Google Knowledge Panel Service

Google Knowledge panel Service

Enhance Your Online Presence with a
Google Knowledge Panel

Among a lot of tools from Google, Google Knowledge Panel can help your brand to reach more people by enhancing brand visibility. Get your Google Knowledge Panel from us and enjoy the improved engagement with target customers. We can arrange this for you in a way so that you can enjoy maximum benefit from it.

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Why is Google Knowledge Panel Important?

It Improves the Visibility of Your Brand or Business

When you have a Google Knowledge Panel account, your information is being shown to people who are looking for anything related to that. This is a separate section with specific signs. As a result, it can attract people easily. 

Seeing something highlighted, people using the search engine tend to check that. Thus, your brand or business becomes more visible to people.

It Educates People about Your Brand or Business

For a KP, you need to submit a lot of information about your brand or business. Once the panel is set up, it includes all the basic information people might need about it.  Thus, it allows you to easily educate people with common information about the business or brand. 

As a result, brand recognition also increases a lot. More people know your brand and a lot about it.

It Increases the Engagement

When your brand or business is highlighted by the search engine, people tend to be more interested in that. If anyone finds it interesting, they click on it and check what you’re offering. Thus, Knowledge Panel increases user engagement. 

As your business is being shown in the search panel, there is a chance to grab a lot of potential customers who don’t know about the business. They visit your website, look for what you do, and stay connected if you can grow interest in them.

It Helps to Improve Sales and Profit

Spending on Knowledge Panel brings you a huge benefit by increasing sales. As it improves the visibility of your brand or business, increases user engagement, and ensures that it is a trustworthy place, people often focus on buying products or services you’re offering. Also, a lot of potential customers can turn into regular customers. 

Thus, having your own Google Knowledge Panel can help you to enjoy a visible increase in sales and profit.

It Helps to Strengthen Your SEO

Having a Google Knowledge Panel means having another place where your business or brand is present. As your online presence is an important part of SEO, it helps you to rank better than your competitors. 

When anyone searches for anything related to it in Google, Google checks the Knowledge Panel too to find a dependable suggestion for the person who has searched. If your brand is present there, Google presents it in the search results. 

It Helps to Improve Trustworthiness

People trust what Google suggests because it has the ability to present the most authentic and dependable results of any search. So, anything suggested by Google has a positive impact on the minds of people. 

When your brand, business, or you are in the Google Knowledge Panel and it is shown to the people who are searching for related information, they choose to trust it. Thus, having a Knowledge Panel account can make you, your business, or your brand trustworthy to people.

Try Our Service because…

We are Team Dotmirror, a team of helpful and expert people offering different types of website services including website designing and developing services and SEO. We aim to establish a platform where people can enjoy any service regarding building and maintaining a website. 

Google Knowledge Panel service is one of the newest services we offer. If you think you want to avail the benefits of a knowledge Panel, let us know. We’ll set everything up for you. 

The Process We Follow

We have several packages for the Google Knowledge Panel service. When you pick one, provide the information we’ve asked for, and send the payment, we start working on that. 

After the order is received, we send you an e-mail saying that your order is received, and we’ve started working with that.

We collect a lot of information required for the Knowledge Panel through the order process. The actual work starts when we check the information and verify everything. If there is any confusion, we reach you and discuss that. Thus, we make sure that everything we’re submitting to Google is perfect and flawless. 

Once everything is cross-checked and we’re sure that everything you’ve provided is okay to go, we submit the information to Google through proper procedure. We make sure that were completing every step properly so that Google doesn’t find anything that might be a problem. 

We try to do this within a day or two from the date you confirm the order.

After submission, we have nothing to do except wait. Google takes time to verify the information submitted through the application process. 

The time needed depends on Google. There is no specific time defined by Google. In most cases, it takes 2-3 weeks. So, we keep waiting until Google notifies us about it.

