domain Rating (DR) of 91, and the DR of the site in Semrush is 81. This shows the strength of the Quora site and the value the backlink from the site can create for you.

To give you a clearer idea, Semrush ranks Quora 59 based on its DR. That means it is one of the top 60 websites on the internet, and with the right strategy, you can attract a massive audience to your business.

3. Unique questions every day

Users ask approximately 70k – 80k questions on Quora every day. Most of them are entirely unique and give a great chance to promote your business, even if it is based on a new concept.

It gives you a better opportunity to craft excellent answers and drive traffic to your site before anyone else can. With such a vast continuous incoming of questions every day, I do not expect Quora’s promotion to be less effective in 2023.

4. SERP appearance

Even if your business website is not on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you can get on traffic through Quora. Currently, more than 34 million keywords are ranked on SERP for Quora (Source: Semrush).

Besides, Quora gets more than 243 million traffic from SERPS. It is a clear indication that you can leverage Quora to get on the first page of Quora, especially when your business is new. That’s because it is a little tough for new sites to appear on SERP. But Quora promotion can undoubtedly do that for you in 2023.

5. Build authority (E.A.T)

People who say Quora promotion is not as efficient as it was, show the logic that Quora provides no-follow links. While it is true that no-follow links are not as good as do-follow links, they are still worth it if they come from a high-authority site.

I have already told you about the excellent domain authority in the second point of this list. Even if the links are no-follow, they will still help you build E.A.T for your website as Quora continues to grow in 2023 and in the years going forward.

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Quora Promotion

5 Tips to Make Your Quora Promotion More Effective

If you are planning to promote your website on Quora, here are five effective tips for you:

  • Create trustworthy profile
  • Explain your expertise on certain topics on your profile. It will make your profile look genuine and trustworthy to others.
  • Find relevant questions to answer
  • Find questions relevant to your industry. Answering questions on topics that you have expertise in will help you generate more leads to your site.
  • Track topics with notification
  • If you answer questions earlier than others, then it will be more fruitful. Turn on Quora notifications on topics relevant to your site, and try answering questions as soon as you receive a notification.

Quora Promotion

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Ask new questions

Many users do not realize it, but besides answering questions, it is also important to ask questions on Quora. It will make you more trustworthy and also help you understand your audience to make better business decisions.

Create a Quora blog for your business

You also can start a blog on Quora to reach your audience more efficiently. Start a Quora blog relevant to your website and discuss your industry topics to drive traffic to your website.

About Our Services:

Quora promotion is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business in 2023. But following a proper Quora promotion strategy can be tough while maintaining your website. Hence, you can take our Quora promotion services, where I ensure that each client gets maximum conversation through Quora promotion at the lowest price.


Quora’s popularity is growing in 2023 and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. With so many genuine users looking for answers, the platform is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses and websites. Use our services to get the most out of your Quora promotion.

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