Convert HTML to WordPress Service

Convert HTML to WordPress Service

HTML to WordPress Conversion Service

Turn your static HTML pages into a dynamic and fully functional WordPress website

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About Our HTML to WordPress Conversion Service

If you want to convert your HTML pages into a fully functional and easily controllable WordPress website, we are here for you. Normally this conversion is very time consuming as well as needs too much patience. We don’t want you to go through this long and hectic process. That’s why we’ve introduced this service where you can do this whole process in return of a pocket friendly fee. 

We are a group of experienced web designers and developers working together to serve you in different aspects. We are dedicated to what we do, and dedication brings perfection, you know. So, you’ll be getting exactly what you are looking for. We are delivering our service as promised. As a result, we’ve got a strong base of satisfied clients.

Why do You Need to Convert HTML into WordPress?

There are so many benefits that WordPress offers over HTML. You might know those and that’s why you are here. But we think you won’t mind to check those reasons again. 

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is an easy to use CMS where you don’t need any advanced coding skill to manage. As a result, you can easily manage the contents. Also, as you won’t have to spend a lot of time in posting and managing contents, you’ll have enough time to give your attention to your products and customers. 

WordPress is Dynamic

Comparing to HTML, WordPress is far dynamic. You can easily update or change anything. On the other hand, HTML doesn’t allow you to make changes effortlessly. You’ll have to code a number of lines to bring expected changes. WordPress gives you dynamic options to change without coding a single line.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly. As a result, sites built by WordPress have chances to rank better comparing to sites from other platforms. When you convert your site to WordPress, your ranking will be improved and SEO will be easier for you. That’s what you need, I know, to rank higher and beat the competition.

WordPress has Huge Resources

While working with WordPress, you’ll find a huge number of plugins, themes and other helpful resources. Those will help to make your Website a better performer. The resources are available and you don’t have to search for a long time to find one. Also, you’ll always find alternatives. To get the benefit of a huge community, you need to convert to WordPress.

Get Convert HTML to Wordpres Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

What We Do

When you leave you HTML pages in our hand, we follow a simple yet effective process to turn those into WordPress site. Our expertise and dedication adds value to the process. And, in the end, we successfully deliver you a full fresh WordPress website just like your HTML one. Here is our process-

We want to deliver the project as you want. For that, we take considerable time to check the HTML codes you send us after placing order for the service. After we completely understand your requirements, we move forward for the next step. If we have any confusion, we reach to you and discuss the confusion to make things clear. Unless everything is clear, we don’t move forward. If we do this, the output won’t satisfy you. 

Once we’ve understand your requirements fully, we process to the development stage. In this stage we start developing the WordPress site following your HTML codes. We start from the common tasks and gradually go for the specified. You won’t have to worry about anything because we are doing what we know. We use easy codes so that you can modify with some intermediate coding when needed. 

Once the site is developed, we test whether everything is working perfectly or not. We look for bugs or any other harmful things. Besides these, to make the site fast and provide the visitors a good experience, we optimize the codes for search engines. If you ensure a smooth experience to the visitors, they’ll come back to your site time and again. So, we sometimes suggest some changes too. If you think those will work, we make the changes. 

Once development and checking is done, we deliver the site to you as soon as possible. We know that your time is important. So, we try our best to deliver the site within your preferred time. The site you’ll receive is full ready and you can start using it just after receiving it. However, you can reach us if any problem happens. We are here to support you. 

Why Choose Our Service

Comparing to most other services out there, you’ll find some differences in our html to WordPress Conversion service. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sit to compare now. We are telling why you need to choose our service over others. 

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery is our speciality. We don’t take a huge workload and then make our clients wait. Instead of that, we only take order as much as we’re capable of. As a result, we have earned the reputation of delivering the websites within our promised time. Nothing is flawless. We also have a few cases of delaying. But that percentage is very low. 

User-friendly Interface

Your website visitors are important to you, we know. So, we keep the site as much user-friendly as possible. For that, our developers use their experience of developing user-friendly websites. If any changes needed, we communicate that with you to get your feedback. According to your feedback, we decide whether we bring the change or not. 

Simple and Easy Codes

We don’t go for any complex codes while converting your html codes into WordPress. Our expert developers avoid the complex codes as  much as possible and use simple and easy codes to bring out exactly what you want. This allows you to bring changes when you need. All you need is to know some intermediate coding knowledge. 

Fully Functional Website

Instead of just converting the codes, we build you a fully functional and responsive website that you can start using right away. We are providing you a website from which you can bring out the maximum value. The sites we deliver are customizable, dynamic and changeable anytime depending on your need. 

Mobile-friendly Website

While converting to WordPress, we also code to keep the website mobile-friendly. More than 50% of internet users access internet through mobile phones. So, keeping the website accessible from mobile phones is important. We know that and we do that. Don’t worry. 

Up-to-date Technologies

The technologies, plugins and other supports we use to design your website are up-to-date and compatible to latest trends. So, you are getting a smooth site which is compatible with latest trends and technologies. This makes the site secure, speedy and SEO-friendly. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: Yes we can. In fact we do some basic changes by asking for your consent if necessary. If you have any changing request, we can do that too. But, depending on the type of change, you need to pay some additional amount. You can request that when ordering for the service. We’ll let you know how much you’ll have to pay extra for the change.

Answer: We want to deliver you the best quality site which ensures user-friendliness. So, we don’t leave any issues behind. However, if fixing the issue needs serious effort, we may charge some additional amount for that. It depends on you whether you want the issues fixed or not. But, from our end, we are always ready to deliver you want you want. We don’t have problems with that. 

Answer: The duration depends on the project itself. Depending on the complexity, type and the amount of pages, it varies. So, we are not answering with fixed time duration here. Before or after ordering, let us check your project. We’ll check the project, our availability and then we’ll tell you how many days we may take to complete the job. We don’t want to keep you waiting. So, before setting the deadline, we need to check everything related to it. 

Answer: Sure. If you want to build us a WordPress website from PSD document, we are open for that too. Our WordPress developers are expert in building WordPress website from the design you’ll provide. But, the charge differs when we are building the website from a PSD document. Show us and we’ll let you know how much would we charge for that. 

Answer: If you have an unfinished html and some PSD files and together those make a full website structure, we can make a WordPress website from those. In this case, the cost and duration will be dependent on the project. Knock us with the html codes and PSD files. We’ll see how we can adjust and charge an amount depending on that. 

Answer: Yes, you can hire someone who’ll dedicatedly work on your projects only. For that, let us know how many person you need and how much work you have. Depending on that, we’ll assign a part of our team to your tasks. 

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