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Smartyads: Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons, Alternative

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SmartyAds is a CPM advertising network that’s serving Ads in the whole world. It’s a full-stack programmatic ad shopping for the company. SmartyAds offers the best-in-class profitable ad proof in the globe. Simple to use and comfy that may produce a brand new dimension in your affiliating.

This is a world multichannel programmatic advertising company that is based back in 2011 by young advertising trade professionals. Since then we tend to square measure swimmingly remodeling the digital market with our strong product. currently, we’ve got fully grown international with offices placed in USA, China, Ukraine, Malaysia, Argentina and Headquarter in the UK.


Smartyads Platform Review

SmartyAds Ad Exchange may be a digital marketplace. It allows advertisers and publishers to purchase and sell digital ad areas through real-time auction. It’s a triumph of Omnichannel media which is shopping for technology deeply combined with the world’s best provide partners.

SmartyAd is connected with over two hundred SSPs and DSPs worldwide, providing the simplest service ever. Our DSP permits advertisers with the multi-channel resolution, advanced statistics, bushed one platform, precise targeting, and traffic verification tools.

SSP facultative publishers, each app and website, with powerful validation tool. In-house developed, straightforward set-up, advanced statistics, SDK, header-bidding technology, timely pay-outs, ad verification, solely tried, and reliable advertisers.

Smartyads Pricing Review

Pricing information for SmartyAds DSP is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Ads DSP must be conducted with the seller. Here describing Ads DSP alternative prising:

White Labeling: Use your company’s name, logo, and colors on our platform for a $1,000 flat fee.

Data Package: Add additional price to your campaigns with access to net Insights and CRM Onboarding for $200 per month, per publicist.

IP Sourcing: Target specific locations, households, businesses, and industries for a $3 else CPM.




Capterra SmartyadsDSP Reviews

Ability to control! It’s a very easy and effective choice to run campaigns. particularly you need to focus on a mobile campaign. You will get ordinarily used the Demand facet Platform as a programmatic tool to serve the show, native and mobile, and also the team very helpful to see the correct audience.

This company offers expert transparency- I will share their knowledge with purchasers in real-time. It permits you to form way more informed choices regarding the results of your campaign. By the way, we don’t have our SSP and Ad exchange, thus it’s very easy to run programmatic campaigns through RTB.

  • The last item is regarding the platform’s style – easy ad updated interface.
  • SmartyadsApi Review
  • Smartyadsdoesn’t provide API.

Key Features

  • Get access to advertising campaigns from premium ad networks, demand-side platforms, and ad agencies
  • Manage multiple demand partners through one platform
  • Access open RTB ad exchange

Great for

  • Simple integration method
  • Receive full management over advertising inventory and ad sorts
  • Full-stack of proof solutions for digital publishers.

Why Do Work At Smartyads?

Our everyday mission is to form nice things and build a higher web along. we tend area unit searching for new sensible professionals to hitch our team! Here we tend to face challenges, find out how things work, cave into the craziest ideas ever, creating experiments, providing support to each talent. You’ll positively fancy our social package, academic programs, vivacious atmosphere, and persistent company events along.



Final Thoughts

After reading this short summary about Smarty Ads you should grasp the basics at least. But you’ll be needing more info on this if you are going to step into the world of marketers. You can leave a question for us in the comment box if you have any further questions on the topic. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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