PR Link-Building: Earning Links from TechCrunch, PCmag, MSN, and The Week!

Earned backlinks

40+ Editorial backlinks

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TechCrunch, PCMag, MSN, The week and more


0 to 100k+/m organic traffic in less than 90 days!

Our data analysis in the AI industry helped us get our links and stories featured in popular places like TechCrunch, PCmag, The Week, MSN, and more than 40 other places.

And if you’re curious…

We did this for a new company that had no previous SEO influence (I’ll explain more about this later).

Interested in knowing how we accomplished it?

Take a look at this case study, and we’ll explain our steps – and how you can get similar outcomes.

Client overview

WriterBuddy is a forward-thinking company that uses AI to help people and businesses write more efficiently.


The client’s website was brand new, and we all know that getting good SEO (search engine optimization) for new websites can be tough, especially in the B2B (business-to-business) field where there are already established competitors.

Their goals included:

  1. To get a head start in SEO for their new business.
  2. To rank well for many competitive keywords like “acronym generator,” “elevator pitch generator,” “sentence rewriter,” “hook generator,” “Instagram caption generator,” and more.
  3. To see results quickly, make a profit, and reinvest in their business.


Like many innovative companies that have other priorities, the client faced some challenges that made it hard to rank higher on Google, at least quickly. These challenges were:

  1. Having no authority in Google’s eyes because their domain was newly registered.
  2. Competing with well-established companies like Copyai, Jasper, Writesonic, and others.
  3. Trying to rank for keywords that people use when they’re looking to buy writing tools, not just read blog posts. So, improving “Content Quality” didn’t help much in this case.
  4. Going after fairly competitive keywords without any authority.

While not an easy task, our process allowed us to quickly get featured in top news outlets and publishers, as you’ll see shortly.

What could be done

Even though WriterBuddy had a great business, they faced some SEO challenges. The main one was having no authority in their field. So, we recommended that they boost their Domain Rating (DR) to make their site look more authoritative to Google.

Since their technical SEO was already in good shape, and we couldn’t work on improving their content, we suggested our PR backlink package. This package works quickly to increase authority and rankings by connecting with the most prominent publishers worldwide.

Spoiler Alert: We managed to secure DR 70+ Links for an average price of $227 per link (for the client). This is less than Ahrefs’ estimate of the “average backlink”, and ours were DR 70+, including TechCrunch, PCMag, MSN, the week & More! (We’ll break this down later)

What exactly did we do

We studied the client’s field and came up with a detailed digital PR plan. Our main goal was to create valuable contextual backlinks to help improve their search rankings.

The core of our strategy was a creative content campaign in the form of an infographic. This infographic delved into the Global Investment Report for the AI Industry from 2021 to 2023.

Why an infographic report

Many SEO and PR companies pay average websites to put their links, but if you aim to be featured on prestigious publishers like TechCrunch, PCMag, The Week, MSN, and others, that won’t cut it.

These websites are committed to keeping their status as some of the best magazines and publishers globally, and they value their reputation more than any money SEO companies might offer them.

That’s why we follow an innovative, natural, and creative approach to building links. We create top-notch content and industry reports that these high-quality publishers want to link to. This way, our clients can establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

Results overview

Thanks to our hard work, the campaign got featured and received valuable do-follow links from top-tier media outlets like TechCrunch, PCMag, The Week, MSN, and over 40 others.

Here are some examples of the well-known PR links we’ve successfully obtained:



Domain traffic

Backlink URL
































  • The campaign secured relevant links from more than 40 publications.
  • The Domain Rating (DR) went from zero to 24 in just 10 days.
  • In under 90 days, the website’s monthly organic traffic jumped by over 113,000 visitors, even though there was no significant traffic before.
  • The site now ranks for more than 7,000 keywords.

Here’s a table summarizing the results:

Campaign budget $10,000
Number of Links built 44
Cost per link (avg:) $227.27
Average DR of a link built in the campaign 70+

Would you like to achieve similar results for your business? Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us.

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Strategy: breakdown of the digital PR campaign

Step 1: Brainstorming the topic

As an AI tool, WriterBuddy was the perfect source for developing reports and statistics about the AI industry.

In the fast-paced world of AI, every moment matters. Big players like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are always in the news. But who else is in this game?

Our team set out to answer this question by diving into AI-related studies, whitepapers, and reports. We also closely followed tech news to find gaps in knowledge within the AI industry.

Based on our research, we came up with a set of questions to explore the state of AI investments, including:

  • How much are companies willing to invest in AI technology?
  • Which companies are getting the most significant investments in the AI field?

The AI wave has journalists eager to cover AI-related topics, but they often lack data, resources, and reliable sources. We saw this as an opportunity to create a top-notch content piece, like an infographic, that journalists would want to reference in their articles.

