Hire Virtual Assistant from Bangladesh

Hire Virtual Assistant from Bangladesh

Get Your Works Done with the Assistance of Our Virtual Assistant Service

Let our virtual assistants help you with your tasks when you’re focusing on something more valuable

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Who We Are

We are a team of skilled and experienced people who can assist you in your works from remote position. Starting from data entry to managing your Shopify store, we can do it all. Our team comes with a wide range of people ready to serve you in any type of need. Our members have the skill, the determination and experience. 

If you’re looking for someone to maintain your social media accounts or manage your customers, knock us right away. We’ll be happy to assist you with your works. Your satisfaction is our target. So, we won’t disappoint you at all.

Why do You Need to Hire Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants can do the task sitting at their home. So, you won’t have to make an arrangement for them. It’s a great advantage, right? But this is not the only advantage you’ll get from hiring virtual assistants. Below are some more.

Reduced Cost

Besides the office cost, hiring a virtual assistant reduces a lot more cost. For example- if you hire full time employee, you’ll have to pay monthly salary even if they don’t do much work. On the other hand, if you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll have to pay only for the amount of work done. This saves your money.

Also, when you hire a virtual assistant, you don’t have to train. Thus, training cost is also saved. Similarly, hiring virtual assistant helps you to reduce the cost in many aspects.

Reducing Stress

A huge workload can increase stress and the negative impact of stress can affect your overall productivity. The same thing can happen in case of your other employees too. If you handover some task to virtual assistants, you’ll have some leisure time. This can help you to reduce the stress. As a result, your overall productivity will be increased and you’ll be able to focus more on the core and creative areas. 

Hiring virtual assistants result in the improvement of the quality, productivity and overall profitability. So, it can be a great opportunity for you to enhance the revenue.

Enhancing Output

Virtual assistants can deliver you great outputs because they are doing that specific task for a long time. The expertise and experience of them can help to deliver a better output for you. Also, virtual assistants can add value to your process or strategy too. For example- if you hire someone to manage your social media, with the experience of handling social medias, he/she can help you with designing some strategies. Similarly, in every field, you’ll get valuable output from them.

Focusing on Core Tasks

If you finish the non-core tasks (for example- data entry, report writing, handling customer queries, researching etc.) with the help of virtual assistants, you and your mid-level employees get more time to focus on the core and complex tasks. Thus, the time and energy is spent efficiently. As you’re focusing on the core tasks, the business growth will be quicker.

Types of Virtual Assistance We Provide

Our virtual assistance service covers a wide range of tasks. Below are the services we provide through our virtual assistance program. 

Shopify Management

We have experienced team members who can assist you with managing your Shopify store and other tasks related to it. Also, they can manage your customers, post on social medias and so on for you. Our Shopify virtual assistants are familiar with this platform for a long time. So, they can perfectly handle things for you.


If you’re working on huge written contents and can’t have enough time to concentrate on proofreading, leave the task on us. Our team has expert proofreaders who can assist you by proofreading your copies and marking the mistakes. Also, if you want, we can go one step ahead and edit those. 

Administrative Tasks

If you’re looking for someone to handle your administrative tasks, you can depend on us. Starting from answering e-mails to book an air ticket, our virtual assistants can perform any administrative task you need. They are trained basic corporate and business etiquette. So, by hiring from us, you’re getting a virtual administrative assistant who works remotely. 

Handling Emails

You don’t need to struggle with emails when our expert virtual assistant for handling emails is with you. Instead of reading and replying thousands of unnecessary emails, focus on the core of your business and profitability. Our virtual assistant will handle all the emails and reply accordingly on behalf of you. Give yourself a good relief. 

Data Entry

The task of data entry is really monotonous, right? Get the work done by our virtual assistants while you and your people are working with other issues of your business. We have expert individuals for data entry and other related works. Ask us for someone. We’ll manage the data entry projects of your business without any mistake.

Ecommerce Store Support

Not only Shopify, our virtual assistants are also able to handle any task regarding your ecommerce stores. Managing the store and focusing on expanding the business at the same time is something that is really tough. So, you can handover the structured tasks to our virtual assistants and handle the creative and growth tasks by your ownself.

Customer Support by Email, Ticket Handling and Chat

Customer support is a crucial part of your business. To support you in this, our virtual assistants are there who can handle the task of customer support perfectly. Our English speaking smart virtual assistants will reduce the tension of customer handling. Email, support tickets or chats- no matter what you prefer, our people are expert in everything.

File Conversion (PDF to Word, Word to PDF)

Converting PDF files into Word file is not fully effective when you use software. Again, this is obvious that you or your employees don’t have time for this. In such case, you can take help from our virtual assistance service. A virtual assistant will work with your PDF file and convert those into Word files without any single mistake. We have experts. So, knock if you need such service.


Keep your purchases and sales documented with the help of our virtual assistance service. Our invoicing specialists can help you with keeping track and record of the transections happening in your business. As a result, you won’t have to take the hassle of focusing a lot of things at a time. The virtual assistant will keep everything documented and safe. You can check whenever you feel the need.

Microsoft Office Support

We have virtual assistants expert in Microsoft office who can assist you with the tasks related to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. So, here is your chance to lower the time of sitting in front of the screen and doing the same boring tasks. Our virtual assistants can handle your tasks properly and finish those efficiently.

Phone Calls

Answering phone calls from customers and other people is something that you should do. But you should focus on other things too. That’s why we have our virtual assistants available for taking your phone calls, directing the important calls to you and handling the other calls by themselves. In a word, we can help you with handling the phone calls that you receive every day, just like your personal assistant, but virtual. 

