Pinterest SEO Checklist

Pinterest SEO Checklist: See what’s missing in your strategy

Ranking on Pinterest is not tough. But most people can’t do this because they miss the very basic things here. As a result, publishing pins regularly becomes an effort without any result. 

I was one of them, too. 

I used to publish pins frequently but couldn’t rank. So, I took my time to research Pinterest SEO and created a checklist that every Pinterest marketer needs. If you’re struggling, the checklist will help you for sure. 

So, without messing around, boost your Pinterest profile with the ultimate Pinterest SEO checklist.

Pinterest SEO Checklist

The Ultimate Pinterest SEO Checklist 

1. Turn Your Account into a Business Account

A business account is great because it gives you access to account analytics. Also, you can publish ads from your Pinterest business account. Consider turning it into a business account if you have a personal account. 

2. Pick a Proper Username

pinterest seo checklist
Example: SEO-friendly username

Your username is also a part of Pinterest SEO strategy. Try to keep the main keyword in the name. But it’s not mandatory. What’s mandatory is choosing a username that is easy to remember and goes with your brand. 

3. Optimize Profile Section

The profile section includes a cover photo, profile picture, username, and a short bio. 

Keep the images interesting. Try to stand out from the crowd with the cover photo. The profile picture can be your brand logo. 

The bio should be short because only 18-20 words remain visible here. So, try to attract visitors and add your website name within the first 18-20 words. 

4. Confirm Your Website

Most often, I see people overlook this step while marketing through Pinterest. Connecting your website to Pinterest ensures your authenticity. Thus, users visit your webpage more frequently. Also, you get access to some more analytics. 

It’s an easy process ( So, don’t avoid it. 

5. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO approach. Here, you should ensure you’re looking for keywords used in Pinterest. 

pinterest keyword research

The best free way to find keywords for Pinterest is the search bar. Type a part of your focus keyword, and you’ll find a lot of long-tail keywords that people use to search for things on this platform. 

Some dedicated keyword research tools for Pinterest are available on the internet. For example- Pin Inspector will help you find keywords used in Pinterest only. 

If you already have a keyword research tool like UberSuggest, you can filter Pinterest searches only and get keyword ideas.

Try to use synonyms that your target audience possibly uses to find more ideas. 

6. Optimize Boards 

Board titles should include your keywords. Instead of going fancy, use keywords to decorate titles. It helps more in SEO. 

Descriptions should contain several long-tail keywords, too. Don’t leave a chunk of words in this section. Rather, load it with keywords to improve the visibility of the board. 

7. Optimize the Images

Pinterest can read what’s written on an image. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. So, try to add text with keywords on the images. 

Also, don’t forget to rename the image before uploading it because Pinterest can read the file name, too. It’s better to use the main keyword here. 

It is one of the best Pinterest SEO tips that people often overlook. 

8. Pin Title and Description

While uploading a pin, you have two places to optimize for SEO- pin title and description. 

In your pin title, use the main keyword. Besides, put a long-tail keyword if possible. Don’t worry if you can’t. 

Pin description can be 500 characters long. So, you have the scope to put multiple keywords here. Don’t miss this. 

9. Use Proper Tags

Pinterest allows you to add tags. Don’t misuse it. 

pinterest tags generator

Put tags that properly define your post. Even if you find only 1-2 tags, don’t worry. 

Using too many tags that don’t clearly describe your post damages your SEO effort because it doesn’t allow Pinterest to understand what your post is about. So, avoid such actions. 

10. Complete the Account

All your SEO efforts may fail successfully if you don’t complete the account properly. So, surf through the profile and account settings to find and fill the gaps. 

Spend some time here to make sure you won’t be wasting time later. 

Final Thoughts

Given above are the most crucial things of Pinterest SEO that you shouldn’t avoid. With updates in this platform, new features are added. So, you should stay updated and look for more Pinterest SEO tips for consistent improvement. 

Pinterest SEO requires time, effort, and consistency. The profiles with millions of views here are not built within a day. So, you should maintain the SEO strategies and wait for the success.