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The GPL Builder was designed to work with WordPress themes, plugins, UI Kits, Icon, Templates, Mockups, Style guides, Illustrations, and more online sources. There are well over 10,000 resources on GPL Builder. Subscriptions and Google ad revenue were introduced in this version. There are three different subscription systems to choose from. Six months of access, one year of access, or lifetime access is available.

You may profit from GPL Builder with a subscription or through Google AdSense. Already 10+ Subscriptions purchased. Minimum 1K post are ranked on google. Thousands of organic traffic comes from google. I am willing to bet that if you perform more off-page SEO on this website, you will make a lot of money every month.


  1. Fully SEO and Google friendly Design. Modern design which was built with Elementor Pro for smooth experience.
  2. 10000+ articles are published, and most of them are ranked on google and Bing.

You will get

  1. Domain and Hosting access.
  2. Plugins(Premium) and Themes access.
  3. All social media of this website access.

Google Search Console

Asking Price: $1990



February 23, 2022

Auto blogging with database!

We are in the process of collecting an auto blogging database, which you may use with one click to build a complete website with limitless content.

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