Copy and Paste

If you have any copy paste work and want someone to help you with that, allow our virtual assistants to do that. Copy paste and similar types of works can be done easily with the assistance of our virtual assistants. So, why would you do these basic types of tasks when you have many more complex and creative things to do?

Live Host

If you’re looking for someone to host your live programs remotely, we have ready hosts for that. Maybe it is your podcast, live show or anything, you can take help from our expert virtual hosts. An expert host can help you to conduct the lives properly and thus bring you the expected result from the live programs. 

Respond to Customer Queries via Social Media Platform

If your customers are constantly asking about the product or service and other related things and you put your attention to those, developing creative strategies for the growth of the business will be almost impossible for you. Obviously you should communicate with your customers, but not always. Focusing on other things is important too. So, leave the task of responding the customers on your virtual assistant. We can handle this really well.

Social Media Manager (SMM)

Handling social medias is a task that takes a lot of your time and energy. Also, if you’re dedicated to manage all your social medias, you’ll lose the valuable time that could be invested in other important parts of your business. So, besides handling the social media queries, let our virtual assistant service handle your social media presence, strategies, scheduled posts etc. We have social media specialists to assist you remotely.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines is a must if you think of gaining customers from your online presence. This is a constant process. So, you can hire a virtual assistant who can help you with all the SEO aspects of your website. We have SEO experts who can assist you by handling the SEO issues remotely. You can take assistance from them.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Besides handling your social media accounts, a virtual assistant can help you with paid marketing and increasing your audience. We have experts for increasing likes and followers by boosting page and other ways, increasing website traffic flow and similar social media activities to boost overall reach. They can help you with all these as your virtual assistant.

Keyword Research

If you want to get the best out of your website, researching the keywords and publishing contents depending on those keywords have no alternative. But picking up the right keyword is not an easy task. You can hire a virtual assistant for that. We have keyword research experts who can do this for you. 

Other Services

Besides the services above, you can hire virtual assistants from us for other types of tasks too. Our team is diversified and we can handle a lot different types of things, starting from handling your official documents to your clients. So, let us know what you need. We’ll let you know whether we can handle that or not. 

Get Virtual Assistant Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

When to Hire Virtual Assistant

If you’re here but don’t know if you should hire a virtual assistant of not, let us help you. Below are some situations when you should hire virtual assistants to be there for you. 

If you’re stressed about the business, the reason is the workload. You have to handle a lot of tasks and most of those are monotonous for you. In this case, to get rid of the workload, you should hire virtual assistant who can help you by taking care of some of your works. 

Administrative tasks like answering phone calls, excel inputs, social media posting etc. are not your prime task. But if you see that you’re spending more time in these than brainstorming for the business, it is an urgent for you to get a virtual assistant to handle all these. 

Working hard is great. But working like there is no personal life is not great at all. You need to spend time with yourself and your family. If you can’t make enough time for yourself and your family, you need to find a virtual assistant who can help you to get some more free time. 

If you’re losing interest to your business, the main reason is- you need to do a lot of monotonous work. You aren’t getting the excitement of creativity, challenging the market and exploring opportunities. In such case, quickly hire a virtual assistant and let him/her handle the paperwork and all.

If your business needs you to do something in which you’re not expert, you should think of hiring a virtual assistant for that. You can hire permanent employee. But, hiring permanent employee comes with a lot of costs associated with it. So, it is better to hire virtual assistant for those tasks. 

Why should You Pick Your Virtual Assistants from Us?

Skilled Individuals

In our team, we have skilled individuals who know the field well where they are working. So, no matter for which task you hire virtual assistants, you’ll get someone who can understand the responsibility easily and handle everything efficiently. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the result you’ll see. 

Pocket-friendly Service

Our virtual assistance service is reasonable and pocket-friendly. As a result, to hire a virtual assistant, you won’t have to break your bank. Our affordable service will help you to get the works done within a budget. Depending on the expertise of the assistant, the cost varies. But, we ensure that you’re getting value for the bucks you’re spending.

Contract According to Your Need

To avail our service, there is no strict rule that you need to purchase our service for at least a specific amount of time. You can contract for a month and expand it every month if you want. Also, if you want long term contract, we’re available for that too. So, everything will happen according to your need, not our strict term.

Secured and Safe

After hiring a virtual assistant, you need to share a lot of confidential things with the assistant. So, being worried about the privacy is a usual thing. We can assure that we’ll keep your confidential information secured. Our team members are dedicated and dependable. We have trust on them and we guarantee the safety of your information. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: No, you don’t have to train your assistant. The virtual assistants we connect you with is already trained and experienced about the work. However, you must show them how everything works in your business so that they can understand the process. Don’t worry, they’ve done similar things before for other clients. So, you won’t have to spend much to make them understand the process.

Answer: Prices of our Virtual Assistance Services are generally calculated based on an hourly rate. Different services are valued differently. As a result, the hourly rate varies for different service. Again, the hourly rate of a service depends on the expertise of the assistant you’re getting. So, while hiring assistant for a service, you need to discuss the pricing.

Answer: Obviously not. You can hire as many assistant as you need at a time. There is no restriction on the number of virtual assistant you hire. As we offer a wide type of virtual assistance service, you can even run a proper business only by hiring virtual assistants from us. You can give it a try.

Answer: Yes, anytime. To know more or to let us know your need, knock us through the contact us page. We’ll reach back to you as soon as possible with the answers to your queries. 

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