PSD to Elementor WordPress Service

PSD to Elementor WordPress Service

PSD to Elementor WordPress Service

Get your PSD site design turned into a beautiful site by Elementor website builder.

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About Our PSD to Elementor Service

Maybe you have a sketch of your site which you want to build but you are not a WordPress developer. Don’t worry. We can do that for you in exchange of a few bucks. 

Our team is consisted of a number of WordPress developers aiming at providing maximum client satisfaction through service. With skill and knowledge about WordPress, our team members are also equipped with long time experience of working with WordPress. As a result, they know what to do and how to do.

We try to reach the 100% accuracy while converting your PSD file into a WordPress website built by Elementor. Besides building the site following your PSD design, we make sure that the site is fully functional. For that, we put efforts on the SEO and other necessary aspects of a site. As a result, you get a site that you can launch right after receiving.

Why Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin for building website which is being loved by all. There are various reasons behind it. The reasons for which you should choose Elementor as your website builder are given below.

Using Elementor is very easy. It comes with a user-friendly interface where you can redesign the site by just dragging and dropping the elements of your site. You won’t have to learn any coding language to use Elementor. Choose the element, drag it and drop on the interface. The edit is done. 

Elementor doesn’t draw a strict limitation in using third-party widgets. Besides the built-in elements and widgets, you can use other elements and widgets which are not included in Elementor. Thus, you’ll get enough resource to customize the website according to your choice. 

While making any change in the site, you can check that in real time. You won’t have to publish it before checking. As a result, you can try different elements without hampering the current design of the site. Thus, the real-time preview option helps you in making change without hampering the experience of the visitors. 

While changing the design of your website with Elementor, you can check how that looks in a mobile interface. Elementor comes with mobile and tab options where you can check if the design looks good on mobile devices or not. As a result, you won’t have to customize again and again to find a perfect design that looks great in all platforms.

Elementor has an active community of a lot of users, designers and developers. As a result, while a change is needed, you can do it with help from others. You’ll easily find suggestions from the active community of Elementor. Just in case you don’t find any help, we’ve got your back. Don’t worry. 

Besides these, Elementor provides a lot more advantages to the users.

Perks of Our Elementor Site We Provide

In order to gain 100% client satisfaction, our team members are always dedicated. Below are some perks of ordering the PSD to Elementor service from us. 

You’ll get your site designed exactly as the PSD file. We try our best to match your expectation as much as possible. That’s why our developers work hard to develop a site that exactly matches to the PSD file you provide. In almost all cases, we’ve become able to satisfy our clients by delivering a website that matches to their expectation fully. 

We ensure that the site comes with a fast loading speed. This helps you to improve SEO ranking as well as deliver unparalleled user experience to the visitors. A site with fast loading speed is likely to get more than 1.5 times visitors comparing to the sites with average loading speed. So, fast loading speed means more visitors, which is the prime focus of building a site. 

While building the site with Elementor, we make sure that the site is SEO optimized. An SEO optimized site helps you to get the most out of your other SEO executions. So, we look after all the technical issues which are needed to be corrected while making the website. We have technical SEO specialist who can do this accurately. 

No matter what is the website for, security is always our first priority. We don’t want your investment to be attacked by the hackers. That’s why we make sure that the site is highly secured with necessary security plugins. As Elementor provides enough chance to work with third party plugins, we have scope to use the security plugins that we’ve checked and rated as trusted.

While developing the site, we make sure that the site is fully functioning and usable in any platform. As a result, you can publish the site as soon as you receive it in hand. Also, we make sure that the site is supported by multiple browsers. We don’t want you to get stuck with a website that doesn’t provide smoothness to the visitors. 

PSD to Elementor Service plans

We’ve designed a few packages under our PSD to Elementor service. Below are the packages which are designed based on different need of different website owners. We hope you’ll find which can meet you. Also, you can customize if you need.

