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Sales Supports

Our clients are our main focus. So, we are there for you to support you in anything before, during, and after the sale. Our team has consisted of some expert professionals from the industry who are always ready to answer your queries.
How it work

How we treat our clients?

01. After Sales Support

We have a dedicated after sales support team because we always remember you once you get a service from us. Our clients’ success is our success. So, we have got your back.

When the project is on-going, we’ll get to you with updates when needed. Also, you can reach us anytime to know the updates or anything about the project.

After getting the project delivered, we provide intense after sales service so that you can understand the changes and learn to adopt the changes in your site. Within this time, you can reach us with a revise request if you think we haven’t done what we’ve promised or we have left a gap.
We will revise the project and check your query. If there is a gap, we’ll instantly fill it up.

02. Support Ticket

To make a better communication so that we can understand exactly what you want from us, we have a support ticket option for you. With the help of support ticket, you can personalize your support preference and be more specific about what you want. So, create a support ticket when you need, be specific about what do you need. Our support team will reach you to assist you with the problem and help you to find the best solution.

03. Regular Support

We are not only focusing on our clients of on-going projects but also supporting our previous clients. If you are someone who have taken any service from us at any time and need some support regarding that or interested in another service, simply knock us. We are waiting for you. We want our old as well as new clients to move forward successfully with their websites and businesses. That’s why, we don’t leave anyone looking for support. You are our family and we care for our dotMirror family.
Fast communication

Service Consultancy

We are there for you to help you with any kind of suggestion and consultancy you need. Are you going to start a new project or buy a service from us? We will help you to find out the best way to do that. Do you already have an on-going project with us? Knock us and we will discuss how you can get the best output from the project. Even if you have your own clients whom you provide services, contact us. We will help you with suggestions and consultancy. Also you can try our B2B services for that.