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Animated Explainers Service

Achieve Your Goal with Our Explainer Videos

Our team of skilled animators and storytellers collaborate to transform your concepts into engaging animated videos. From product demos to educational content and brand stories, we tailor each animation to your unique goals and brand identity.

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Who We Are

We are a team of animators who are expert in creating different animation videos. Together we provide animation video creating service through our animated explainer video company where we design and create animation videos for our clients. 

So, if you’re looking for animated explainer videos for raising awareness, delivering message to your audience, or explaining something to them, we’ve got your back. You can reach us anytime with your requirements. Our team is always ready to deliver you the quality you want to achieve your goal.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is short and quick videos mainly made for marketing which is used to explain a process, your business, a product or service, or anything. In fact, an explainer video can be used to raise social awareness too. 

Explainer videos should be published in your social media platform as well as your business website (in relevant page). Animation is a great way to make explainer videos and spread it.

Why should You Use Animated Explainers?

If you are sure to make animated explainers for your business, that’s great. But if you’re still confused, this section is for you. Here are some of the reasons behind choosing animated explainers. There are many more obviously.

Comparing to video shooting, creating animated explainers for your business is cheaper. When a professional 60 sec explainer video can cost you more than $10K, an animation explainer of similar length cost you less than $1K. You’ll find more options that demand higher than this, but the return is also higher. 

Animation was used previously for entertainment purpose. So, when we see an animation video, our brain knocks us that it might be something interesting. For that, we click on it and watch. That’s why animated explainers get a better reach comparing to a regular explainer video. Unlike other videos, animation videos grow interest in peoples’ minds.

If there is a problem in the animation video, you can easily correct that by changing necessary things easily. But in case of video that is shot, you can’t edit and make necessary change. So, if you see any problem while post-producing, you need to shoot it again and make the correction. Here, animated explainer is clearly making it easy for you to avoid mistake. 

Using animated explainers can help you reach all type of people. From young to old, everyone likes animations. So, your video attracts all of them. In the other hand, live action videos can’t attract all type of people. So, if your target people are not of a certain age, grabbing attention with animated explainers is still easy and effective.

Animation videos offer huge benefits to the organizations. Still many organizations are not utilizing the advantage it provides. So, this is a scope for you to stand unique comparing to your competitors. Animated explainers can help your business to stay exceptional by communicating your target customers in a whole new way in your industry. 

Types of Animated Explainer Videos We Create

There are different types of animation videos we can create for you. Below are some common types that we’ve made for maximum of our clients.

Storytelling Animations

If you’re looking for a way to tell a story to your audience which can attract them and bring their attention to your brand, storytelling animations can help you. Here, you need to focus on making a strong script and interesting animation characters. Storytelling animation is a great way to position your brand character in the minds of your target audience.

Interactive Animation Video

This is an interesting type of animation video for the viewers. In this type of animation, viewers are in control of what happens and how the story ends. As they are in charge of what happens next, people find these videos interesting. We can make you creative interactive animation video with which you can make people aware of your product or any other thing. 

Demo Video

You can create demo video of how to do anything to educate your customers about something. This is a brilliant way to show people how to use an app, or how something works. Demo videos help people understand and memorize that specific thing easily. We can create interesting demo videos about your product or service so that you can instruct your audience to do something.

Live Action Video with Animation

This is not fully animation video. In this type of video, you and your team come in front of the camera and tell your story. While telling your story, we can add animations in those to bring out a super catchy video that attracts people. With the help of our animation, we make your live action videos more meaningful and significant.

Get Animated Explainers Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Our Medium of Animated explainers

We focus on creating animated explainers is two ways. These are-

Whiteboard Animation

In this medium or style, it seems like someone is drawing the contents on a whiteboard. It uses very simple graphics to explain many complex things. This is an interesting way to explain things because whiteboard animations are versatile and memorable. For introducing a new thing, explaining an idea or creating a summary- whiteboard explainer video is an effective way to communicate people. 

2D Animation

2D animation is a popular way to communicate things or deliver pure entertainment. It was seen in TV shows only. But, nowadays, it is being used widely for advertising and other purposes. We have different software to create 2D animations to serve your purpose. Creating 2D animations needs a lot of expertise, and we have all of those. So, we’re able to deliver what you want.

Uses of Animated Explainers in Your Business

Besides marketing purpose, animation can be used for many other purposes in your business. Below are the purposes for which you can use animated explainers in your business.

Explain Your Business

When your business is new and your target people need to know about your business, animated explainers can be a great way to make them understand. With the help of a short animation video of 60 to 90 seconds, you can explain your business, goal and mission to your audience. Business explainer videos are a great way to reach people. 

Explain Your Product or Service

When bringing a new product or service in the market, you can use animated explainers to educate your customers about the product or service. Animation is interesting and it explains things easily. So, to let your target people know about your new offer, animated product explainer videos work great. 

