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Monthly SEO Checklist

Monthly SEO Checklist for Consistency: A Checklist You Must Maintain!

SEO is a long and continuous process that you need to maintain properly. Thus, keeping up with the pace or managing everything is a bit hard. If you’ve been doing this for years, you must have some SEO plans you started but never completed. 

This is a very common issue for people working with SEO. But if it happens frequently, ranking the website becomes harder. 

To help you eliminate this problem, here is a monthly SEO checklist that includes tasks you need to complete every month. It is made to save you from damaging SEO mistakes. So, let’s get started.

Monthly SEO Checklist

Monthly SEO Checklist to Follow

1. Manage Your Contents

Publishing content regularly is a major part of ranking your website. The website needs a minimum number of articles every month to keep up with the competition. 

You must have a content plan on a large scale. At the beginning of the month, select a few topics, prepare content, and publish them throughout the month. 

Also, look for improvement. Check your previous content and update them. 

Don’t forget to seek new content opportunities that benefit your audience. Update your content strategy when necessary. 

2. Don’t Forget Keyword Research

Keyword research should be continuous. Don’t forget about it once you design a content strategy. 

It allows you to find out trendy keywords related to your niche. Thus, you get new content opportunities that bring more traffic to your site. 

If you find long-tail trendy keywords, optimize your content with them. Also, you can invest in new articles optimized with new keywords. 

3. Check Monthly Performance Report

A monthly performance report allows you to have a broad look at the website’s performance. Check keyword rankings, traffic, page views, and other necessary factors to compare the performance with previous months. Doing this lets you know if the site is performing well or not.

In case you see a downward trend, check weekly reports to have a closer look. Find out the reasons and fix them as soon as possible. 

Failing to do this will affect your website badly. So, checking monthly performance reports is mandatory. 

4. Check Technical Condition

It’s crucial to check the technical issues at least once a month. The reason is simple- any technical issue can hold you back from the competition. 

Check website speed twice a month to make sure visitors are not leaving your site just because of loading time. Fix it if you think that the load time is longer than expected. 

5. Perform an Audit

Audit is important to improve the overall performance of your website. It allows you to identify the problems and scopes to improve. Website audit includes on-page audit, off-page audit, technical audit, citation audit, etc. 

I suggest keeping at least one audit in your monthly SEO checklist. For example- an on-page audit in January, an off-page audit in February, and so on. 

Audits help you know the issues holding you back. So, perform an audit each month and fix issues to keep your site moving forward. 

6. Analyze the Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors helps you in many ways to stay ahead of the competition. So, don’t forget to analyze your competitors every month.

Check their websites thoroughly to know about the changes they’ve made. Try to find out the new keywords they’ve used. Use tools to know new backlinks in their bag. Doing this will help you update your SEO strategies. 

7. Improvise SEO Strategy

You may have a long-term SEO strategy, but improvising is a part of it. You must carefully examine your SEO strategy at least once a month and align it with your current goal and other factors. 

SEO strategies can be changed based on the competitors’ actions, too. Your SEO goal is to stay ahead of them. So, you need to adjust your strategy to achieve that goal depending on the competition. Don’t avoid doing this. 

8. Monitor Backlinks

Backlinks are important for your website growth, but not all of them. Bad backlinks can cause serious damage to a website. 

So, monitor your backlinks at least once every month. Besides the links you’ve built, you may see many other links there. Check their source to ensure they are not from any bad link source. If they are, delete them. 

9. Plan for Next Month

This is the last point of the list, but similarly important. Planning for the next month keeps you prepared. 

Create a schedule or make a list of the works. Design the work plan based on your SEO strategy and approach. Also, don’t forget to keep these 9 points there. 

While planning for the next month, make sure that there is scope for adjustment. Things change in SEO. Your strategies need to change with that. 

Final Verdict

A monthly SEO checklist helps you to stay organized when it comes to SEO. Many people prefer weekly schedules, but a monthly schedule provides a better look at your strategies and website performance. 

Besides the points here, you may add other actions based on your strategy. But don’t avoid any of the actions listed here. All of them are equally important to continue the growth of your website. 

If you need any assistance, let us know. Our team is designed to be a perfect place to handle all your SEO tasks and issues. So, you can reach us anytime.