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Top 9 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

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About Social Media Platforms

There are a ton of Social Media Networks/services that could be considered social networks these days. In this article, we’ve hand-picked the ones we believe are the best in the online world. There are some Social Media Platforms on this list that you may not consider social media platforms. However, they are, at any rate, to a degree. You’ll see some choices listed here, while others are not too obvious.

Truth is said, there are many more social media accessible online; however, we needed to stop at the number 10. Note that the Social Media Heteroligations below are not listed in a specific request. You’ll discover our descriptions for each network here, alongside a great deal of additional information, going from the required things to evaluating in-Social Media Network purchases. In case you’re interested, peruse on. Then you can now know about the Top 10 Best Social Media Platforms.

Top 9 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.
  • Snapchat.
  • Reddit.
  • Pinterest.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.

01. Facebook

top most popular social media platforms

Facebook is easily one of the largest and most popular social media networks. Facebook is prevalent worldwide, and its Messenger has improved throughout the long term. There are still some bugs in the Social Media Network.

However, it’s far superior to what it was previously. It also drains the battery less than it used to. All in all, Social Media Network is presently entirely acceptable. If Facebook is popular where you reside and your friends/family use it, it’s a decent choice.


However, Facebook’s channel is a touch more tangled than Twitter’s and works alternately. Still, you can remark on posts on Twitter, and the overall usage scenarios are similar. Facebook is an incredible business device as well.

If you own a business, you can open up a page on Facebook and start affecting individuals all around the planet. Facebook also has an incredible instrument for advertising if that’s something you need.


top 10 popular social media platforms

YouTube needs no special presentation. This is a Social Media Network for watching videos, and it has grown a ton since it was dispatched. This is Google’s special Social Media Networklication, and it’s a go-to video Social Media Network for some smartphone users around the globe.

There are no time limits for video on this Social Media Network as on different platforms. You’ll have the option to observe concise videos, to some videos that last an hour or more; everything depends on the channel.


Channels are made by creators everywhere in the world, and every one of them provides its extraordinary substance. You’ll have to track down the correct substance for you; however, once you do, YouTube can even serve as a TV substitution for some individuals.

It has you canvassed in many categories, going from parody to innovation. YouTube is allowed to use; however, note that ads are a piece of the experience in the free version.

03. Instagram

top 10 popular social media platforms

On the off chance that you love photography, Instagram is where it’s at. This Social Media Network is about pictures, with a sprinkle of videos pushed to the blend. Instagram is, first and foremost, an image-sharing platform.

You can discover various images shared here; however, many users and celebrities also use them. It also has a video aspect, however, that you might like.

Instagram’s stories are the principal video part of the Social Media Network. This idea individuals seem to adore, as it allows them to post short clips to share a piece of their day or whatever else they need.

However, the usage scenarios for stories are very different than what you’d see with TikTok videos.


top 10 popular social media platforms

TikTok has been perhaps the most popular Social Media network of 2020, if not the most popular one. TikTok is a short-structure video platform that figured out how to keep individuals sane during isolation.

Tons of new publishers on Social Media networks earned and got famous on Social media platforms during that period as well. TikTok contains many interesting short-structure videos, from satire and landscape videography to educational videos.

There’s a great deal on there. The best thing is that TikTok’s algorithms are excellent as well. You’ll have to explain what you’re interested in, and you’ll get significant videos. It doesn’t stop there; however, the more you use the Social Media Network, the better your recommendations will appear.


TikTok is constantly realizing what you like and is excellent in getting the correct substance your way. It’s tough to stop watching videos once you start, so that’s a reasonable warning.

05. Snapchat

top 10 popular social media platforms

Snapchat is also very extraordinary in its specific manner. It’s essentially a photograph visiting Social media platforms. That makes it interesting, yet the degree of options and features that Snapchat offers is insane.

On top of that, it has that ‘Stories’ layer and some area-sharing features. All that makes it seem more like a social media network than a messaging Social Media Network; however, it’s essentially a crossover between the two.


Snapchat is more popular with young individuals than it is with more seasoned generations for a valid justification. This Social Media Network comes with tons of filters that you can Social media platforms for your images and videos.

Those filters are excellent and can progressively transform you into an extraordinary person. They make visiting truly fun and exciting. This Social Media Network is unquestionably worth testing if you’re into something like that.

