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Secret Method Methods to Get Wikipedia Backlinks by FREE

Whether you want to conduct business, advertise products, or simply increase your clout as an influencer, improving the visibility of your content in search engines is the key to success. One very popular method to make this happen is to get backlinks from Wikipedia. As one of the most trusted and widely used websites on the internet, it holds infinite potential to boost your website’s traffic.

While it may seem easy at first glance as everyone can edit Wikipedia pages for free. However, most such edits will not meet the high standards of the moderators and will be promptly removed. So you must employ some tricks to get past that. Today we will try to discuss some of these secret methods to get Wikipedia backlinks here. Check this article out.

What is a Wikipedia Backlink?

A Wikipedia backlink refers to a hyperlink that can be found in the Wikipedia page’s footnotes or external links section. “Backlinks” in Wikipedia are references to external websites within the Wikipedia article itself (the referent). Any external URL or PDF file can serve as a destination for a backlink on Wikipedia.

The time has come to gain familiarity with the various Wikipedia backlink types. There are typically three chances to build a link with Wikipedia. Let’s break down what each of them is and how to make use of them for your website.

Dead Link Opportunities

The term “dead link” is used to indicate that the site referenced by the hyperlink no longer exists. Moderators of Wikipedia will see this as a signal that the referenced article requires revision. The key is convincing them that your content is the one they’ve been seeking for.

Wikipedia is similar to any other website. Due to the large number of links, hundreds are broken and difficult to monitor. Giving them the material they need to create the link is your chance to gain a backlink. It’s not rocket science, is it?

Broken Link Opportunities

Searching for broken links is a more ethical link-building strategy. But that’s incredibly time-consuming, and it often leads to a lot of effort for not much payoff.

On the plus side, if the link is broken on Wikipedia, you may rest assured that it is broken for all sites that link to it. That means, depending on your niche and subject matter, you can uncover anywhere between five and five thousand link-building possibilities in a single broken link.

Unique Link Opportunities

You can generate your own link building chances on specific Wikipedia pages using a Wikipedia account. In principle, you could change this keyword research page and add links to your own articles in the applicable parts. New content like new sentences, paragraphs, or sections that improve Wikipedia’s structure and information would do this. 

However, I advise against it. Wikipedia links must be approved by moderators. Instead, be a good Wikipedia citizen and update articles, fix broken links, and add fresh findings. Then, if your piece is selected, that’s great news for everyone.

Why Should You Be Building Links With Wikipedia?

Wikipedia links are all nofollow by default. However, that doesn’t nullify the usefulness of Wikipedia’s link structure. Even though quality Wikipedia backlinks don’t result in normal SEO rankings, there are still many advantages to acquiring them. For example, people who are looking for summaries of specific topics online often wonder what Wikipedia has to say about the topic.

There is little doubt that they will recognize your page as an authoritative, trusted advisor in your field if they happen to find your link while browsing the Wiki sites. When others find anything of value in what you’ve written, they’ll remember your site and link to it in their own research. 

Having a link to your site from Wikipedia’s page means a significant increase in visitors. In addition, other content producers will consider your website trustworthy enough to link to when discussing topics related to your sector.

Moreover, most search queries will provide Wikipedia results. Getting a link from such a reputable source is like getting a stamp of approval from the Internet community at large. For optimal Google rankings, you should get backlinks from reputable sources, such as Wikipedia, where human moderators verify the links.

To that end, Wikipedia isn’t just a backlink; it’s a traffic-driving, organic backlink factory. And it’s time well spent if you visit.

Secret Methods to Get Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia did not receive its reputation as one of the most trusted websites without strict moderation. Every single edit made to a page of the website will be checked by a human moderator before it gets accepted. Unless your edit is relevant and adds to the user experience of the page, there is no way it will get past that process.

Now it may seem very difficult to meet such high standards while finding a spot in the hotly contested relevant pages. But worry not, because as long as your content, no matter how niche, is of good quality, there are certain tricks to securing those lucrative Wikipedia backlinks. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Step 01: Open a New Account 

Opening a new Wikipedia account is an optional process. However, it comes with some nice perks, and the process itself is relatively simple. So it is recommended that you do so before proceeding.

A new account will log your previous edits and streamline the subsequent procedure. The moderators can also look at said logs and will be more likely to accept your edits if you have a good history.

Step 02: Find a Suitable Place to Add Your Link 

Your second order of business should be to decide on the spots where you will insert our link. Wikipedia is a vast repository of information, and its true extent is truly mind-boggling. So, it is very likely you will find a place that is suited to your needs.

