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To grow fast, low competitive keywords are your fuel. Those help you to get a strong position in search results and dominate the competition. We know where and how to get those. Hire us and we’ll supply you the fuel to grow. Our experts will find out such keywords according to your niche. 

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Enjoy Our Low Competitive Keyword Service because…

If you want your website to grow faster and more successfully, finding low competitive keywords and using those is something you should do from the very first. If you haven’t worked on those, don’t be late anymore. Let us help you by finding the keywords that’ll work for you. 

  • We have a team of experienced keyword researchers who work to find out the low competitive and potential keywords.  
  • We will provide you the keywords that’ll help you to move your site faster towards success.

If you want to focus more on business, do that and let us do the task of keyword researching.


Types of Keywords We Provide

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Buying Keywords

These are the keywords people search for with a high intention to buy things. Using these keywords helps you to generate solid cash flow through affiliation or selling your own products. We pick up the low competitive yet potential buying keywords for you.

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Informative Keywords

These are the keywords that direct people to informative articles. Using these keywords help you to increase the website authority and adds value for your visitors. These are also a crucial part of your SEO quality.

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LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These keywords target specific traffic and help you to rank higher. We research and pick LSI keywords that are related to the money and informative keywords to help you rank higher.

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Related Keywords

You might need some keywords that are not exactly from your niche, but somehow related to it. These keywords are typically required to create backlinks from other sites.We can help you to find those keywords too.

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We have over 6 years of experience providing SEO solutions to businesses, whether they want to expand their online presence, get more leads, or grow revenue. Our methods are tested and trusted, which is reflected in our clients' success stories. For example:

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How We Research and Pick up Keywords for You

Instead of using just a few outdated keyword research tools, we use our brains and up-to-date tools to find out the best keyword set for you. Let’s have a look at how we research and get the keywords.

  • Step 1- We study the niche in detail and look at the behavior of the consumers of that specific niche.
  • Step 2- We thoroughly research the competitors and mark their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Step 3- Then we brainstorm for low competitive and sustainable keywords that the consumers might use.
  • Step 4- After that, we check the keywords with the help of the tools and find out the keywords that are low competitive. 

Keyword Analysis is not the Only Keyword Analysis

Our keyword analysis process is not just looking for the keywords. We do much more than that. Let’s see what we do to get you the best set of keywords. 

  • Manual Analysis: Manually analyzing keywords allows you to get the best ones. This needs expertise and we have that. Most of the new site owners don’t have experience in manually analyzing keywords. We do the in-depth analysis for you so that you get the best output from those keywords. 
  • Competitor Analysis: This is something that most keyword researchers avoid. Knowing the contents of your competitors helps you to make better plans. We analyze the content of your competitors and find out the keyword placing strategy. This helps us to suggest how the plant your keywords.
  • Content Analysis: Content is also important to ensure a good place in the rank. That’s why we analyze the existing contents of your site and suggest some edits to the keywords if needed. Updating your existing content also shows that you are keeping your content up-to-date.
  • Ranking Factor Analysis: Keywords are one of the ranking factors out of many. You need to focus on improving other ranking factors besides working with keywords. We analyze some of the ranking factors and suggest ways to improve those if needed. This will boost your keywords too. 
  • Metrics Analysis: We pick up the contents manually, but use the tools too. Using the most popular and preferred tools of the industry, we analyze the popular matrices and let you know the result so that you can plan your next actions depending on those. Looks great, right?

Why do Most Keywords fail to be Succeeded?

Keyword research is not something easy. Some keywords have potential and some don’t. So, just picking up keywords with low search volume is not enough to be successful. Most of the keyword researchers out there do the same and that’s why the keywords fail. 

If you let us do the job for you, we’ll search for low-competitive keywords manually. The research is done with up-to-date tools and checked manually. As we have a long time experience in doing the research, we know which keyword has the potential to grow and bring you revenue. 

Why are We Different from Others?

There are many keyword research service providers out there who provide thoroughly researched keywords to their clients. So, you may ask what makes us stand out from those services. Well, here are some reasons why we call ourselves one of the best services that stand out. 

  • Metrics Reports from Up-to-date Tools: Besides our manually researched keywords, we provide necessary metrics reports too to ensure you that the keywords we’ve provided are really the ones you were looking for. The report contains everything that you need to know to plan your strategy.
  • Content Blueprint: Keywords are not the only thing that you need to focus on to rank your content. Your contents need to be better than the content of your competitors. For this, we provide a content blueprint for researching your competitors’ content so that you can implement the keywords correctly for ranking better. 
  • Ranking Guideline: Keywords are different and ranking strategy is different in different keywords. Depending on the matrices of the keywords, we provide a ranking guideline that helps you to understand how to rank and how to get the best out of the keywords we provide. 

Businesses for which We Provide Keyword Research Service 

Our keyword research service is for all types of businesses out there. Especially if you have businesses of the types stated below, our keyword research service can help you to stand out from your competitors. 

  • Affiliate Websites: If you want to build a website that is dedicated to promoting others’ products or services as an affiliate partner, keyword research is one of the most important things that can help you to make a good profit. Our dedicated keyword research team is there for you in this case. Through our in-depth research, we will find keywords that can target your specific audience and help to make a good profit. 
  • AdSense Websites: To monetize your website, AdSense is a good platform. But to get the most out of it, you need to write articles targeting profitable keywords. We help you in this case through our low competitive keyword research service. Our set of long-tail keywords and LSIs help you to rank faster and maximize the profit from your website, let it be a hobby blog or a selling platform. 
  • Local Business website: Even if you are a local business owner, your website has many things to give you. Our targeted keyword research and implementation strategy will help you to drive more customers to visit your store and purchase necessary products. Also, it helps you to expand your business to places and enjoy more profits.
  • Service Providing Websites: If you provide offline or online service through your website, you need to reach your target audience through a better ranking on the search engines. We provide thoroughly researched keywords that target your specific audience and help you to get more traffic. All you need to do is keep the traffic in your hand with quality service.

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support team.

1. Can you provide keywords for any niche I select?

– Yes, we can. We have a team of keyword research experts who search for the keywords manually after studying the niche and the users. No matter which niche you choose, let us know. We will find out the low competitive and potential keywords so that you can rank.

2. What is the minimum search volume for the keywords you provide?

– We try to keep the minimum search volume at least 500 per month for an AdSense website. We know that your site brings you revenue. We provide keywords to maximize the revenue you get. For affiliate site, we try to keep the volume moderate because keywords with high search volume are very competitive too. In that case, the minimum search volume is 50 per month.

3. What is the minimum price range of the products for the keywords for Affiliate marketing?

– It depends on the prices of the products on that specific niche. In some niche, the prices of the products are low. In that case, we can’t ensure the lowest price is $50 or something like this. But we can assure that we try to target the maximum priced items of you niche. 

4. Do you guarantee the success of the keyword?

– Ranking on a keyword depends on many things, not only the keyword itself. So, we don’t guarantee your success on the keywords we provide. We search and find quality keywords and deliver those to you. Depending on your content strategy, content quality and overall site quality, you may get success on that keyword or not. 

5. How long does it take to rank on the keywords you provide?

– In the previous question, we’ve said that you don’t guarantee ranking on the keywords we provide. It depends on many factors. Similarly the duration to rank also depends on different ranking factors. Depending on your work, it may rank quickly or not.

6. Does your keyword research service have a refund policy?

– Sorry, but it doesn’t. But if you are not satisfied with the keywords, we try to provide you a replacement to the keywords.

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