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PopAds Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons, Alternative

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PopAds is one of the leading advertising networks in the world of affiliate marketing. It has gained a great reputation since 2010. It is open for any publisher or advertiser can join. It is quick, easy, and safe for the users.

PopAds Account


This premium-advertising network was established in 2010. It is a joint-stock company situated in Costa Rica.

PopAds is a very popular advertising network in the pounder advertising industry. There is no traffic from the pounder network. It supports almost every ad. It gives a user many options to choose from Popup, popunder, tab, tab under, floating banners, and push notification ads than other ad networks. PopAds is the highest-paid advertising network. Therefore, it is very helpful for a marker to earn a profit.

Their targeting option is also very good. Besides computers, it allows both mobile and tablet targeting. They provide ads depending on the audience. It has a large range of advertisers. It processes payment requests daily for all publishers. Their customer service is also very good because they provide an answer to the questioner timely.

How to open a PopAds account

  1. Go to Google and search PopAds, then click on the register.
  2. Now fill in the account details and all your personal detail with proper information.
  3. Must give a valid email address and then verify it by opening your email.
  4. Now your account is ready for promoting ads.

PopAds has a reasonably wide inventory list and a wide range of payment methods for better customer experiences. Anyone will be able to track their ad’s statistics directly with minimal payment & withdrawal.

PopAds Account

Payment methods, Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal:

Methods Minimum Deposit

Minimum Withdrawal


PayPal $10 $5.00
AlterPay $10 $5.00
Wire Transfers $0 $500.00

Credit Card payments are also applicable if the user uses PayPal or AlertPay.

Pop traffic networks

PopAds is one of the best pop traffic networks. It has many generous terms and it does not find high traffic websites from publishers. Moreover, it accepts all kinds of websites, supports all niches like dating, adult, etc., and does not require any minimum traffic.

To customize user’s reports and get the perfect data, it uses many filtrations such as date-time filtration, website filtration, country filtration, as well as time zone filtration. Those filtrations can help the users to analyze the progress and the traffic growth of your website.

Advantages of using PopAds:

  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Accept any websites
  • Popular ad network with high Alexa rank
  • No conflict with other programs
  • Pay anytime & Offers numerous payment methods
  • A user can earn extra money from PopAds through referral programs. If a user refers to a publisher, he or she will get 10% of their earning. From advertisers, they will get 10% of their spending.
  • It sets a good quality rating. Therefore, the better content of a website, the higher the rate.
  • It provides both mobile and desktop traffic. However, a great part of platform traffic is the desktop.
  • An interesting aspect of this platform is its bidding system. Users can set a minimum bid that you accept as a publisher.
  • Better security
  • Control on CPM rates
  • Worldwide support
  • Hugh traffic volumes and widest audience outreach
  • Easy to launch

Disadvantages of using PopAds:

  • Pop Up/ Under apps generally annoyed visitors
  • Don’t accept ads from all countries so users must check it before signing up.
  • No direct link provided
  • They have competitive bids for the same ad space. While creating ads is ‘enough to look around, there will come a time when fierce competition means users will pay more for advertising. However, it depends on a variety of factors. It is important to consider while continuing your marketing campaign.
  • Possibility of bot and click bombing.
  • Sometimes ads are not related to the site
  • Probability of bod traffics
  • Affect the website rejection rates
  • Dashboard and internal site is not very good

Alternatives of Popads

PopAds is not applicable worldwide, so advertisers or publishers must take other ad networks. There are many alternatives of it such as-

  1. AdSupply
  2. machine White Label DSP
  3. Admixed Network
  4. Adjust
  5. BizProfits
  6. ConnectPlus
  7. Convert2Media
  8. Engage: BDR
  9. Intent Media
  10. Jebbit
  11. Kritter Ad Trading Stack
  12. MaxBounty.Smrush
  13. Neotys
  14. Perform[cb]
  15. Switch
  16. ViralGains
  17. YTZ International


Popads networks-

Popads use two types of networks. These are-

  1. CPM (Cost Per Impressions),
  2. CPV (Cost Per View).

Its ad types are Pop Up and Under. Popads net earnings depend on traffic country. Especially if the users are getting traffic from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia they will see an amazing CPV rate.

PopAds reach a wide audience of users with different needs. It chooses an offer that is suitable for such a diverse audience. Too many directional offers may not perform well. The forms such as dating, gambling, betting, adult, apps & utilities, sweepstakes.

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