App SEO Checklist

App SEO Checklist: Optimize Your App for the App Store!

App Store Optimization is important while and after publishing an app in the app store. It helps you to stay on top of other apps when people search for similar apps in the store. It’s SEO, but for apps. 

Ranking the app is not easy, especially when there are a lot of similar apps. But with proper effort, you can do it. The ASO checklist, or app SEO checklist, will help you implement the must-have points to ensure you don’t stay behind. 

It doesn’t mean that the checklist guarantees you to rank. It contains important basic points only. Avoiding them may harm your other ASO efforts. The rest depends on the competition, your target audience, etc. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump to the checklist. 

ASO / App SEO Checklist

ASO Checklist, or App SEO Checklist, You should Follow

1. Know Your Audience

It’s important to understand the audience for whom you’re building the app. Knowing them helps you in many ways. For example- when you understand them well, you can write better descriptions. Also, this will help you find appropriate keywords they use to find apps like yours. 

So, spend time researching your audience first. 

2. Keyword Research

Now, it’s time to find some keywords to focus on. You already know the main keyword you want to rank, I guess. 

Write the main keyword or a part in the search bar, and you’ll get a list of possible keywords. They are the keywords people use while searching for apps. List them. This way, you’ll find some good keywords to use. 

Also, you can use app store keyword research tools. Several tools are available online. Spend some time on research to find a good one. With such a tool, keyword research becomes more fruitful as you get essential insights. 

Keyword ideas are also found through competitor research. Go through the competitor apps and search for the keywords there. 

3. Optimize App Title

You’ve already named your app, I guess. But don’t worry. App stores allow a long title. You should use a keyword here. 

You may have the chance to add multiple keywords here. But stuffing it with keywords won’t be a good idea. 

4. ‘TaskTune: Task Manager App’ is a good name, while ‘TaskTune: An App for Task Managing for Teams and Managers’ is not a good name at all. The second name is too long and keyword-stuffed. 

Also, follow the same thing while picking the app URL. 

5. Write Compelling Description

You need to write a perfect description, which requires time. 

The first few lines are important. So, make them most attractive. Describe what it offers and the reasons to download it in simple words. 

Then, go for a detailed description. Make it easy to understand for your target audience. Speak their language. Add multiple keywords naturally. 

6. Create an Appealing Icon

Your logo or icon should be appealing to the visitors. Creating an attractive icon brings you a lot of visitors. So, use proper colours and keep the logo relevant to the name and purpose. 

7. Screenshots and Videos

App stores allow you to add screenshots and videos. Don’t avoid this scope. 

The screenshots should have something appealing written on them to make them attractive. You can also add some characters to the screenshots. Instead of picking randomly, show attractive features of the app in the screenshots. 

Before uploading, rename them with keywords. 

8. Localize the App

English is not the only language in the world. People speak other languages, too. 

You can target them by adding their language, title, and description to the app. You’ll find several tools for this. Play Store and iTunes App Store allow localizing your app. 

9. Update Regularly

Don’t forget to update your app often. Regular updates attract visitors because they know you monitor it regularly. App stores also love the apps that are updated frequently. 

10. Be Responsive

Check the customer reviews and be responsive to them. Reply to negative reviews accordingly and fix the issues people often face. Talk about fixed issues in updates to attract more people. Also, if possible, reply to the negative reviews once the issues are fixed. 

Final Thoughts

Ranking an app in app stores is not easy. It needs consistency and regular updates. Also, you must focus on collecting as many 5-star reviews as possible. In this continuous process, you shouldn’t lose track. 

The ASO checklist, or App SEO checklist, will help you build the base of your app SEO. So, don’t miss anything from this list. 

The rest depends on the strategy and adaptation to changes.