Once the Knowledge Panel is approved, we make a report and send it to you through the e-mail address you’ve provided. The report contains what we’ve done for you and possibly a visual representation of your knowledge panel. 

Get Google Knowledge Panel Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Reasons to Pick Our Google Knowledge Panel Service

Easy Process

We offer an easy and comfortable process of getting a Knowledge Panel for your brand, business, or yourself. In this process, you need to do nothing just after placing and confirming the order. Just pick a package, place the order, provide the necessary information, and make the payment. It won’t take more than 10 minutes if you’re connected to a steady internet connection.

After this, you won’t need to do anything else. We’ll create the panel for you.

Fast Delivery

We don’t take a long time to create your Knowledge Panel. In most cases, we complete the process from our end and ask for Google verification within a day. The rest depends on Google. 

To get your panel, you might have to wait around a week or more. Google typically takes a long time to verify and confirm the knowledge panel. From our end, we finish everything in a day or two. Thus, we make sure that you’re getting your panel ready as fast as possible.

Done Properly

While creating your knowledge panel, we don’t leave the task unfinished. We focus on every piece of information required to complete the panel and provide everything Google asks for. Thus, we make sure that your panel is built properly. 

Also, after completing the process, we revise everything once again to make sure that it is done properly. Then we submit it for Google verification.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is what we focus on the most. So, we make sure that you’re satisfied after taking our service. We get the job done properly, finish the process fast, make sure that it brings you the expected benefit, and keep a reasonable charge for everything. 

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy our service. Also, to offer better customer satisfaction, we have an after-sales support system.

Reasonable Pricing

To make sure that everyone can enjoy the services we offer, we keep the service charge within a reasonable range. You’ll see that in our Google Knowledge Panel service too. We’ve kept the service price incredibly lower than most other service providers. This is because we want you to have a strong place in the infinite space of the internet. 

Don’t miss the chance of getting this service at an affordable price and enjoy the benefits fully.

Related Services

Besides helping you to build a Google Knowledge Panel, we can help you with a lot of related services. For example- we can support you with your social media presence or location on a Google Map. Also, we offer any type of SEO services for your website. If you want to design and develop a website for your brand, we can do that for you too. 

So, once you’re here, you don’t have to spend time searching for other service providers.

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panel is a part of the search page of Google that shows some important information about a person, a brand, a business, or any other entity. Whenever you search about anything, you can see a panel on the right side of the search page that includes some basic information about the searched entity. This panel is called Google Knowledge Panel. 

To get your brand, business, or personal information there, you need to create a Google Knowledge Panel about it. Once the panel is successfully created, anyone searching for the person, brand, or business can see the panel and the information included in it.

Questions you may have in mind

Google doesn’t offer knowledge panels to all. However, still you have the scope for getting the panel. If you have a basic online presence including a Wikipedia page, a website, social media accounts, and a moderate but regular engagement with followers, you’ll be getting the knowledge panel, almost sure. 

We can set everything and apply for the panel, which is our basic Google Knowledge Panel service. Besides, we can set up an environment that can help you to get the panel easily. For example- we can build a Wikipedia page for you or help you to start and continue your social media presence. Also, we can help out you to get a place on social directory sites. These can aid you to get the panel easily. 

However, these are our separate services. Surf through our services or communicate with us to know more about those.

Depending on your online presence, the Google algorithm decides whether to create your knowledge panel or not. If the knowledge panel is created automatically, we claim that and finish the process by providing necessary information and correcting the wrong information. 

If it is not built automatically, we request Google for one. Google checks your online presence, verifies it, and then decides whether to allow you a panel or not.

We don’t know why Google takes such a long time for that. We think there are two main reasons. One is- Google needs to process a lot of KP requests it receives from the users every day. Another is- Google takes KP very seriously. So, it verifies the information properly. That’s why the verification procedure requires a huge amount of time. 

There can be various other reasons behind this, we don’t know. However, to get the KP, you would have to wait, maybe for a few days or a few weeks. 

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