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Etsy SEO Checklist

Etsy SEO Checklist for Success: Things you shouldn’t miss!

People often ask for ways to rank higher on Etsy. As it depends on many factors (some of which you can’t control), a perfect answer doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean an Etsy SEO guide won’t work. 

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your listings, I can share some Etsy SEO tips. I’ve researched a lot and come up with an Etsy SEO checklist. The solid strategies here can help you take your Etsy SEO to the next level. 

This guide is helpful if you’ve started your Etsy journey recently. It’ll help you understand the important things you’ve overlooked while uploading products to Etsy. 

So, don’t be late. Let’s check the checklist for success. 

Etsy SEO Checklist

Etsy SEO Checklist for Success

1. Research Keywords

Looking for the perfect keyword is the first thing you should do while optimizing your Etsy shop. Find keywords that customers use to search for products like yours

For this, use the search bar on Etsy. Write the product name on the search bar, and you’ll find a lot of long-tail keyword suggestions. Add attributes (colour, material, size, etc.), uses (gift, healing, motivating, etc.), events (Father’s Day, baby shower, anniversary, etc.), or such words to get more specific keywords. 

Also, you’ll find many free and paid Etsy SEO keyword tools that can provide keywords to use in Etsy SEO. 

List the perfect keywords for your product. 

2. Optimize the Shop

Now, you should optimize the shop. It includes picking a perfect shop title, description, images, videos, and shop policies. 

The shop title should be precise and memorable. If the keyword can be included in the title, it’s great. 

The shop description should be detailed and contain multiple keywords. Include keywords related to the category you’ll serve and the products you’ll upload. 

Optimizing images and videos means renaming them with keywords

Write a complete shop policy, including refund, shipping, payment process, and exchanges. Try to use keywords here, but don’t push anything. When you have a complete policy, Etsy pushes your products forward. 

3. Perfect Listing Title

The listing title should be keyword-infused. If you find keywords with an Etsy SEO keyword tool, pick the less competitive keywords to include in the title. 

Only the first 38-40 characters are seen in the search queries. So, the beginning of the title should include the keyword that most perfectly describes the product

Don’t repeat keywords frequently. Doing this may have an adverse impact on SEO. Find out as many keywords as you can. 

4. Complete Item Description

The very first line of the description is important. So, write a line that solely describes the product perfectly. Infuse appropriate keywords.

Multiple long-tail keywords should be included in the description. Besides, write a detailed description that includes everything the buyers need to know before ordering the product. Think what you would want to know if you are someone willing to buy it. 

Keep it descriptive and easy to read. Use small paragraphs or bullet points. 

5. Optimize Tags

Etsy allows you to use tags for each listing. Utilize the scope properly.

Avoid using competitive keywords here. Also, use keywords that match the product perfectly. Try to use all 13 tags Etsy allows, but don’t add the wrong ones to complete all 13 spaces. 

6. Optimize Product Images

Ensure adding high-quality images that attract people. It’s important because many people use the image search feature nowadays. 

Add descriptive alt texts that perfectly describe the image. Use keywords in the alt texts. They help search engines to know exactly what’s in the image. Thus, your listings are shown once people search for them. 

Upload multiple images, at least one for each variety of a product. 

7. Include Product Video

Adding video improves your SEO because they can rank easily on the video option of search engines. So, create a catchy video for each product

8. Be specific about Category

Publish your listing in the right category. Choosing the wrong category won’t show your listing on top. So, be extra careful about it. 

Also, pick relevant attributes only. Size, colour, purpose, materials, features, etc., should be specific and relevant. 

9. Monitor and Adjust

Continuous monitoring helps you identify high-performing and low-performing products. 

Check the high-performing listings thoroughly and compare them with low-performing ones to find the gap. Adjust the low-performing listings for better performance. 

Final Thoughts

The Etsy SEO tips above are proven to ensure value for your Etsy shop. Most of them are often overlooked, preventing the listings from being shown at the top of search results. 

Besides the points included in the Etsy SEO guide above, several other factors impact your Etsy SEO, for example- your shop’s reputation, response rate, etc. It’s better to research a bit and understand the algorithm properly.