Custom WordPress Web Design Service

If you’re looking for a custom WordPress website as per your need, this is the exact place you should reach. Get your website designed and developed by our Custom WordPress Web Design Service.

We have experts in our team who would design and build custom WordPress websites according to your demand. Try our service once.

Who We are


We, known as Dotmirror, are a bunch of WordPress design and development experts who are building WordPress websites and handling all types of WordPress problems for a long time.

So, you are in the right place. As we are working for a long time on this platform, we can provide you with the best experience of working with a WordPress design and development service.

What We Do for You

Designing According to Your Need

Our designers design PSD files that represent the interface of your website. The whole process is done through continuous communication with you so that we don’t miss a single thing. The color, design, fonts etc. are used depending on your business logo and other communication materials. So, you’re getting something that matches your mission, vision and outlook.

Developing the Site

After your site is designed, now it is time for our developers to start action. They build up a WordPress website depending on the design that our designers have done. While developing, our developers use light codes to keep the site lightweight as well as simple. Also, we create a mobile-friendly interface for your site so that mobile users don’t face any problem.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an important part of optimizing your website for search engines. Our experts keep eyes on the technical issues while developing the site so that your site becomes SEO friendly. Technical SEO helps your site to get the most out of on-page and off-page SEO. As a result, you can rank better if you have technical SEO parts of your site fixed.

Speed Optimization

Website loading speed has an impact on SEO and clients’ behaviour towards your website. Sites that take a long time to load are not liked by the search engines as well as the traffic. The result is not good for the site. That’s why while developing your site, we make sure that your site is lightweight and speed is optimized. We ensure the minimum possible load time of your pages.

Set Up Necessary Plugins

To run your site properly, you’ll need a few plugins. Plugins are of different types and you’ll be confused seeing so much plugins available for WordPress. Also, all the plugins are not safe for your site, some are scam too. We install all the necessary plugins so that you don’t face any issue depending on a fake or scam plugin.

And so on…

These are not all. There are a lot more things we do to provide you a fully functioning and user-friendly website. We also provide an after sales support to help you in handling the site in the primary stages.

Our Process

Designing and developing a website is a long task. This needs proper communication and a huge amount of work. So, we follow a specific process to bring out the whole thing. Let’s see what we do.

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of reasons for which you can depend on us for designing and developing your site. Below are some of those reasons. Don’t ignore these.

Frequently asked questions

Haven’t got your answer? Contact our support team.

How long do you take to design and develop a website fully?

Answer: It depends on exactly what you want. Normally we take 10-15 business days. If you want, we can do that within less time too. Depending on your expectation, the time expands. Also, if it takes long time than usual to communicate your expectations, the time exceeds the promised time. There are so many variants. So, we can’t promise a fixed duration now. Let us see your expectation and then we can tell it.

Are domain and hosting included?

Answer: No, our website design package doesn’t include domain and hosting. If you want us to buy these for you, we can do that. But for that, you’ll have to pay the price of domain and hosting before we buy those for you.

Are the prices negotiable?

Answer: Our package prices are set keeping basic structures in mind. Depending on the nature of your site, it may increase or decrease. However, if you order more than 3 websites, you’ll get a discount. Also, we have discount policy for our recurring clients.

Do you have after sales service?

Answer: Yes, we have. For our Custom WordPress Design Service, we offer 15 days after-sales service. If you find any problem within these 15 days after receiving the site, reach us with your complain. We’ll fix the issue right away. But, if you make any issue and reach us with that, that won’t be covered with our after-sales service. However, you can always reach to us with any difficulties you face regarding maintaining the site.