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Who We Are

We are a 360-degree website solution team with SEO as our expertise. We offer a lot of SEO backlink services and other SEO services. Besides these, you’ll get web design and development services from us. 4-5 years ago, we teamed up and started the journey of Dotmirror intending to deliver quality service at a low price.

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Our experts are here waiting to support you in building a good SEO profile for your casino and similar websites. You can depend on us for casino PBN backlink service without any hesitation.

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Our Process

Why PBN Backlinks are Important?

Do you offer PBN backlink service for all types of niches along with casinos?

Our service is open for all types of niches that are considered risky. So, casino is not the only option. We work with any other sites that are not typically backed by many service providers. SO, come to us for any type of SEO support for any niche.

Tell me more about the article you write to post the anchor.

The articles are designed and created by our in-house article writers. They are qualified as they’ve been working with articles for a long time. Each article is more than 500 words long, contains relevant information, and goes with the anchor properly. The article is also readable, error-free, and plagiarism-free. So, don’t bother about the condition of the article we write for your anchor.

Can I provide the article?

Yes, you can provide the article. But it should go with some of our requirements. Also, you should allow us to make any modifications if needed. Or you can modify it by yourself according to our suggestion. We work in both ways. But we prefer to write the article for you.

How long do you take for a casino PBN backlink?

For a casino PBN backlink, we typically take 4 working days. We need a day to research and make a strategy, a day to write the content, and a day to publish it properly making sure everything is perfect. We keep another day in reserve, just in case anything happens.

So, you’ll get the link ready within 3/4 working days.

Is it possible to change the anchor or targeted URL?

Yes, but you need to hurry. If you want to change the anchor, you need to do this within two days of placing the order. After we write the article with the given article, sometimes it is tough to fit a new anchor in it. However, if the anchor is almost like the previous one, you have one more day to reach us.

To change the URL, you have one more day. You can reach us any time before we publish the article.

Can you do the keyword research for me?

Yes, we can find a suitable anchor keyword for you. We have a strong keyword research team who can do this for you. We can find the perfect anchor to link your website. But you should spend some additional bucks for that.

Do you guarantee improvement?

As SEO depends on a lot of things, we can’t guarantee improvement just depending on quality SEO PBN backlinks. If you take several types of backlinks from us or allow us to handle the SEO part of your website, we can guarantee improvement. Otherwise, we can guarantee quality only, not the result. However, our links won’t put a negative impact on your site, for sure.

How long do the links stay?

We can’t guarantee that the links would stay forever. In the case of these sites, we guarantee that the links will stay for 6 months at least. If any link is wiped before 6 months, we’ll replace it.

In some cases, the links stay forever. So, you’ll keep receiving the benefit for a long time.