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Our experienced team combines creative content, data-driven strategies, and cutting-edge technology to create and execute effective e-mail marketing campaigns. From personalized newsletters to automated drip campaigns, we tailor our services to suit your business goals and target audience.

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Who We Are

We are a group of digital marketing and advertising professionals who can help you with online marketing and advertising of your product or service.

Among our services, e-mail marketing is one through which we help our clients to build personal relationships with their target audience to get return in future. For that, we have a number of professional e-mail marketers in our team who brings out effective strategies and make those to work efficiently. Thus our e-mail marketing service helps our clients to gather loyal customers and gain better sales.

Our team is dedicated to deliver a professional service to our clients, ensuring that there will be no hassles. We’ve working in this field for a long time, and we know how e-mail marketing works. So, we hope, we can bring you the best benefit out of your investment in e-mail marketing.

How Our E-mail Marketing Service Helps Your Business to Grow

We divide you target audience into different segments based on their interests and activities. Then, we design e-mails differently for each of the groups. Thus we ensure better focus and more personalized touch in the e-mails we send to your audience. We have a lot of scopes to personalize the e-mails to get closer to your audience and convert them into sales.

While designing the e-mails, we make sure that those hold the signs of your brand clearly and significantly. In the visuals and the writings, we put your brand name and other identities to enter into their subconscious minds. Thus, we ensure a better brand awareness which results in sales in future. 

A good e-mail is always appreciated. Besides of sending e-mails that directs the customers to the product or service, we also send e-mail that adds value, tells your story and express how you care your customers. These contents along with personalized and targeted communication help you to get closer to your customers and strengthen the relationship.

When your business is pretty big and you have a lot of customers, it is almost impossible to reach to all of them regularly through phone. But through e-mail, we help you to reach to all of your customers who have agreed and allowed you permission to communicate with them time to time. Thus we help you to strengthen relationship with all your customers. 

While sending e-mails to your potential customers, we make sure that the contents are designed to bring them to your websites. We provide relevant links with the contents and make sure that the contents are enough to drive people through the links. Also, we add social sharing buttons so that they can share the contents in their social medias. This is another way to grab more focus and increase traffic.

What We Do for You?

Creating a Professional E-mail Address

A professional e-mail address builds trust in the minds of the receivers. So, having an e-mail address that seems professional and attractive is necessary. For your e-mail marketing, we can create a professional e-mail address containing your domain name of business name. If you already have one, we can also work with that.

Collecting Leads from Your Website Visitors

To build an e-mail list to whom you need to send your offers, we collect e-mail addresses from the visitors of your website. For that, we design and ad opt-in forms in your site through which we offer an attractive package for the visitors in exchange of their e-mail address and consent to receiving e-mails from you. There are many other ways through which we collect e-mails.

Designing and Developing Meaningful E-mails

Designing meaningful e-mails is important. If the content of the e-mail doesn’t excite or attract the receiver or if they don’t find it meaningful and useful, you won’t receive the advantages of your e-mail marketing strategy. We have our in-house content strategist and graphic designers who plan and develop attractive and valuable offerings for your audience.

Measuring Performance and Acting Accordingly

We collect necessary data, information and insights regularly and measure the performance of the e-mail marketing campaigns. Depending on the performance, we proceed further. If the result is satisfactory, we continue the campaigns. If the result is not satisfactory, we focus on polishing the offers as well as the contents.

Setting up Essential Tools

E-mail marketing requires a number of tools and software. For our e-mail marketing service, we use most efficient tools in the industry. For you, we set up those tools accordingly and interconnect those where connection is required. The tools we use are safe and smooth. So, you won’t have to face any hassle or miss a single customer.

Sending E-mails

After setting up everything, now it is time to send the e-mails to your potential and regular customers. We send them e-mails already designed targeting different segment of your customers. While sending the e-mails, we make sure that each of your customers and potential customers receive the mail. 

Scheduling E-mails

Depending on the time of people being most active in internet and some other factors, we make schedule for sending the e-mails. We focus on the times when the rate of opening the e-mails is high. We’ve worked in this field for a long time. So, we have insight about the receivers’ behaviour and other factors. Depending on those, we prepare the schedule.

Cleaning the E-mail List Regularly

We clean the e-mail list on a regular basis. In this process, we remove the e-mail addresses that are not in use, don’t open your mails or avoid your e-mails continuously. Doing this help your e-mail marketing campaign to be more efficient. Keeping people who don’t want your e-mails will simply increase your cost, not revenue.

Overall, we handle the whole e-mail marketing segment for you.

Types of Newsletters Our Writers Can Write for You

Newsletters are of different types and the intentions behind those are also different. No matter what type of newsletter you need, our professionals can assist you with that. Below are some of the most common types of newsletters our writers work on.

