SEO Analytics Service

SEO Analytics Service

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Effective Digital Marketing Analytics

The days of having a website or an online presence for great success are over. An extensive grab of research and digital marketing strategy is required for truly a great level of reach and success.

You can enhance the performance of your website by making apt changes according to a strategy, based on research and analysis of your online visitors and their search pattern. This is why the interpretation of customer behavior and usage is vital in having a successful digital marketing strategy.

Our web analytics products offer a simple approach to comprehending how visitors behave, obtaining insight into how well your website is performing, and identifying issue areas to increase conversions.

Data-Driven Marketing

Our expert SEO team will apply analytics tailored to your needs. We correlate Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) with our installations using a data-driven marketing strategy all working towards succeeding in your goals.

Own Your Data

To make sure you are comfortable and able to inspect by yourself, you will be provided with complete access to the source of our analytics. As we do not intend to provide you with any misinformation or manipulated results, we mainly work with Google tag manager and Google Analytics.

We provide comprehensive explanations and mid-way reports, so there is always straightforward and clear communication between you and us.

Analytics Implementation

Google Tag manager

Now with Google Tag manager, adding codes and snippets to a website is no pain at all. With Tag Manager, you can finally add several third-party codes to your website thus tracking and boosting your website UI and UX.

  • Managing tags
  • Event tracking
  • Improved performance
  • Increased Versatility

With Mouseflow’s help get in-depth stats on how users are interacting with your website so you can improve a certain part of your website.

User review

Get direct reviews from your visitors on how well your website is designed and the areas that could be fixed for a better experience.

Live recordings

See live videos on how users are interacting with your website to get a deep understanding of your website’s UI and UX.

Heat maps

Analyze which parts of your website your users interact with the most and just as importantly the least interacted to better optimize your website. 

Scrolling maps

Scrolling maps give you an idea about how much of your page is visible to visitors and provide statistics about visibility and time spent – either viewing or interacting with different parts of the page.

Google Analytics

Knowing the percentage of cart abandonment and the performance of your product pages is crucial for any online store owner. With Google Analytics analysis you can get to know all that information and much more. 

Data Analysis

A deep dive into all the important data Google analytics provides and utilizing it for better website rankings and user experience.


Have all the important information of your website under a single well-detailed dashboard for faster and easier data access. 


Detailed reports on the overall performance of your website. This includes which page is the most visited, user traffic per month, etc.

Tracking eCommerce

Important in-depth stats on the most important pages of your eCommerce website (product, cart, and checkout). Thus helping you optimize your store for better sales.

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