Convert WordPress Site to Android App Service

Convert WordPress Site to Android App Service

WordPress to Android App Conversion Service

Create an awesome Android app for your website to make it easier to reach

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About Our WordPress to Android App Conversion Service

Converting your WordPress website into a mobile app allows you to provide the best experience for the mobile users. People are more likely to be interested in mobile apps over websites. So, building an android app from your WordPress website will be a good step for you. 

We can do this for you. We’ll create an android app for your users which will be easy to access and use. The app will be designed as the design of your website. Also the app will be fully responsive and easy to navigate. As a result, you’ll be able to ensure maximum comfort to your regular visitors who use android devices. 

For doing that, our team has experienced WordPress and Android developers who’ll carefully go through the process. You can trust on us with the task. We won’t dissatisfy you with our service quality. 

Why Create an Android App for Your Website

If your website has a number of visitors who visits the site regularly, an app can reduce the hassles for them. There are many reasons for which you may take the decision of creating an Android app for your site. Below are some-

Usability is a great positive side of an Android App. Comparing to websites, apps ensure better usability. As a result, if your visitors need to use your site daily, for example- keeping a regular track of something or daily shopping, it is better to provide an Android app to them instead of a website.

Comparing to the sites, even if it is a mobile-friendly one, Android apps provide better scope of interaction. A better interaction always ensures strong bond between two parties. So, if you want to make a better relationship with your visitors, an Android app will be a good solution. 

If you need to use the camera or access to the gallery of the user for some reason, browsers may not help you with that. But an app will make you able to do that easily. Thus, you can get better functionality in order to ensure better service to your visitors. 

With an Android app, you can ensure service even when the visitor doesn’t have an internet connection. Apps allow you to store the data locally and upload it when there is an internet connection. But in case of website, it is not possible. 

You can send your site users push notifications anytime you want that includes offers, ideas or anything else. Even if they are not using the site, you can send them the notification. But with a website, you can’t send them any notification if they are not in your site. 

Characteristics of the Android App We Design

To get the most out of your Android app, you need to develop an app with a lot of characteristics. We want your app to deliver you the maximum performance. So, we design the app with everything it needs to function properly. Below are some of the characteristics of the app we design for you.


The app we’ll make for your site will be simple yet efficient. It’ll have the ability to contain everything you have in your website so that the users don’t feel that they’re using something new. It’ll come with everything in a simpler presence. People now like simplicity more. So, it’ll be loved by the users.

Matching Interface

While making an Android app for your website, we make sure that the interface matches to the interface of your site. This’ll provide a feeling of closeness to your users. They won’t feel that they’ve switched to a whole new experience. However, the additional advantages will help them to enjoy better experience. 

Enhanced Security

Security is very important in case of any app. Especially when your app includes payment procedure in it, ensuring a tight security is a must. We ensure maximum security of the apps so that no data can be stolen from it. A secure app helps you to gather trust of the visitors. On the other hand, if the app is not secured, it’ll cause a lot of problems for you as well as the users.

Fast in Speed

Just like websites, people like the apps to be fast too. Providing them a slow app won’t help you to ensure a good service to your visitors. In that case, they’ll come back to the website version or maybe switch to your competitor’s app. That’s why we ensure a fast app that won’t make the users wait. Fast apps guarantee better user experience. 

Push Notifications

An advantage of turning your website visitors into mobile app users is the ability of sending push notifications. We don’t overlook this point. We make sure that the app comes with push notification feature which helps you to send necessary notifications to the users. Push notifications allow you to enhance the interaction between the app and the users.

Search Option

The app we design will contain search option which will help the users to find out exactly what they want. Search bar is a very important feature that many app avoid. We don’t avoid it because the website visitors have developed the habit of searching something when needed. So, they’ll definitely need search option in the app to get comfortable user experience. 

Get Convert WP to App Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us

There might be a question in your mind, “Will it be a good decision if I depend on you?” Well, the answer is, “Yes”. If you want to know the reasons, take a look below. We’ve shown a few reasons for which believing on us is a good decision to make. 

While serving our clients, we are always concerned about the time we take. Keeping you waiting is not the thing we want to do. So, we ensure fast delivery. We try our best to deliver the service within our promised time. Also, while trying to deliver as fast as possible, we don’t compromise the quality of our service. 

No matter what service we provide, we make sure that the service remains budget-friendly. We evaluate the quality of our service and compare that with other similar type of services. Then we check the prices that others are charging. At last, we design our packages and prices in a way so that we ensure value for each buck you are spending.

Our team members are expert at what we do. So, when you are letting us handle a project, you’re sure to get a quality service from us. Most members of our team are in this field for more than 5 years. So, we’ve got skill and knowledge along with expertise and experience. These help us to deliver a quality service to our clients.

To ensure better experience for our clients, we have after-sales service policy. According to the policy, you can reach us with any problem regarding the app within 10 days after getting it delivered. Our experts will check and fix it accordingly. We don’t want you to take the stress of maintaining an app that has problems left in it. So, we don’t forget you after delivering the service. 

We make the app focusing on your targeted audience. We keep the design matching to your site. Also, we make sure that everything else is also designed as per your site. Thus, we deliver you an Android app especially tailored for you. The app will have its own significance just like your website has.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: Yes, we need access to your website for this service. But you can depend on us about the safety of your data and information. We don’t share anything with any third party. Your trust is what we need. For that, we ensure 100% safety of your information. 

Answer: This is not a very long process. Again, this can be a long process if your site has huge data and information. Also, we need some time to polish the app too. So, overall, assuming the duration is not possible before checking your site. Normally we don’t take a long time for this. 

Answer: The package prices are not negotiable. We’ve tried our best to provide maximum support within the budget. So, we can’t negotiate the price. But, we still have some offers for our recurring clients. If you are our recurring client who has purchased our service earlier, you’ll get a discount on the package price.

Answer: Yes. You need to pay while ordering the service. You can pay the full, which we recommend. But you have the option to pay half or more than that while ordering and the rest before receiving the site. Don’t worry. We’ll deliver an app that is worth the investment. 

Answer: Yes, you can order for multiple sites. Each package is designed for a single website. So, you’ll have to order separately. However, if you order WordPress to Android app conversion service for three or more websites, you’ll get a discount. 

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