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payment methods

How to Pay

As we accept both global as well as local payment methods, don’t get confused while selecting the payment option. You’ll have to pay the charge while ordering a service. Therefore, if you want to discuss payment method, you can knock us through live chat support.
However, paying to us depends on the place from where you are ordering. Check below-

How it work

How we treat our clients?

Step - 1

After everything is done, complete the process by clicking on ‘Complete Purchase’ button.

Step - 2

Then, check the packages and pick one depending on your need and budget. Clink on the ‘Order Now’ button.

Step - 3

The button will take you to a page where you’ll have to fill up some queries. Fill everything up properly and choose your preferred payment option. We have a wide range of payment options.

Step - 4

After everything is done, complete the process by clicking on ‘Complete Purchase’ button.

International Clients

If you are ordering the packages from outside of Bangladesh, there are a few payment options available including PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Visa Prepaid Card and Mastercard Prepaid Card. While ordering for any package, you’ll find these options from which you can select one. We have SSL secured our payment system so that your information remains safe. Also, there is not any third party affiliation. So, we are not sharing your payment information with anyone. Don’t worry about the safety of your valuable information. If you have any query regarding to the payment methods, please contact us through the live chat support. We are always there to listen to you and solve any problem.