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Raven Tools Review The Best Event Tracking Tool

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Raven Tools is a cloud-based SEO tool, white-label marketing report, and SEO auditing platform for media companies, agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketers. It manages search engine optimization, web-based media conversations, and online advertising efforts.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools permits users to research and perform analyses, track search engine trends, monitor and manage informal organizations, manage third-party referencing, create and manage ad crusades, produce sophisticated mission reports, and collaborate with team members.


  • Comprehensive and very user-friendly, a ton of value for the money.
  • I like the fast and easy reporting features. Love the big picture bits of knowledge. Love the charts and visual interface.
  • Easy to use and able to create a professional report with bunches of details partially due to its integrations.


  • Rank tracking wasn’t great and felt a little burdensome compared to other position tracking options. A few other tools improved jobs at giving specific information, but overall it’s a decent option.
  • Miss the old PDF reports, in spite of the fact that the new ones are nice as well.
  • Local tracking could be better, but still better than most. The other features more than make up for it.

Raven Rank checking

We were disappointed by the decision to remove rank tracking back in 2013. With more personalized search results, rank checking is perhaps not as easy to accurately do as it was back in 2013 but its removal was a big hole in the tool set’s capabilities. It was something of an elephant in the space for Raven until 2018 when they tackled it head-on and polled their users to see the number of might want a position tracker added. As the result, 98% of users said they’d value rank track returning. In August of 2018, a brand new Raven SERP Tracker was rolled out.

Raven Tools

Connection management

Raven’s Link Manager is a powerful connection management facility, giving a dedicated CRM to backlink monitoring and competitor Examination. It takes advantage of the Majestic database to discover up to 50,000 backlinks for any URL.

Onsite Optimization

We’ve for some time been a believer that there are portions of the SEO process that can’t be properly automated. You ideally need an SEO expert to diagnose onsite optimization problems and get the most out of your website because while there are checks you can run and things you can do naturally, no tool will ever be able to detect all the things a human can.

Raven Reporting

During the period when Raven had no position tracking functionality, the organization had to make a solid effort to compete with the entirety of the other SEO tools which were allowed to continue tracking search engine rankings. Specifically, Raven worked hard on the reporting functionality. We used this when it first came out and, frankly, its first iterations were buggy, but those bugs have been ironed out and the tool has blossomed into a really useful simplified reporting suite.

Search Engine Marketing

As search engines continue to reduce the space given in SERPs to make space for pay-per-click advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become something of a buzzword among marketers. The idea behind SEM is to combine the efforts of SEO with Pay-per-click advertising to achieve the most extreme traffic and exposure for your site and content. With this as a top priority, Raven currently has a dedicated section for Ads, permitting you to pull up detailed reports on performance from Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Raven Tools Pricing

Raven Tools

Raven Tools offers five standard tiers of estimating:

    • Freelance: $49/month
    • Start: $109/month
    • Grow: $199/month
    • Thrive: $299/month
    • Lead: $470/month

It is sometimes critical to use for Raven’s high month to month subscription cost which used to start at

$99 every month, but now Raven has a Freelancer tier at $49 with plenty of information and keywords, the tool is competitively priced. As you develop, Raven’s information allowances can develop with you with help available for all size businesses.

The toolset has become so well-rounded over its years of development that it could benefit any marketing team, becoming the go-to system for SEO as well as for Search engine marketing, Link building, or even Influencer marketing or Affiliate management.

Shimanto Neer
Shimanto Neer is the CEO of Dot Mirror, a company that helps other businesses get noticed online. We make SEO easy and are the go-to for marketing pros. We’re all about helping your business grow bigger. Enjoyed reading this? There’s more helpful stuff on our blog!