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Keyword tool io- Find longtail and related keywords

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Before talking about keyword research tools the first question arises in our mind: what is a keyword? keyword tool io review, also known as search queries are the words/phrases that we search online through search engines.

Keyword tool io

Keyword research is a basic task linked with SEO(search engine optimization) which is finding the most searched keywords and also their search volume, search trends, and cost per click(CPC). This research is done by the SEO enthusiasts for aligning these keywords to their blog to increase its reach.

A keyword research tool does the work for you from searching the popular words and also giving every info about those words/terms needed in SEO or blogging or general marketing.

Best keyword research tool review:

As we have learned the basic definitions of keyword researching let’s jump into the work. So for that, we’ll need the equipment.

Here are some best keyword research tools you can use:

  1. In the world of research tools SEMrush is considered to be the master. From SEO to Social media marketing, PPC marketing, content making and can be used in every single field.Keyword tool io


  • Has over 20 billion keywords and 800 million domains.
  • Suggests the 6-12 exact keywords that are already being used by the competitors.
  • Gives analysis of CPC distribution statistics and traffic insights.
  • Has four types of pricing plans and Ebooks, podcasts, and webinars for the learners.


  • The paid tool with only a 7days free trial.
    Ahrefs: If you are a potential content creator Ahref is the one you’re searching for.


  • Will take the most popular keywords and in six different ways will create thousands of ideas.
  • Is linked to most search engines including Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.
  • Shows the parent topic of the keyword to get more general keywords in a single content.


  • Should add more filters for Domain reports and URLs.
  • Dashboards can be improved and sorted.
  • Internal link features could be improved.
  1. KWfinder: When we say best in the fruit it’s Mango but SEO is Mangools. A developer package with 5 great SEO tools. And KWfinder is a part of that package.
    Keyword tool io


  • Identifies seasonal popular keywords and hot topics boosting your blog’s organic traffic.
  • For the newbies, it shows what the other competitors are doing just by entering their URL and enriches your SEO learnings.
  • Has 3 types of subscription (Basic, Premium, Agency) with up to 40% saving annual plan.
  • Finds location-wise long-tail keywords.


  • Doesn’t do deep analysis like Ahref so the search range is not wide.Keyword tool io
  • Targeted for beginners so results and learnings are quite decent.


  • Gives you a wide range of keyword ideas which most other websites don’t seem to give.
  • Also gives productive info like search volume, competition, and potential traffic.
  • Has a unique feature called Quoted Search Result(QSR) which gives data about websites trying to rank the same term?


  • Doesn’t do all the work like SEMrush.
  • Should add more features.

Keyword research tool review

A beginner? Don’t have enough budget for paid tools?  Not to worry. Here are some free Keyword research tool reviews:

Uber suggests:  In 2020, It’s not easy to get all the research features in one tool, and that too for free! But the renowned SEO blogger Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a ray of hope in dark times! Even though it wasn’t that good in the beginning but now it meets all the requirements of a user.

  • *Gives you great competition analysis with organic traffic, getting an audience, or how to create the buzz so that if you know nothing about the topic you’ll know what to do!
  • Works exactly like the paid apps with in-depth results but for free.
  • shows the information in graphs and stats so it’s easiest to understand even if you’re new.
  • The question Tab will find your keyword even from the most searched questions. In a nutshell, Ubersuggest is the best keyword research tool for a solo entrepreneur.

Answer the public: Just like the name it exactly answers all your queries! It’s a very powerful, visual tool and that too for free!

  • It gives a wide range of keyword suggestions by a beautiful hierarchical structure with alphabetical order. So it’s not only different from the monotonous paragraphs, but it’s also easy to find the desired word!
  • Search results are categorized by question (why, where, when) and also used prepositions (with, near) which makes the keyword more strong.
  • Compares the keyword with related and similar terms.

Can download the search results and save them in a spreadsheet form. In short, Answer the public is a  visual treat with free search results! Keyword tool io review
 Do you want to know what the experts think about keyword tool io? Then don’t worry we got you. The best people in the field of SEO have reviewed this app and the reviews will make your mind change.

Ivan Perfil who also happens to be the founder of renowned icon illustrator Icons8 expressed his satisfaction towards keyword tool io. He said that the search button and all the details are good; also it does not take that much time to show you results. Another SEO manager Peder Alstermark said that keyword tool io makes it easier than other apps, it will automatically give you keywords that you are missing out on.

After these reviews, you must have changed your mind about using this tool. But wait, we are not over yet. Francois Lanthier Nadeau, a content writer said that he has been using the keyword tool io for the past three years as it has helped him to enrich his content with relevant keywords.

Keyword Planner Tool Free Review

A keyword planner is a tool for getting audience traffic forecasts. It uses search volume to get the right keywords for your existing thing. Now, are you searching for a  keyword planner tool that will be free but efficient? If you are, then we got you. Now firstly think about where will people go to search for things they need The answer is Google. The best news is that Google has a completely free keyword planner which is called

Google keyword planner

It is best for keywords because they are straight from Google itself. You can’t count the benefits of this keyword planner. Let me state the benefits to you.

  • As it’s coming straight from Google you will discover new keywords every day.
  • You can see what the people are most searching for and this will make your work easy.
  • You will find a systematic and organized keywords section that will be related to your business or brand.
  • You can find the monthly cost of an ad of a keyword which will ultimately help you to find keywords that will benefit you the most.
  • You will find in-depth keywords here which will help you to start a new campaign.

Keyword tool io

Another amazing free keyword planner that you will love to use is AdWords Keyword Planner. This planner has an Adword themed interface and it also has AdWords Traffic Estimator. Not only that, but the most amazing part about it is also that it has two most demandable products which are Google Keyword Tool and Google Keywords tool. AdWords Keyword Planner has many features that you will love. Let me began then-

  • You can look for ad group ideas and keywords which will be relevant to your content. Your keywords will be based on your opening page, categories, etc.
  • You can see your performance statistics and the suggested keywords will be based on your preference which includes country, language, etc.
  • You will find a list and group view in your keyword planner and it will control the duration of your keyword searching session.
  • The best part is you can have your customizable keyword planner. You can have your analytical data and can have generic keywords from that.
  • You can multiply the list of your keywords by using this planner.

KeywordTool io Best Reviews

It is said that the Keyword tool io has been the best keyword research tool for quite some time. Now you may wonder what’s so special about it that everyone is using it. Well, let’s jump into the answer to your question.

  •   According to a study, 92-93% of users only gain information from the first page of Google and if you want your content to be known then you have to be on the first page. Keyword tool io will help you do that by giving you relevant keywords which will be related to your content. Hence your content will receive the traffic.
  • A common search engine receives billions of searches every day and surely you want to be the searches among them. Now the best part about Keyword tool io is that it merges with companies like Google, Amazon, Youtube and it will make your work easier.
  • It has the best user-friendly interface and API is great to use. Overall data is accurate and the support team of Keyword tool io is great.
Shimanto Neer
Shimanto Neer is the CEO of Dot Mirror, a company that helps other businesses get noticed online. We make SEO easy and are the go-to for marketing pros. We’re all about helping your business grow bigger. Enjoyed reading this? There’s more helpful stuff on our blog!