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Vibrant media is one of the leading and most efficient contextual marketing, advertising, digital media, and content marketing companies. It provides a digital experience that’s relevant to what people care about at that moment. The company was founded in New York, the United States in 2000 and now has a lot of offices in San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, London, Hamburg, Munich, and Dusseldorf along with New York.

Vibrant Media

What Does Vibrant Media Do?

The Vibrant Media design agency is known for its versatile graphic design sense and personalized customer support. It provides global graphic design services using creativity, innovation, and online graphic design experience.

As a logo and web design agency, it specializes in more than 20 graphic design categories from branding to web and print material designing. It not only does designs but also implements strategic touchpoints that’ll drive the transformation and sales of small businesses and e-commerce stores.

Vibrant Media Strategy

Vibrant media focuses on in-text advertising, in-image advertising solutions, and displays advertising solutions for publishers. The Ad formats are in-text ads powered by IntelliTXT, In-image ads, Displays, Mosaics, Lightboxes, Storyboards, and Brand Canvases.

Each advertising product has its form by selecting specific keywords. The ad will appear when a visitor double-clicks on the keywords. In-image works just like in-text ads. It shows relevant images based on keywords.

Info-Link and Contera are fierce competitors of Vibrant Media in in-text advertising. Other formats work when another user moves over the underlined keyword or image.

Ads can be anything from branding pages to videos. The best part is that ads can be seen on all gadgets.

Vibrant MediaTechnology

Vibrant Media engages customers to cross-platforms with real-time content and provides a brand experience. It delivers directly from sound, images, and video in a premium native environment that is viewable, relevant, and interesting because of the use of advanced keyword-level technology.

It ensures the safety and full transparency which is certified by a third party. Moreover, it provides a “trouble-free” implementation with a simple user interface. Vibrant displays ads from top-quality brands such as Hewlett, Packard, Microsoft, P & G, Unilever, etc. where ads are 100% user-controlled.

Vibrant Media

Besides, the rate of CPC (Cost Per Click) is much higher than the competitors. That’s why, Vibrant’s products lead the industry with above ninety percent viewability at scale -reaching more than 450 million unique users per month, with more than 6,600 premium publishers worldwide.

Vibrant uses “keywords of interest” through site analysis to offer the most relevant ad matches for publishers thereby driving sustainable and increasing revenue potential.


Vibrant Media has achieved the Customer Services Award 2012 as a top digital Ad Network. Furthermore, their great customer services and high-quality works make them an attractive option to the customers.

Vibrant Media Restrictions

Vibrant Media doesn’t allow sites that host offensive content such as adult, pornography, gambling, weapons content, software piracy, etc.). It is required sites with high traffic. Besides, Vibrant Media publisher should not attempt to use the ad code or encourage you to click on the ad. It will ban live publishers if convicted.

Media publisher


Despite being a lot of advantages, Vibrant Media has some disadvantages. Small publishers have not been able to keep an eye on their sites through the Vibrant Medias program. Furthermore, excessive use of advertising can irritate readers.

Final Thoughts

Despite some minor disadvantages, Vibrant Media is great for website owners. If you are the owner of a website and trying to monetize it, then you should be well aware of this. If you have read this through then you shouldn’t have any problem understanding your needs. Vibrant Media Reviews are high rated.

But if you still want to know something that hasn’t been mentioned here, then please feel free to comment. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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