PSD to Divi Builder Service

PSD to Divi Builder Service

PSD to Divi Builder

We can turn your site design into a full functioning website using Divi Builder

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About Our PSD to Divi Builder Service

Our team is made of a bunch of WordPress enthusiasts who are expert, experienced, and skilled about WordPress and related things. So, if you want to build your WordPress website with the help of someone who has enough knowledge about it, we offer our services for you. 

In our PSD to Divi Builder Service, we offer to build you a fully functioning and running WordPress website built by Divi Builder, which is a premium Theme and Page Builder for WordPress. For this, you need to provide the site design in PSD format. You can use other formats, but you have to make sure that the design is clear. 

With our experience and expertise, we make sure that you’re getting an active website which can ensure proper user experience to your website visitors. We also add some value from our end. So, if you think you’re in need of a website that is easy to maintain and edit, you can take this service from us.

Why Divi Builder?

So, there must be a question in your mind- why should I use Divi Builder? If you haven’t find enough answers to this question that satisfy your mind, below are some of the reasons. We hope that going through these will convince you. 

Divi Builder allows the developers to make changes with their own custom CSS. As a result, even if your design contains something that is not in Divi, we can use our custom CSS code to implement that in your site. Thus, you’ll be getting things exactly as you want. Divi is not limiting us from providing exactly what you want from us. 

Divi Builder comes with a lot of unique page elements and a thousand ways to handle and edit those. As a result, you can make a change anytime you feel the need. You’ll have a lot of options for doing that, those too are really easy. Even if you don’t have any knowledge of coding, still you can make the changes using the easy-to-use controls.

Divi Builder allows you undo a change if you don’t think that it goes according to your preference. Also, if you undo something and think that it was better to have, you can redo it quickly by clicking a button. You won’t have to take the hassle of doing that again. You can also go through the entire editing history to implement anything again or for other purposes.

When you’re editing your pages with Divi Builder, you can see the changes when you’re editing. As a result, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and instantly you can change it you don’t like it. This allows you to comfortably edit and get the result exactly as you need. It is also responsive enough and the changes you make are implemented quickly in the viewing option.

Divi Builder is a Theme and Page Builder that is perfect for almost all type of websites. Maybe you need a personal website or blog. Divi Builder has your back. For your business website, you can use Divi Builder. It comes with a variety of layouts, themes, shapes and editing handles that allows you to develop and edit different types of websites for different purposes. 

Perks of the Site You’ll Get from Us

While developing your desired site with the help of Divi Builder, we are not providing you just the basic structure. Our sites are developed in a way so that you don’t have to run to other service providers for more. Below are the perks of the website you’ll receive from us.

We deliver an easy to edit site. You can make changes anytime you want. Changing the site design and other elements will be really easy for you. You won’t have to know any code to do this. Also, while editing the site, you can take our assistance. We’ll help you to understand the ways to make necessary changes so that you can do it by yourself later. 

Maybe your design includes something that can’t be done by the Divi Builder. In that case, we edit the codes manually to match to your expectations. Our expert WordPress developers know how to code for custom design. Also, we sometimes use our custom CSS to ensure a lightweight design. So, you’re getting a site that meets your expectation, even if you have to use custom code for that. 

SEO approach depends on you, but there are some factors inside the site too. While developing the site, we make sure that those SEO aspects are carefully looked after. As a result, the site you receive comes with a useful feature of supporting your on page and off page SEO efforts. This helps you to successfully beat your competition using SEO efficiently.

In recent times, the number of people who access the internet through mobile devices has increased and it is still increasing. We want you to fetch that huge audience for your site. That’s why while delivering a site, we make sure that it comes with a mobile-friendly interface through which mobile device users can interact with the site without any hassle.

Security is a big concern for the sites and we know it. That’s’ why the websites we develop are delivered with up to date security measures. So, from us, you’ll get a secured site which is protected from all type of potential security threats. However, site security depends a lot on how you use it. So, you need to be careful too to make sure that the site remains secured. 

PSD to DIvi BUilder Service plans

Below are our packages under the PSD to Divi Builder service. The packages are designed to meet the needs of different types of sites. So, don’t worry. Check those and you’ll find one that meets your needs within your expected budget. 

Why Choose Us?

So, now maybe you’re thinking that why should you pick us for this particular service. If so, worry not. Now we’re going to talk about the reasons for which we think you should pick us. Maybe these will help you to reach to a decision quickly.

Won’t you like it to get the project delivered exactly on the time promised? If so, we have the exact thing to make you happy. We follow a well-thought-out process to bring out your expected website through Divi Builder. As a result, you’ll receive the website within the deadline. Also, while ensuring the on time delivery, we don’t compromise the quality of the site. 

Our team is consisted of a number of WordPress experts. Our experts are in this field for a long time and know a lot about WordPress. So, when you’re getting the work done by us, you’re getting it done by the experts. Also, our experts can suggest improvements if there is any necessity. Thus, you may improve your site quality with our suggestions.

After getting the site, you may face problems regarding to WordPress at any time. If you let us make your website, you won’t have to run for another service provider when you face a problem or need assistance. Our team comes with WordPress experts who can help you with anything regarding WordPress. We offer almost all type of WordPress services. 

No matter what we do, our goal is satisfying our clients. So, we give all our efforts for that. We deliver exactly what you want, that too within the promised time. Also, through a proper communication, we ensure a comfortable experience. Thus, we ensure client satisfaction. Because of our service quality, we have a big satisfied client base in different parts of the world. 

We know that the primary investment or a site is huge and many have to struggle for that. That’s why we have budget friendly options for each service we provide. So, no matter which service you need from us, you’ll get a budget friendly option that’ll help you to get exactly what you want within a budget.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: It depends on the design ad number of pages we have to design. Generally we don’t take a long time for that. Our usual time of developing a site is 15-20 business days. But if you need the exact estimation, you need to show us your design. 

Answer: There are reasons for it. There are some domain names which are priced high, and some come at a low price. Also, there are some domains which come at a price which is 10-20 times of our package price. So, including domain to the packages won’t keep the package price stable. We don’t include hosting in our packages because clients may have interest in a particular hosting other than our preferred hosting. In that case, the cost of hosting will be different. For these reasons, we don’t include domain and hosting in our packages. 

Answer: We know that this seems to be weird to some but we have nothing to do. We’ve faced this situation multiple times where the client hasn’t received the site even after we’ve delivered exactly what he wanted. So, we’ve set a system where you need to pay at least 50% while ordering. Don’t worry. If we can’t meet your requirements, our cash back policy has your back.

Answer: Yes, we have. After we make the website for you, you have the scope to claim under our after sales policy for 72 hours. Within this time, if you find any problems regarding our service, you can reach us. We’ll solve that as soon as possible. 

Answer: Our packages are designed to serve maximum value within the price. So, we don’t have too much scope of providing discount. However, still we consider a bit for our recurring clients. Depending on the order, our regular clients start getting discount from their third or fourth purchase from us. Also, if you order a bulk amount, you’ll get a slight discount for that too. 

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