SEOprofiler Reviews is a full SEO tool for getting top rankings on Google and other search engines. It comprises a number of key tools like position tracking, keyword research, backlink audits, local and mobile SEO, competitive intelligence, and even up-time monitoring.


SEOprofiler Review

Also, for all the agencies out there it has full white labeling for your brand. This and the quality of the backlink database in SEOprofiler is the reason numerous agencies around the globe use this tool to manage their client’s SEO.
In the event that you do decide to choose SEOprofiler for your needs, you will definitely be in some acceptable companies like Thomson Reuters and to name a few.

Key Features of SEOprofiler

  • Free account available to test.
  • Rank Tracking.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Website Optimization.
  • Reporting.
  • Teamwork options for agencies.
  • Link Analysis.
  • Link Building.
  • Mobile SEO.
  • Local SEO.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Up-time monitoring.

Andre Voget

The parent organization of SEOProfiler is Axandra which has been developing tools for the SEO community since 2000. They have several SEO milestones in the community including:

  • Developed the first website advancement tool for Apple Macintosh computers.
  • Created one of the first compensation per click optimization software tools
  • Created the extremely well-known Windows SEO software tool business promoter (IBP).

Some more features

  • SEOprofiler has agencies as a top priority with its local and mobile SEO positioning reports. This is valuable for presenting your clients with exact data on how they are positioned in their local regions and how they rank on mobile.
  • The keyword research tool in SEOprofiler is one of the better ones you will discover as it includes an intelligent and programmed keyword suggestion feature based on your keywords and its own database of 249 million keywords in 41 countries and languages.
  • No review of an SEO tool would be complete without a mention of third-party referencing and SEOprofiler does have one Ace up its sleeve through something called the “Connection Influencer Tool”.
  • What’s more, that leads nicely to the last feature I will discuss until further notice and that is the opportunities tab which is really helpful for keeping you focused on the main errands to improve your search engine results.

SEOprofiler review

A few contemplations

It’s clear to see which is the most well-known arrangement for SEOprofiler and the one they really need you to use is their $99.95 per month plan as this has all the features of the most expensive tiers and generous limits on projects and keywords.

This arrangement gives you the full experience of SEOprofiler including their connection disinfection tool which is incredibly helpful, especially in the face of any negative SEO assaults your website may have experienced. You wouldn’t believe how basic SEO espionage is, I even observed the other day that a tool (which will remain nameless) took care of people to bounce your competitors’ websites thereby harming their credit scores on Google. This does exist and why a tool like connection disinfection is significant and could be the secret sauce missing from getting you the page one positioning you deserve.

Another thing to bear at the top of the priority list especially on the off chance that you are a developing digital marketing agency is that the valuing tier to get on SEOprofiler’s unlimited arrangement does shoot up to 999.95 Euro per month.


  • Easy to understand reports and tools.
  • All the tools you require in one place.
  • Page Optimization Wizard.
  • White-label client reports.
  • Great help and updates.
  • Uptime monitor.
  • Backlinks manager.
  • Integrate outsider ad crusade information.
  • Great keyword research tool.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • The first paid arrangement comes up short on a disinfection tool.
  • Valuing does escalate after the Smart Plan tier.
  • The dashboard could be updated.

SEOprofiler Review

Final Word

I can wholeheartedly recommend SEOprofiler, especially at the trial price of 1 Euro for 30 days. This will give you a very feel of how the application functions for you and the experiences you pick up on what to improve.

After 30 days you may discover you needn’t bother with all the features of the Smart arrangement and are quite content with the standard reports and no connection disinfection – both plans are viable and well suited to a great many people.

However, on the off chance that you run an SEO agency with more than 50 clients, you should purchase the professional or even Enterprise level arrangement which gives you unlimited everything.