PR Link-building Case Study: – Forbes, MSN & More For $172 Per Link

Earned backlinks

29 Editorial backlinks

Top publishers

Forbes, MSN, Yahoo, iHeart, Patch,, APP, and FOX.

Average link cost

$172 Per link on average

Our SEO PR Links campaign was a huge success. We secured 29 strong backlinks and got featured in top global media outlets like Forbes, MSN, Yahoo, iheart, Patch, AS, APP, and FOX.

The most exciting part? We managed to get these valuable links for an average cost of only $172 per link!

Are you curious about how we did it? Keep reading this case study to learn about our process and how you can achieve similar results.

Client overview

In this campaign, our client was, a company that helps investors make better decisions by analyzing health data in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ozmosi is a pioneer in their field and is constantly exploring ways to use digital platforms to expand their business.

But here’s the challenge: before we started working with them, they had very little SEO authority.


The client had specific goals, primarily focused on SEO, as well as their overall online presence.

  1. Rapidly Boost SEO Authority and Traffic: They wanted to quickly improve their authority in search engines and get more website visitors.

  2. Enhance Brand Awareness Online: Their aim was to make more people aware of their brand all across the internet.

  3. See Quick, Measurable Results: They didn’t want to wait for months; they wanted to see concrete results as soon as possible.

What could be done?

They had a successful business, but they faced some SEO problems. The biggest issue was that they didn’t have much credibility in their industry.

To fix this, we recommended boosting their Domain Rating (DR) to make their website appear more trustworthy to Google. Since their technical SEO was already good, and we couldn’t improve their content, we suggested our PR backlink package. This package works really quickly to boost credibility and improve their search engine rankings.

This package is designed to connect with well-known publishers and use their trustworthiness to benefit your business.


Our client had some difficulties when it came to getting better rankings on search engines:

  • They had no credibility with Google because their domain was newly registered.
  • Their competitors were already well-established in the field.
  • They were in a YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) industry, which made SEO especially challenging.

YMYL industries, like Finance or Health, are areas where Google takes extra care to feature reliable and authoritative sources.

Why? Because in these fields, if a user makes a mistake based on incorrect or misleading information, the consequences can be more significant. That’s why having authority is even more crucial in YMYL industries.


Our efforts resulted in the client obtaining more than 29 high-quality backlinks from major media outlets in just two weeks.

If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business, you can schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with us. Rest assured, it’s not a typical sales call; it’s a dedicated strategy session aimed at helping your organic growth.


We analyzed Ozmosi’s industry, found the right publishers, and started a thorough digital PR campaign.

Here’s what we did:

  • We created a study about the overall health of various US states.
  • We presented this study to journalists who write for major media publications.

It’s worth noting that creating top-notch content like this study on a trending topic in the relevant industry takes time and effort; it’s not something you can do quickly.

Healthiest States Index of The USA 2023.

The study played a vital role in the campaign because it provided us with something that journalists were eager to link to. It gave them the opportunity to create headlines that would attract clicks and engagement from their readers. as featured in Forbes, Patch,, iHeart, and MSN!

Expert tip: Why is this topic valuable? Because everyone in the US would be interested in finding out where their state ranks. Journalists from major publications like Forbes and Yahoo understand this, and they aim for clicks, so they’re more than willing to link to it.

Check out some of the internationally renowned PR links we’ve successfully obtained:



Domain traffic

Backlink URL





















Here are some key results from our campaign:

  • The client’s Domain Rating (DR) improved significantly, going from 0 to 22.
  • The average DR of referring domains was 76.
  • The average traffic of referring domains was 2.5 million visitors per month.

What made us particularly pleased about this campaign was the improvement in Domain Rating, which is crucial in a YMYL niche (Your Money, Your Life).

Breaking down the cost, we were able to achieve these results at an average cost of $172 per backlink, which is over 50% less than the industry standard for an “average link.” And it’s worth noting that these links were obtained from some of the world’s leading and most prestigious publishers.

Editorial backlinks earned 29
The average cost of each backlink in our campaign $172 (More than 50% lower cost than “average links” by industry standards posted by Ahrefs)
Median DR (Domain Rating) 76
Median traffic of referring domains 2.5 Million/month

Strategy: Breakdown of the SEO PR links campaign

Step 1: Analyzing the Industry and Identifying Targets

In the initial step, we pinpointed reputable and influential publishers that align with our PR backlink strategy. Some of these notable publishers were:

  1. Forbes
  2. MSN
  3. Fox
  4. Yahoo

In the realm of SEO, obtaining backlinks from these esteemed websites promptly signals to Google that a website is authoritative and trustworthy. This was the primary objective for our client as well.

Given that our client operates in the health sector, we specifically sought out US health journalists who had previously written relevant articles for these publications, especially those related to US Public Health.

Step 2: Creating Content and Reaching Out

Our emphasis was on crafting top-notch content specifically designed to pique the interest of these publishers, making them more inclined to link to it.

Key tip: Many SEO companies resort to buying links because link-building fundamentally involves a give-and-take relationship. Rarely will someone link to your website out of sheer goodwill.

BUT, our approach sets us apart – we never buy links. For us, value exchange entails producing exceptional content that journalists genuinely want to link to.

We assist journalists by providing them with a valuable resource that they’re eager to reference.

Following the content creation, we reached out to these publishers, presenting our client’s study as a valuable resource for their audience in our pitches.

Step 3: Monitoring and optimization

Once we had secured the backlinks, we kept a close watch on the results and continuously fine-tuned our outreach campaign. For instance, if we noticed that a particular approach was yielding more links or responses, we put extra effort into that strategy.

Final note

In conclusion, after years of experimentation, thorough research, and product development, our PR backlink strategy has taken its final form. Choosing only two cases out of many for case studies was a challenging task, but you’ve just read about our third success!

We initially succeeded in the AI industry, followed by a triumph in the Food & Beverages niche. Now, we’re celebrating another victory in the pharmaceutical intelligence industry. Have you ever heard of this niche before?

Honestly, we didn’t know much about it either until our client came on board. So, we’d like to hear from you—how well do you think we executed this campaign? Your judgment matters.

From this campaign, we’ve realized that it’s time to consider increasing our pricing for PR backlink campaigns. Offering editorial backlinks for just $172 (on average) seems to undervalue our expertise, don’t you think?

It’s truly remarkable how we make challenging tasks appear effortless!

We’re incredibly proud of our team’s achievements, and we’re equally impressed. That’s all for today.

Do you want to be our next success story? You can book a one-on-one strategy call with our co-founder to get started.