Chicago Technical SEO Consultant

Your SEO efforts can go in vain if you don’t fix the technical issues. A lot of technical and security tidbits are there on your website that should be taken care of. Otherwise, no matter how much you spend on on-page and off-page SEO, a good result won’t last long. 

That’s why we offer our technical SEO service. 

Chicago is the third most populated city in the US. Because of the diversification in the economy, this city has one of the most balanced economies in the world. If you can’t maximize your ROI even after having business in such a city, you have a long way to go. 

The good news is- we can help you with this. 

Who We Are

Our company dotmirror, is a team of SEO experts helping businesses and websites to maximize their ROI by optimizing the websites for search engines. You’ll get all types of SEO solutions from us- from keyword research to local SEO.

We started with the aim of ensuring maximum client satisfaction in the SEO industry. SEO is not a steady thing. But up to now, we’ve satisfied most clients through our service. There is no hidden trick. We try our best to bring the exact result our clients expect. 

Our journey started around five years ago. We’re continuing the service and hoping to continue satisfying our clients for many more years. If you require assistance in anything regarding the SEO of your website, you know where to go. 

Details about Our Chicago Technical SEO Service

Load Speed

Your website’s pages might take some time to load. But if this is too long, visitors won’t wait for it because people don’t have much time nowadays. Also, search engines don’t like websites with slow loading speeds. 

So, while working on your technical SEO, we check the load time first and improve it if there is scope. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Maximum internet users use mobile phones nowadays to search for things on the internet and browse through websites. So, search engines prioritize websites with mobile responsiveness. You should build a mobile-friendly website if you want your target audience to find you in search results.

We can help you with improving the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Image and Design Optimization

Visitors love to browse websites with catchy images and visitor-friendly designs. Search engines love websites where visitors stay for a long time. You know what I mean.

So, our experts examine your website and suggest techniques to improve the images and design of your website. 

Link Optimization

Even linking your content and other websites has an impact on SEO too. If you properly link your content and avoid broken links, search engines will love it. 

That’s why, through our technical SEO service, we check your website’s internal, external, and broken links and fix those to rank better. 

Meta Information

Meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags are important parts of SEO. Meta information helps search engine crawlers to know exactly what your web pages contain. So, utilizing these options is necessary for a position in search results. 

We can help you with keyword-optimized meta information and everything regarding these. 

Duplicate Content

Your website might generate duplicate contents which you may not know. Also, you might produce some duplicate content for some reason. 

No matter what the reason is, search engines don’t like such content. So, we look for duplicate content and erase or hide those from your website while handling technical SEO issues. 


The sitemap is a way to educate search engine crawlers about the pages and contents of your website. One reason for not being able to rank is unstructured sitemaps or errors in them. 

We check your sitemap and fix it to a proper structure so that crawlers get a good idea about it and rank it better.

Google Penalties

Google’s penalty is a bad thing for your website. It affects the number of organic traffic negatively. Several reasons might be responsible for this. The worst thing is- surviving a penalty takes a long time. 

When serving our technical SEO service, we check and erase if there is any scope of penalties. 


This is another technical element most website owners overlook. In fact, most of them don’t even know about it. It has a direct impact on the performance and ranking of your website. 

Our experts take good care of it by solving the issues associated with it. 


Security of the site is crucial. If your and your visitors’ data is unsafe, search engines don’t suggest your website in search results. You can apply basic security to your website through a few simple ways. 

Don’t worry. Our technical SEO team can handle everything. Just communicate with us for support. 

Reasons to Choose Our Service

Reasonable Pricing

Both our technical SEO audit and technical SEO service are priced reasonably. We aim to keep SEO as affordable as possible. New website owners struggle a lot with ranking their websites. We want to help them so that they can move forward without many problems. 

Quality Service

Though we’ve kept our service prices reasonable, we don’t settle for providing low-quality service. Our aim is to satisfy our clients by supporting their goals. That’s why we ensure high-quality service to all our clients. Compromising the quality is not what we do. 

On-time Delivery

Our technical SEO team handles everything very efficiently. So we can deliver the service within our promised time. We know how much workload we can afford. We try not to exceed that load. This is what helps us to ensure on-time delivery.

After-sales Service

We’ve kept the scope for reaching back to us if you see any problem with our service. Our after-sales support is activated for all our technical SEO services. So, you can communicate with us anytime if you have any complaints. We try our best to fulfill our clients through our service and after-sales support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer technical SEO audits? 

Yes, we offer a technical SEO audit service. In this service, we inspect all the technical parts of search engine optimization and look for issues. As per the result, we suggest you some steps to fix the problems. You can use that to improve your technical SEO.

Does my website need a technical SEO audit? I did it a year ago.

Yes, your website needs a technical SEO audit. An audit is required at least once every year. Things regarding SEO change a lot with time. An audit can help you to know the lackings in your current strategy. 

Get your technical SEO audited now. Our Chicago technical SEO consultants can help. 

How long do you take for technical SEO service?

Our technical SEO team typically needs around 7-8 workdays to check for and fix issues of a moderate-sized website. In the case of large websites, we take more than that. Don’t worry if it seems too long. We also offer quick service if you’re in a hurry. Let us know if you want it to be done quickly. 

So, What’s Next?

We think you’ve got enough information about our services. We’ve talked about what we offer and how we satisfy our clients.

If you think your website needs such assistance, you can come to us. We haven’t failed to satisfy our clients. You’ll also be satisfied seeing our service quality, we assure you. 

What do you think?