Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Get your Blogger website migrated to WordPress with our Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

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More about Our Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Our Blogger to WordPress Migration Service is for them who want to break the limits and maintain a self-hosted blog or website. There are many benefits of migrating to a self-hosted CMS like WordPress, we’re going to talk about those a bit later. 

Our team is consisted of experienced WordPress developers who can do the migration for you and set everything in your new platform in exchange of a small service fee. So, if you don’t have time to spend in the migration. Let us do the task for you. 

We transfer your Blogger site to WordPress and fix necessary issues which are needed to run the WordPress website properly. As a result, you get your old website in hand, with a new CMS and full control over the site.

Why Choose WordPress over Blogger?

There are many reasons for which you should migrate to WordPress from Blogger. As you are moving, you must know those. But still, let us remind those for you. Maybe those’ll help to make you a quick decision.

WordPress Gives You the Control

WordPress allows you to have full control over the site. On the other hand, in Blogger, you won’t get the control. Control over the website will allow you to modify the site, add or delete resources and do many more things. So, we think, moving to WordPress from Blogger is a great idea if you have some investment. 

WordPress has Resources Available

For WordPress websites, you’ll find there are so many resources available in the internet. You’ll get a lot of plugins, themes, tutorials and so on. This’ll make using WordPress easier for you. Blogger doesn’t have this much vast resource available for you. So, if you face any problem while maintaining the WordPress website, you know there is a vast support for you.

WordPress Websites are Changeable

When you are in WordPress, you can customize your website according to your need. This is not possible in Blogger. As you have limited control over your site in Blogger, you can’t make required changes when needed. So, if you want flexibility to change your site according to your need, WordPress is the platform to go for. 

WordPress is SEO Friendly

If you want to get the maximum out of your site, reaching to the target audience is important. SEO is the thing that can take you to your targeted audiences. WordPress websites are more SEO friendly comparing to sites made in Blogger. So, to use your site to generate profit or other benefit, switching to WordPress from Blogger is a good decision to make. 

There are hundred more reasons for which you should transfer your site from Blogger to WordPress. We’ve talked about some of the main reasons only. We hope these are enough to help you make a quick decision.

Blogger to WordPress Migration Service plans

We have a few packages designed for this migration service. Depending on your need and budget, you are always welcome to pick one. But we recommend picking the one that covers almost everything. That’ll save a few bucks of you. 

What We Do

Migrating your Blogger website to WordPress might not be a very tough task to do, but we go an extra mile for you so that you get a site in hand that is like the previous one but better in many aspects. Let’s see a few of the things we do in this Blogger to WordPress Migration Service.

We set up WordPress using your domain and hosting that are purchased previously. Setting up WordPress allows us to have a new website where all your data and information will be migrated. While doing this, we also check the technical sides so that the new site interests search engine as well as visitors. 

We take all your blog posts from Blogger to the new WordPress websites. We do this is a way so that you don’t lose Google ranking. As a result, you are not losing your organic visitors who are coming from search engines. Also, we make sure that in this process, you are not losing anything, including your data and post structure. 

We also transfer everything else to your new site including social shares, comments etc. Also, we make sure that you don’t lose your URL structure. It helps your recurring traffic to visit your new website without any problem. We ensure no data loss while doing this. Our experts do the whole thing, so don’t worry about it. 

We are not the service who leaves you with the site when you don’t know what to do. After completing the transfer process, we install some necessary plugins in your site that help you to run your WordPress website without hassles. We only use plugins that are dependable. So, you have no worry of being affected by those.

We make basic changes that make your site SEO friendly. Because of this, your on-page and off-page SEO strategies will bring more value for your site. The changes include some technical SEO and some basic on-page SEO. But if you want, you can buy our Technical SEO and On-page SEO service for your site after we handover it to you. 

We also look after some more basic things to polish your website after migrating it to the WordPress platform. So, you are getting a site which is far better than your previous Blogger site.