06. Reddit

top 10 popular social media platforms

Reddit is also quite possibly the most popular social media network around. However, it’s entirely different than other Social Media Networks on the list. This Social Media Network functions based on ‘subreddits.’

So, you can subscribe to various subreddits here, such as ”’Amoledbackgrounds’ and ‘aww,’ for instance. That way, you can access precisely the substance you’re interested in. Fortunately, there are tons of subreddits on offer, so you’ll undoubtedly discover what you’re searching for.


In the ” subreddit, you’ll discover tons of substance, from various articles that are very interesting to tips and tricks, etc. The ‘Amole backgrounds’ subreddit delivers AMOLED wallpapers for smartphones, while the ‘aww’ subreddit shares charming images.

These are just some examples, yet there are many exciting subreddits here. You can remark on each post submitted to a specific subreddit and start or participate in various exciting conversations.

07. Pinterest

top 10 popular social media platforms

Pinterest is a social media network that numerous individuals discarded at first. However, it figured out how to grow a ton since its origin. There’s a valid justification for it; it offers something no other Social Media platforms do.

This is the spot to go in case you’re innovative or you need ideas for whatever. It’s extraordinary for home design concepts, looking into fashion products, fitness tips, and getting recipes, thus significantly more.


This Social Media Network’s UI is genuinely excellent, and the Social Media Network can catch on quickly to what you’re interested in. At first, you’ll need to share your interests. However, the Social Media Network will turn out to be much brighter on schedule when it sees what you’re investigating and interested in.

On the homepage, you’ll see a feed dedicated to you, loaded with exciting substance. You can reshare those posts otherwise known as ‘pins,’ like them, save them on your ‘boards, etc.

08. Twitter/

top 10 popular social media platforms

If you live in the US, chances are you’re using Twitter. In case you’re not, you’re missing out. Twitter is famous everywhere in the world; however, it’s more prevalent in some markets, and the US is undoubtedly its fundamental market.

Twitter is also a standout amongst other social media platforms around. When you become accustomed to it, it’s hard to release it. It can serve you as a center for some things, which is the thing that makes it interesting.

You can easily use this Social Media Network to stay in contact with your loved ones while also using it as your fundamental news source. You just need to follow the correct individuals/sources, and there you go. It can also be an incredible business instrument in some situations. The Social Media Network is incredible and supports a dim subject.

Twitter will recollect the latest relevant point of interest while scrolling the channel, which is probably the best component. You can also choose whether you’d prefer to see your channel chronologically or let Twitter choose what to show you.


The previous year, after the success of Twitter’s Periscope app, Facebook had closed its live video features, and enthusiasm for the two products seemed to subside extensively. At the point when live group video experienced fleeting success under House party, Facebook cloned that as well, and House party later sold to Epic Games for an undisclosed sum.

09. LinkedIn

top 10 popular social media platforms

LinkedIn is an excellent method of staying in contact with your business partners, looking for employment, fabricating your business networks, etc. This is Microsoft’s Social Media Heteroligation, and it’s easily genuinely outstanding and the most useful Social Media network for businesses.

It has been improving and better throughout the long term. If your business network is sufficient, you can look for some kind of employment to do super quickly, which is a great alternative.


LinkedIn allows you to Social Media networks to various jobs on offer; companies offer Social Media platforms. You can Social Media networks rapidly, and there are many jobs to choose from. The job locater tools are excellent.

However, this Social Media Network is also extraordinary regardless of whether you’re not in search of a new job. It’s incredible to stay in contact with individuals from your industry and more.

Significantly More Social Media Platforms to Explore

There are thousands of social media apps on the planet. You can attempt them. All these social media have made our life easier and more connected. However, the truth is we are connected virtually. Our genuine social association is not happening. Virtues, social crimes, digital tormenting, and body shaming haphazardly in social media platforms.

So much dependence on social media platforms is hampering our childhood, denying them from enchanting adolescence. Young individuals are losing mental harmony and physical wellness. Crimes are filling in at an alarming rate using Social media networks. Yes! Off-kilter, we need social media to be connected with our precious ones.

And yet, we need to deal with that nobody is getting injured or exploited. So many, truth be told, this list has scarcely scratched the surface. On the off chance, you do a touch of burrowing, you’ll have the option to track down a social media network dedicated to whatever niches interest you.

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