This is the most common type of newsletter which is sent to the clients with an intention of providing value and enhancing brand awareness. This type of newsletter contains a number of information, typically written as a blog, containing an intention of getting commercial gain.

This type of newsletter is sent to the clients with a clear intention of selling or promoting any product or service. It is generally designed with some influencing words and attractive images so that customers become attracted to the offer. A call to action button is a must in this type of newsletter.

This type of newsletter focuses on neither promotion nor product showcasing. Rather, it focuses on building communication with the reader. A small chitchat on a friendly-tone is everything that is needed for this newsletter. Generally it is sent as the voice of someone from the top management.

You might have already understood the intention of this newsletter seeing the name. This type of newsletter is sent to make the relationship stronger. When you invite a customer to a program, for example- a new product presentation, a webinar or an event, they feel themselves closer to your brand. It boosts up the loyalty quickly.

You can send a newsletter to your customers focusing on an occasion, such as- mother’s day, Halloween or any other occasion. This type of newsletter is also used to build customer relationship that can be converted into sales later. Sending a card with some catchy wish brings a smile for sure. 

There are more types of newsletters you may need. No matter what you need, let us know. Our writers will deliver the exact thing you want.

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We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

In our team, we have e-mail marketing experts with a long experience. The team synergy among us is really cool. Also, for each part of the whole e-mail marketing process, we have our in-house graphic expert, lead generation professionals and other necessary hands. So, from us, you can expect a skilled and professional e-mail marketing service.

Our e-mail marketing service comes in a pocket-friendly price range. We use professional and paid tools, our team members are skilled, and our service quality is top-notch. You’ll get all of these within a pocket-friendly price from us. Compare with other e-mail marketing service providers in the market and you’ll see the difference.

Unlike many other services out there, we focus on designing and developing quality e-mail marketing strategy. Hence, we are not irritating your audience, we are delivering value to them which they want. Also, our marketing strategy focuses of attractive and catchy visuals for the marketing campaigns. Using our experience and expertise, we try our best to ensure quality.

We focus on delivering the value people want through e-mails. So, our e-mail marketing strategy focuses on the customers. We manage to bring out better ROI because when you’ll satisfy your customers, they’ll come back to you again and again. Thus, we focus on the customers primarily to bring out better ROI in near future.

Besides e-mail marketing, if you need any other support in other types of marketing, we can help you with those too. We are expert in digital marketing and advertising and providing other advertising services to our clients too. Hence, for any type of support regarding your digital marketing and advertising, you can knock us.

Why Choose Our Professional Newsletter Writing Service?

Up to this point, we’ve talked about the ways our newsletter writers can help you. But you might be still in confusion about choosing us. If so, below are the reasons for which you should pick us.

Reasonable Price

Our professional newsletter writing service comes at a reasonable price compared to other services you’ll find in the market. We deliver quality within a reasonable price range. So, if you’re running on a low budget, you can feel free to knock us for this service. We’ve got your back. 

Carefully Picked Writers

Our writers are carefully picked from a lot of applications we receive every day. At first, we check the applications and pick some writers who seem to be good to write. After that, they are taken through 3-4 steps to make sure that only the perfect ones are selected. We don’t compromise the quality.

Better than Average

While selecting the writers, we try our best to pick those who are better than average writers. To ensure quality and a unique approach, above average writers help a lot by providing above average contents. Our selection process includes manually checking the writers so that we can find who are extraordinary.

Specific Writers for Specific Niche

We have writers in different niches. As a result, there is a huge scope that we can get you a writer who is skilled in your specific niche. This will help you to get a better quality newsletter that a non-expert couldn’t create for you. An expert can express better than other writers, right?

Questions you may have in mind

Answers: We prefer serving the whole e-mail marketing for you. But if you need help at a specific part of your e-mail marketing strategy, you can ask for it too. Depending on the availability of our team members, we can help you in such case too. 

Answer: Yes, if you want, you can. Typically we take help from our in-house designers to design the visuals. If you have any opinion, you can help us with that. But if you want to design the visuals by your own designer, we have scope for those too. However, before designing the visuals, we ask you to take our opinions.

Answers: Though social media marketing and other marketing mediums have evolved a lot, still the effectiveness of e-mail marketing hasn’t gone down. It is more customized and personalized way of marketing that creates direct connection with the viewers. So, still it has the ability to deliver value and build relationship and awareness with the audience. 

Answer: When you order for our service, we assign one of our experts to design and handle your e-mail marketing campaigns. This doesn’t mean that only that person will work for you. While preparing your campaigns, he/she takes assistance from other people from our team too. So, don’t think that your campaigns are handled by a single person. Our full team is putting the effort for you.

Answers: We charge a specific amount monthly as the price of our packages. While putting the order, you need to make the payment and then we start working. If you continue for the next months, you should make the payment before each month starts. 

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