Our Process

We follow a strict process to migrate Blogger website to WordPress. The process allows us to bring out a quality WordPress website within the time limit. Check our process.

Collecting Domain and Hosting

After you make the order, we contact you and collect the domain and hosting from you. If you haven’t buy domain and hosting yet, we can help you with buying those. After that we install WordPress website using the domain and hosting where your Blogger website will be migrated.

Transferring the Blog Posts

After that, we transfer the posts at first. In this process, we remain careful so that we don’t lose any port. Before transferring, we keep a backup. That helps us to recover your post if it is lost in the transferring process. Normally we don’t lose data. But we keep back up just to be in the safe zone. 

Transferring Other Data

After transferring the posts, we migrate other data like social shares, comments, interactions etc. We use two steps to transfer the data because transferring everything at a time may create a mess. So, we use two different steps for two different types of data. 

Polishing the Site

After transferring the data, the task is complete. But we don’t want to leave you alone with a site that you can’t operate. So, we polish the site, for example- we install basic plugins, and check basic SEO features, before delivering the project. Once everything is done, we handover the site to you. 

Why Choose Us

This is the main question of people who are looking for a service to purchase. You may have the question in mind too. We know that and this is so normal. That’s why we’ve prepared an answer to this question for you. Know the reasons behind choosing us. 

After getting your WordPress website, you may need different services like on-page SEO, security check and many others. We provide all those WordPress services that you’ll need later. So, you won’t have to run after other service providers. To us, you’ll find everything under one roof. As our frequent client, you’ll get a decent amount of discount too. So, wouldn’t you choose us for the migration service?

If you let us do the work for you, you’ll get the site ready within our promised time. Our experts check your site and calculate how long we need to do the full operation. Then we communicate the time we need to complete the project. As a result, we can complete and deliver the task within our promised time. We don’t make any fake promise and keep you wait for a long time saying we need more time. 

Unlike most other services out there, we are not leaving you. We know that sudden migration to WordPress from Blogger can be a confusing situation for you as you are going to a new platform. That’s why we have 15 days after-sales support for you which covers you with any help regarding operating WordPress website. If you have any question, you can knock us to get expert help anytime (except weekends).

The whole process of migrating to WordPress from Blogger is performed by our experts. Also, we keep a backup of your site before starting the migration. So, you are not losing any data while the migration is happening. If any accident happens, the backup is still there to have your back. Thus, you’re getting everything in your new WordPress website that was in your previous website on Blogger. 

Our migration packages are prices reasonably so that you don’t have to exceed your budget. We are offering migration as well as setting up the basic things in your WordPress website. So, we are going an extra mile if you compare with other service providers. If you think of that and check our packages, you’ll see that the packages are priced reasonably. 

Questions you may have in mind

Below here are some frequently asked questions which are not answered in the above discussion. Take a look on these if you have any question in mind.

Answer: In case of migration service, we try to take 1 day to complete the process. But if your site is really huge, it may take 2 days to perform the whole thing, including polishing your new site. After checking you site, we can tell exactly how much time is needed. 

Answer: We like it if you pay the full amount while ordering. But if it is not possible for you, you can still order. Pay 50% or more of the package price and we’ll start working. But you’ll have to pay the rest before getting the website in hand.

Answer: Our packages don’t contain domain and hosting. But if you want, we can buy those for you. In that case, you need to pay the price of domain and hosting separately as these are not included. 

Answer: If there is a problem caused by us, or a gap in our service, we’ll fix that for you under our after sales service. In that case, you’ll have to communicate within 15 days of getting the site in hand. If the problem is not caused by us, that won’t fall under the after sales service.

Answer: No. We don’t have any money back guarantee for this service. We serve what you need here, a fully migrated WordPress website. If there is any problem, we’ll fix it. But we don’t guarantee any cash back after the thing is done. 

Answer: Yes, we can. You can order the migration service for multiple sites. Each of our packages is for a single website. So, you’ll have to order separately for each website. If you have order for more than 5 sites, you’ll get a discount too. 

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