Step 2: Data-driven research studies

To answer the questions we formulated, we researched more than 10,000 AI companies and their funding data from 2015 to 2023. We gathered this data from reputable sources like CrunchBase, NetBase Quid, S&P Capital IQ, and NFX.

Then, we presented our findings in the form of an infographic, taking care to:

  • Consider design elements such as color, data visualization, and branding.
  • Ensure that the infographic effectively conveyed our intended message.
  • Keep the visual presentation clean and sharp for an excellent reader experience.

Here’s the infographic we created for [Include the infographic here]

You can read the complete report by visiting this link:

Step 3: Finding the Right Journalists

We utilized media database tools to find and create a list of journalists who cover topics related to AI and the tech industry. We specifically searched for journalists who had previously written about AI technology, data analytics, and funding rounds.

Step 4: Creating a Pitch and Reaching Out

Once we had our list of journalists in the industry, we composed a clear pitch that explained the study, presented our findings, and highlighted why it would be relevant to their audience. We personalized each pitch for every journalist, acknowledging their past work in this field and explaining why we believed our story would capture their interest.
Here’s an expert tip for link-building: Instead of viewing the process solely as an SEO technique, shift your perspective to this question: “How can we provide so much value that the journalist genuinely wants to link to us?”
After we put our plan into action, we began to see results. We kept a close eye on these results and, since we had fresh data coming in every day, we improved our email campaign by using the elements that generated the most responses.

Digital PR Campaign Impact

Are you interested in seeing how we effectively boosted our clients’ business? We’ve put together a special tour just for you. We’ll show you a visual presentation of how the results in Ahrefs transformed after we completed this campaign.

Take a look at this: We kicked off the campaign on February 10th when our client had absolutely zero organic traffic. The first link was secured 14 days later, on February 24th, and soon after that, we started getting editorial backlinks from top media outlets.

And then, boom!

Look at the numbers now! As of June 21st, 2023, the organic traffic has surged to over 113,000 visitors per month!

Feeling excited yet?

We’re all set to explore how we can replicate or even exceed these results for your business. Whether you’re a SaaS founder, a content marketer, or a law firm owner, if you want your website to rank higher for competitive, high-converting keywords, we’ve got your back.

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“But how much is this going to cost me”

It’s clear from the campaign’s results that we achieved impressive outcomes, especially when considering the cost aspect. According to Ahrefs, the typical price for an “average backlink” is $361.

Additionally, Ahrefs notes that most websites with a Domain Rating (DR) over 60 do not offer backlinks for sale. This data underscores the exceptional value and effectiveness of our campaign.

This means that in Ahrefs’ study, the “average backlink” had a Domain Rating (DR) much lower than 70. So, according to their data, for 44 backlinks with DR60+, the total pricing would be 44 * $620 = $27,280.

Thanks to our infographic campaign, we secured features on prominent sites like TechCrunch, PCMag, MSN, The Week, and many more. As you’ve seen in this case study, the backlinks we obtained for WriterBuddy were significantly above average, with an average DR of 70+.

Remarkably, our entire campaign, with an average DR of 70+, only cost the client $10,000.

Let’s do the math now:

The average cost for our campaign was $10,000 ÷ 44 = $227.

Yes, this is the amount the client paid per link.

Our cost per link was nearly 40% lower than the average price, yet we managed to build some of the best links in the world.

It might sound unbelievable for a campaign, but it’s indeed true!

How is this possible

We focus on making really great content and showing it to the right journalists. We also suggest ideas that match what’s happening right now. This helps us get not just a few links, but more and more journalists, experts, and publishers talking about our clients.

This eventually leads to more links, which makes it cost less for each link we get. And, just to be clear, these are not links we pay for. We earn them by doing real public relations work and making awesome content.

That’s how you can get high-quality PR backlinks with a score of 90 or more for your website. But we know this can seem a bit overwhelming. You don’t have to spend hours making great content or sending lots of emails. We’re here to make it easy for you. You can contact us right away, and we’ll help you get these important digital PR backlinks for your SEO strategy.

What makes us different from other digital PR agencies

  • Experience and Success: We’re really good at getting important PR links with a score of 90 or more. We’ve done it before, and it works.
  • Research-Focused: We don’t just do SEO; we live and breathe it. We dig deep to find the best websites for your backlinks.
  • Strategic Thinking: Our team of PR pros is dedicated to giving you top-notch service. We’re creative and come up with cool ideas to get your business noticed in the news.
  • Open Communication: We give our clients regular updates and always keep you in the know. We believe that working together sparks great ideas, so we’re always here to chat and brainstorm.