How We Work

We use a process and follow it step by step while converting your PSD to a WordPress website made by Elementor. It helps us to bring out a professional and user friendly website within a few days. Below is the process. 

Step 1 – Understanding the Project

When you order a service, our work starts. At first, we check the PSD files and make sure that we’ve understood everything properly. After that, we contact with you and discuss your expectation and our understanding. Through a proper discussion, we make sure that we’ve understood your requirements properly. This helps us to develop a website according to your needs. 

Step 2 – Designing a Timeline

After the discussion, we design a timeline where we plan the time we need for each part of the project. Maybe we share the whole timeline with you. But we surely let you know the deadline of the project which is the date of delivering the site. Depending on that, you can design your future tasks that you’ll do after getting the site. We don’t miss the deadline usually.

Step 3 – Developing the Site

Now, it is time to develop the site. Our experts start their work by using Elementor to develop the site according to your design. We make an outline first. Then, we word on thoroughly on each details. After that, we check the SEO aspects and optimize the site to raise the loading speed to the maximum. We also install the security measures. 

Step 4 – Final Checking and Delivering

After everything is done, it is time to deliver the site. But before delivering, we thoroughly check the site for the final time so that the site doesn’t contain any gap or fault in it. If any fault is found, we immediately remove that. And finally, the site is ready to be delivered. 

Why Choose Us

When the question is about the reasons behind choosing us, we have a lot of points to talk about. We don’t waste your time. So, we are going to talk about only a few points here. You’ll understand the rest once you take a service from us. 

On-time Delivery

Delivering the site within the deadline is our promise. That’s why we always set a deadline after seeing your requirements. Unless there is a very emergency situation, we don’t delay to deliver our service. We don’t take a huge load exceeding our capability. Instead of earning a load of money, our goal is earning the trust of our clients. That’s why you’ll get your site delivered within our promised time, that too with the highest quality.

Consultation if Needed

We design the site according to your need and design. Also, we consult changes which can bring better benefit. From our long experience of building websites, we know which can bring benefit for you. So, we provide free consultation about bringing any change if needed. We want our clients to get the best out of their site. Our consultation helps you to utilize your website properly and catch the maximum possible value from it. 

Support when You Need

Our experts are always there to support you with any kind of problems regarding WordPress. We have an after sales service policy, but we go beyond the policy and provide you basic supports anytime. Also, we have a wide range of WordPress services available, almost everything you may need in future. From maintenance to restore hacked site, we do everything. So, you won’t have to run to any other service providers. 

Affordable Experts

Our team is full of WordPress experts who can deal with any type of WordPress problem. So, you’ll get expert suggestion and support for any kind of WordPress issues, that too within an affordable price. We’ve designed our packages within a reasonable range. We make sure that we provide the value for each bucks you spend to avail our services. That’s why, from us, you’ll get value provided by the experts within an affordable budget. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: Yes, we develop all types of websites, including- blogs, e-commerce sites, business and service sites and so on. Don’t worry about it. No matter which is your site, we can turn that PSD into a WordPress site through Elementor. 

Answer: Domain and hosting are not included in our package. If you want us to buy those for you, we can do that. As these are out of the package, you need to pay for these while making the payment or when we’ll be proceeding to purchase those. However, we won’t take any extra service charge for that. 

Answer: Our after sales policy will have your back for 10 days after receiving the website. Within this time, if you reach us with any gap in our service, we’ll handle that under our after sales service policy. If there is any problem which has happened because of your maintenance fault, our after sales service policy won’t cover that. 

Answer: If you want us to design the PSD files for you, we can do that. We have our in-house designers who can handle your design tasks. If you confirm, our designers consult with you, understand your need and design a website interface according to that. You can show them any theme that you prefer. 

Answer: Payment is included in the order process. While ordering a package, you need to make the full payment. Also, you can pay 50% or more at first if you have a problem. The rest should be paid before receiving the site. We receive payment through a wide range of common payment methods, like- Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer, etc. You’ll find one accordingly, for sure. 

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