But the fact remains that unless your topic is relevant to the page of your choice, it will not stick. There are 2 main ways that you can make this step easier on yourself.

  • Using Broken Links 

It is the easiest of the three methods as you are using an already existing page with all the necessary content structure required for a reference link. Over time, the existing links in Wikipedia will die as domains shut down. These pages are just waiting for someone to come along and replace the links that lead to an activity site. That person can be you.

There are a few ways to find these potential goldmines. One of them is a handy tool called ‘WikiGrabber.’ You can type in a topic related to your content in its search box, and it will show all the relevant Wikipedia pages that have dead links. 

It should be noted that WikiGrabber isn’t updated in real-time so you should go to the page itself and check if someone has already replaced the link. You should commit to it only after confirming that said link is still available.

  • Adding New Unique Links

In this method, you first do a simple keyword search to find relevant Wikipedia pages. After this, you have to sift through them to see if any of them lack citations. These are prime spots to add new backlinks. Sometimes you would need to add sentences or even paragraphs to facilitate that. 

While it may be more labor and time intensive the main benefit to this procedure is that it provides a larger pool of potential pages to pick from. However, without some mastery over the topic itself, it may prove difficult to employ this technique.

Step 03: Making New Quality Content 

This step is only required if you have not started with the proper materials or failed to find a suitable page for your existing content. In cases where even after the above two methods you came up empty then you have to solve the problem in reverse. You have to create new content with a high-quality standard.

During the search, it is very likely you did come across some promising pages where you may be able to place a link. However, it is not quite suitable for the current materials you have. So, you have to create new content specifically tailored for those Wikipedia pages.

It must be noted that you must be able to put together works that will pass the high bar set by Wikipedia moderators. Any sort of spamming or irrelevant citations will be struck down and it may lead to you getting banned from making subsequent edits indefinitely. 

Step 04: Editing the Chosen Page to Include Your Link 

Following all of these steps, the last thing that you need to do is eventually navigate to the Wikipedia link that you selected and insert your link there. To perform this, simply browse to the page you wish to modify, log in to your account, and then click the edit icon located in the top right corner of the page. 

After making the required adjustments to it, you will wait for the moderators to look it over. If you followed all of the steps as mentioned above, it is likely that your update will pass their inspection.

Should I Build a Wikipedia Backlink?

Getting a backlink from Wikipedia can boost your site’s authority and traffic if you can produce a high-quality article that demonstrates your expertise on a given topic. Users that click on a Wikipedia backlink are more likely to stick around on your site because they found it through natural search results.

Don’t be put off by the presence of no follow links. Given that only the greatest and most authoritative websites are cited in Wikipedia, having a hyperlink there can significantly increase traffic to your own site. So, according to us, you should jump into link building from Wikipedia.

Consequences of Abusing Wikipedia Backlinks

While you are working on an article about a resource, you should not take advantage of Wikipedia’s system by trying to fool the editors. If editors discover misleading information, advertisements, extraneous links, or excessive keyword stuffing on your page, they will not think twice about deleting your account from Wikipedia.

A ban from Wikipedia will result in the loss of all user rights, a prohibition on editing, and the addition of your website to the spam blacklist maintained by Wikipedia. This list is extensively utilized by other websites.

Therefore, if you want to construct a backlink using Wikipedia, you need to be sure that the resource you provide is legitimate and has been thoroughly investigated.


Wikipedia backlinks can bring much-needed positive attention and trustworthiness to your website. On top of that, once you manage to set your roots down on this fertile virtual soil, you can reap its benefits more easily as time goes on. How do you ask?

Well, the moderators of Wikipedia tend to prioritize edits from people that have a history of adding quality content. By using the discussed method, you too can earn that privileged position and generate organic traffic to whichever materials you desire. These are our secret methods to get Wikipedia backlinks.


You’ll find answers to some of the most frequent questions about Wikipedia backlinks below.

Do Wikipedia Links Help SEO?

Despite being nofollow, links from Wikipedia have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and have helped boost the rankings of several websites. As a result, SEO will benefit in the long run. Having external links from reputable sources like Wikipedia can also improve your site’s page rank.

Can We Still Benefit from Backlinks If They are NoFollow?

You should place a primary emphasis on including both DoFollow and NoFollow links on your website in order to increase the likelihood that Google will view your website as natural.

Are Wikipedia Backlinks Worthwhile?

It is well worth the investment to get a backlink from Wikipedia because doing so will increase the credibility and authority of both your website and the content on it.

Are you looking to purchase Wikipedia backlinks? Let’s discover more about our top-notch Wikipedia service!

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