Explain a Process

Any process related to your business can be explained with the help of animated explainers. For example- this helps you to train your customers to use your app or website. Animated explainers are more effective than flowchart or other methods when you’re teaching something how to go through a process.

Awareness Video

You can use animated explainers to create awareness video as a part of your Corporate Social Activity. Animated videos attract people and get higher reach. So, this is a great way if you want to build awareness among people. In the end, it’ll spread the name of your brand or business too. 

What We Do

Character and Scene Creation

For your video, we design characters needed and also create scenes related to the concept. Our graphic and animation experts work together to design and create suitable characters and scenes to convey your message. While doing this, if the script permits, we design the character in a way so that it represents your business.


We create animations according to the script or guideline you provide. This takes place after creating the character and scenes. The animation is done to completely express the script and fulfil the reason behind creating the animated explainer. While making the animated video, we cater it with necessary graphics elements.

Professional Voiceover (Male and Female)

We have professional voiceover artists who’ll add voices to the characters. We have both male and female voiceover artists. So, if your script contains conversations, we can handle that too. Animations with background voices or conversations tend to be more fruitful comparing to those with no voiceover. 

Sync Your Own Voiceover

If you’re interested to add your own voiceover to the animation, we have space for that too. Record your voiceover as a professional and clean audio and send that to us. Thus, you can explain your business, product or service to your target group, in your voice. This is a great way to reach the nearest position of your customers.

Background Music

Background music plays a great role in the effectiveness of the animation. It subtly attracts the attention of the viewers and makes them stay till the end of the video. So, choosing a quality and attractive background music is a must. We have access to numerous background songs from which we pick the best one that goes with your video.

Implementation of Your Logo and URL

You’re making the video for your organization. So, having your logo and website URL is a must. But unnatural implementation of your business identity can result in losing attention of people. So, you need to place your brand identity subtly. We implement your logo, URL and other brand identities in a way so that it seems relevant. 

Why Choose Us?

The members of our team are working with animations for more than 5 years. We’ve gone through a lot of projects within this time and we know how to design and create a video. We have our style, depth in research and a number of complete projects. You can’t ignore the experience we have and the output we provide. 

Making our clients happy is our prime focus. So, we revise the animated content until you’re satisfied. Also, in different stages, we take your feedback and make changes according to that feedback from you. Thus, we ensure that the final output makes you happy. If you’re not, worry not. We provide unlimited revision until we make you happy with the output.

When we commit a specific delivery date, we keep our focus on finishing the project within that delivery date and deliver it to you. Our animation creating process follows a strict timeline to ensure on-time delivery. As a result, we don’t miss deadlines typically. The risk of missing delivery date is very rare, only if sudden situation arises.

Our team is consisted of experts in different fields of creating an animation video. So, we can ensure quality while working on your project. All our team members are expert and experienced in their own fields. As a result, the work that comes out because of our effort is something that can blow your mind. We guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Our animation explainer packages are priced reasonable considering the effort our team members have to give to create an animation video. As a result, you’ll get your work done with quality and save some bucks also by avoiding the overpriced animation providers. Our packages include everything. So, you won’t have to spend bucks other than the package price. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: The cost mainly depends on the length of the video. Also, the number of characters and scenes, the need for voiceover, complexity and some other things affect the price of the explainer. Typically, a 60 to 90 seconds animated explainer can cost you around 1000-2000 USD. It also varies depending on the explainer video services from which you’re buying the explainer. 

Answer: Creating an animated explainer is a long and complex task. It has a lot of parts, including- character and scene design, script, voiceover, animation itself, background music etc. Making all these and combining as a video is a long and tiring task. We always have to put the effort of the whole team to bring out the best output. That’s why animated explainers are costly. However, if you compute the return for the cost and compare with regular video, you’ll see that animated explainers can bring you more ROI.

Answer: To get a huge engagement from your explainer videos, you should focus on the script and storyline. It should be funny because animation reminds us about something interesting. Also, the quality of the animation matters. Lastly, you should share the animated video in your social media platforms. If it is interesting enough the grab the attention, people will share it and it’ll get reach as you expected. 

Answer: Different types of explainer videos have different ways to spread. If the video is made focusing on your current customers, you should post it in your social media platforms. Also, you can send the video through email to your customers. If the video is made for getting customers, it is better to share the video in different related groups. If you make the video for social awareness, you should ask people to share it to spread awareness. No matter what is the reason, you must publish it in your website and social media platforms. 

Answer: It depends on what you want. Depending on the number of character, length of the video, number of scenes, the script and such other factors- the time varies. We typically take 15 office days for a 60 second explainer video. But with change of your different need, it varies. So, let us know your need, and then we’ll tell you how long it’ll take to be delivered.

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