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What is Netflix Account?

Netflix is an American company that provides online streaming of movies and TV shows and it has been providing it since 1997. Nowadays in this world, it is not necessary for people to watch movies by getting out of the house. You can watch the latest releases conveniently from home by various online streaming services which are available today. Netflix is one of the best online streaming services which is available today. You only need a fully functioning device that can be connected to the internet and also need a steady internet connection.

Netflix free trial account

Netflix has varied content, from television shows to movies. It also allows free access to its service for the first month for its subscriber. By Netflix, you can watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, Game Console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, and more. If you are looking for the most talked about TV shows, best shows on Netflix, and movies from around the world then Netflix is the right place for you as it has got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. With the Netflix mobile app, you can get Netflix while you travel, commute or just take a break.

What is Netflix free trial version?

Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins on the date you sign up. There is no contract, no cancellation fees, and no commitment. You can cancel it online anytime, 24 hours a day. The duration and availability of a free trial may vary by region. You will be automatically charged one low monthly fee, no matter how much you watch, if you choose to continue enjoying Netflix after your trial ends. You need to choose your plan to enjoy Netflix. You will only be charged after your free month’s trial ends, no charges until then. Netflix will remind you three days before your free trial ends.

The free trial is for those customers who are signing up for Netflix for the first time. It depends on which day of the month you sign up. Your first bill will be the very same as the following month. The customers who previously had an account closed on Netflix are eligible for another free trial after 12 months from the day on which the account was closed. It also offers one free trial per household, every year.

Netflix Account

How you can get Netflix Free Trial without Credit Card?

There is a number of tricks to get a Netflix Free Trial without a Credit Card. Some of them are given below:

Using Netflix Gift Card

Those who do not want to use a credit card or PayPal account for registering a Netflix Account can use a gift card instead. You can obtain gift cards in various retail stores such as Amazon and Tesco and from eBay also. If you are lucky enough, you may get one of those gift cards from your friends, family, or loved ones. After grabbing your gift card, you just need to enter your voucher id to activate it and use Netflix free trial.

Using debit cards which has zero balance

Some may have an old debit card account that is no longer being utilized. It is the best opportunity to use it for Netflix free trial account as such a card usually has zero balance as it is not being used for a long time. Countries like India have more Debit card users than Credit cards. They can use a zero balance debit card for using Netflix instead of getting a credit card. It is possible to use a debit card with zero balance instead of a credit card to register for Netflix’s free trial as the Netflix website is only checking the validity of the card used for registration.

While signing up for Netflix Account free trial period, there is no requirement for balance. Users just need to pay attention to is that the debit card should have Visa or MasterCard emblem. You just need to enter debit card details including account number, security code, and expiry date on the payment information card to get Netflix free trial account.

Using fake Credit card numbers

This is the most famous method which people are using to get free access to Netflix content as credit card number is required for many purposes. To generate a fake credit card number that you can use on Netflix, there are several online services. When signing up for a free trial at Netflix’s website, users can utilize the fake credit card number safely without the risk of getting charged when the trial period has ended. This fake credit card will work fine like a real one but you don’t have to give your information to use Netflix.

However, not all fake credit cards will work on Netflix. So to get something that works, you will have to try several cards and find out the one which is working. You can try this method only if you have a lot of time on your hands. You need to make sure that the name on the card and your Netflix Account name is the same if you want to avoid any ban. You also need to remember that Netflix only accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Netflix Account

Share Netflix an account

Netflix believes in “Sharing is Caring” and for that they allow five profiles to link with the same account. This is the 100% legal process and safe to use Netflix for free. You just need to convince your friends or family member to share their Netflix account with you and you can watch Netflix without sharing your credit card info. This is the safest method where your account will never get banned out of all the processes discussed above. Although, the basic plan of Netflix only allows one device at a device so the other person needs to have a premium or standard plan.

There are many methods for you to register a free Netflix Account, as we have discussed above and it is even with no credit card nor PayPal. Even Netflix is not available in your country but still you can enjoy all the premium Netflix plans without paying a cent to them. So, you can try any from the above and enjoy your free trial period which is a gift from Netflix for you. Have time? Go and have Netflix.

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