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Revenuehits review in today’s world, Blogging is getting popular at a rapid speed. Some people take this as a hobby but many others take it as their main career. Some even use it as a means of side income. If you want to make a decent amount of money from blogging, you have to show ads on your website.

Revenuehits reviewTo boost up you’re earning from blogs, today we’ll discuss an advertising network named Revenuehits. RevenueHits is an advertising network that helps bloggers to generate more revenues from their blogs. Performance is the main difference between RevenueHits and most other advertising platforms. It has state of an art Contextual and they also use Geo-targeted Ad Serving technology in their platform.

RevenueHits was founded in 2008. This ad network is under the Intango LTD. Revenuehits have more than 20K publishers and also 5K advertisers on their platform. It also has 721 (as per SimilarTech) live publishers.

Revenuehits review

  1. If you are a blogger and looking for better alternatives to AdSense, Revenuehits is there for you.
  2. So why would you choose it as your money tree?
  3. I’m giving you some key reasons so that you can make the decision.


Ad network approval is not always easy. It takes a lot of time to register and have their approval.

In Google AdSense, there’ll be a pretty good chance that you’ll get rejected by them.

But in the Revenuehits account, this getting approval is much easier than others. And you will also get immediate approval for your account. It is uncomplicated to sign up for a RevenueHits account.

Revenuehits Payment Method

The payment system of RevenueHits is quick. In the RevenueHits, you can cash out your money when the limit reaches $50.

  • RevenueHits uses the CPA (cost per action) model in its network.
  • It means their network is built on a cost per share. The CPA-based network pays around $30 in eCPM.
  • They do not pay a user for ad impressions or ad clicks.
  • A publisher can earn money when an action is taken by his visitors.
  • But what is meant by action?
  • Action means contact request, registration, newsletter sign up, etc.
  • The main plus point of them is that they show ads based on geographic location.

Revenuehits review
Huge Network:
Revenuehits have huge in-house advertisers. They have Partnerships with more than 5000 advertisers and they are always ready to acknowledge publishers’ traffic. They have 20,000 Publishers Worldwide getting more than 3 billion impressions a day.

The best network for clean advertising

  • RevenueHits is the best option for clean advertising.
  • To use ads on your website, does not have any minimum traffic requirements. Users will not find any offensive ads on the website because they use clean advertising.
  • It also has a proprietary anti-pop-adblocker. This platform pays as CPA, not from CPC.

User Interface

Using an advertising network is not always easy for beginners. Sometimes their user dashboard makes it more complicated. But RevenueHits is designed for beginners as well as for pros.

  • It’s one of the most beautifully designed networks in this environment.
  • Their control panel is too easy to use like walking on the grass.
  • Their login process is simple as well.

Revenuehits ads

Ad format plays a big role in getting access to all of your traffic. A blogger’s income depends on the performance of the ads. Revenuehits has a lot of options for different ad plans. Their all ads showing option is readily available. It’s also optimized for both mobile and desktop environments.

Here are some ad types they offer for the users:

Display banner: Display banner is simply known as banner ads. It features product images, animation, or sometimes product videos. Call-to-action (CTA) type ads are also used as display banner ads. These kinds of ads are noticeable.

Button Ad: RevenueHits also has a Button ads option. This ad type is smaller than banner ads only smaller. It comes in a lot of sizes like 120×90, 120×60, 125×125, etc.

Footer Ads: This type of ad arrives in the footer area on the website. RevenueHits have also this option in their system. These ads are displayed horizontally in the footer area of the viewed section of a website. And it’s automatically maintained by the browser.

Interstitial ads: These ads are interactive. It covers the whole screen of the host. It includes text, image, video, etc. A user is able to visit the site by clicking on this or can also ignore it if he is not interested in this.

Interstitial ads also have the timing option. It depends on the ad type. The max time for this kind of ad is 5 sec.

Pop ads: Pop-up ads is a GUI display area. It is usually a small window that suddenly pops up in the foreground of the graphical interface area. This type of ad is generated by JavaScript.

Pop-up ads open a new window under the active window.

Shadowbox ads: Shadowbox ads have a high value for each cent.

  • Shadowbox ads beseech a user to look at him instead of forcing the user.
  • It boosts user engagement 10 times higher than any other option.
  • It gives you extra space for the users to promote their products.
  • RevenueHits offers you the best quality shadowbox ads.

Slider top Banner: Slider banner ads help to push the instant engagement of the visitors. These ads are graphically displayed in the side section of a website. It generally uses for promoting campaigns like sales campaigns and purchasing opportunities. But nowadays the effectiveness of slider-top banner is rapidly decreasing.

Floating banner: This is s full-screen ad. It generally appears between the two content pages. The floating banner is displayed at natural transition points.

Revenuehits Rates

The performance of Revenuehits is increasing at a very fast rate. Here are the rates of this ad network in various regions.

USA: In the USA the CPM rate is USD 1.90.

Canada: In Canada, it’s USD 1.70.

UAE: In the UAE, it’s USD 2.80.

Philippines: In the Philippines, it’s 30 cents.
Revenuehits review

Revenuehits rates (CPM) are vigorous for tier 1 traffic.

Revenuehits WordPress

Revenue Hits has an official plugin in WordPress. So if you are an owner of a WordPress site it’s easy for you to monetize your website with this ad network.

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