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Who We Are

We’re just a team of people like you who are interested in Shopify. After you build a store, maintaining it and designing products simultaneously is very tiring. That’s why we’re here for you to help you with different issues of Shopify.

After starting the service, we’ve helped more than 100 Shopify stores with different issues. The results were satisfactory. So, you can ask for any type of help with your Shopify store. Starting from designing a logo to managing your customers, we can do everything. We guarantee satisfaction and impressive output. So, you can try our support.

Supports We can Provide

Winning and Profitable Product/Niche

If you haven’t selected your niche yet, we can help you with that. To make a good amount of profit, a winning niche is important. Our researchers will find you a niche with a wide audience base and high shopping behaviour. As a result, you can earn profit by designing products and selling those to that specific niche. 

Platform Optimization (Mobile/Desktop)

Optimizing your store for different browsing platforms is important. Nowadays, a lot of people are browsing internet with mobile phones and several browsers. Making your store accessible from any of the platform is important. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers. If you’re not comfortable with technology, let us do the work for you. 

Custom High Converting Theme

There are many themes out there which are naturally high converting because of their structure, look and a lot more things. If you want your store to look like those themes, we can help you with it. Our expert developers can customize the codes and give your store a look of your favourite theme. Doing this is not easy for you if you’re not an expert in coding. 

Custom Coded Sections

The layout Shopify provides may not satisfy you or fulfil your need sometimes. In that case, designing by customizing the codes or adding new section can help you to get exactly what you want. If you face such situation, let us help you with the customization of codes. We have expert developers with vast knowledge on codes. They can help you with what you want. 

Building Store

We can build you a fully functioning Shopify store to start your business. With necessary customization with the help of third party apps, we’ll build a store that has everything to offer comfort to the visitors. We’ll also build a relevant homepage and attractive about us page so that you can attract more customers and increase you sales.

Social Reviews

Reviews attract customers. So, having positive reviews in your shop is important. Also, social sharing and positive reviews in social medias lead a lot of potential customers to your page. We can help you with that. We have expert reviewers who can write positive reviews about your store and spread those through social media platforms. 

Animated Banners/Pictures

Animated banners and pictures are more interesting comparing to steel pictures and banners. So, you can decorate different pages of your store with attractive animations. But creating animated banners is a tough and time consuming task for them who haven’t done this yet. So, why waste your time and energy on this when you have a lot of things to do? We can make animated banners for you.

High Converting Product Page

The design and available information of your product page play a crucial role in the conversion and sell of your product. So, creating a converting product page is important. If you don’t want to take the hassle of researching and designing a suitable product page, let us do this for you. We’ve researched thoroughly and we know how to design a high converting product page.

Optimizing Loading Speed

Fast loading speed improves the SEO score and decreases the bounce rate of your store. When the page loads fast, people find it comfortable and time saving while surfing through your products. The exact opposite thing happens when the page takes a long time to load. So, ensuring fast loading speed is important. We can help you with that. 

Customer Tracking Page

Tracking page helps you to check the shipping status instantly. So, if someone wants to know where his/her product is, you can easily check and let know. Also, you can allow customers to check their product status by themselves. We can custom the basic tracking page to make it more helpful for the customers. 

Optimizing the store for search engines ensures a lot of traffic from those engines regularly. So, SEO is an important thing for you if you’re looking for increasing your revenue. It is a continuous process and needs a lot of attention. So, leave the hassles of Search Engine Optimization on us and focus on developing products. We’ll keep the store optimized so that you gain organic visitors too.

Custom Logo

Logo represents your business. Logos grab attention of potential customers and build a sense of trust in them. As a result, turning your potential customers into regular customers will be easy for you. We design a unique and memorable logo for you that brings a positive first impression to your business. So, if you haven’t designed the logo yet, let us do this for you. 

Live Chat

Supporting your customers through live chat is something that adds a huge value to your store. But concentrating on live chat support can hamper your other tasks. So, if you’re getting regular queries from your customers, it is time to hire someone to handle this. And that’s why we’re here- to work as your live chat support assistant. Our experts can handle the customer queries and pass necessary information through live chat support. 

And Many More

Besides the supports mentioned above, we can provide any type of support regarding Shopify. If you’re facing problems to handle your Shopify store alone, let us assist you. Depending on what you want, we can support you in exchange of a pocket friendly package price. So, let’s start working together. 

When do You Need to Hire Shopify Service?

Your Shopify store is your business. So, like any other businesses, Shopify stores also need attention in different parts. While starting, you may handle everything alone, but you’ll need assistance after a few days. Let’s help you to understand when you’ll need to hire a Shopify assistant.

Managing a growing Shopify store is not a simple task. It is very obvious that you’ll feel exhausted after a certain time due to the workload. In such case, you’ll have to hire an assistant or service to share the workload. It may cost you a bit, but you can focus on increasing profitability.

Working with Shopify store needs expertise in a lot of things. But most probably you’re not an expert in everything. In that case, if you really want to increase your profitability, you need to spend some at first to appoint someone to assist you in different aspects of Shopify.

As Shopify contains a lot different tasks, you need to do a lot of thing. But if you think that you should focus on product design or something else in which you’re expert and that adds value to your store, you need to hire Shopify service to handle other tasks of your store.

When the name of the store is spreading and there are more customers coming to your store, handling their queries will be more difficult. You can’t handle the queries and other tasks simultaneously. In such case, you should take help from Shopify service to handle the customer queries through chat support or other ways.

Get Shopify SEO & Web Development Service

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Why Choose Our Service?

Experienced Individuals

Our Shopify support is delivered by experienced individuals who have expertise in different parts of Shopify. We’re working in this filed for a long time and before that, we’ve worked on similar type of tasks. So, from us, you can expect the best support you can get from the internet for your Shopify store. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

In our Shopify journey, we’ve worked with a lot of clients and everyone was satisfied at our service. We guarantee that you’ll also be satisfied at our performance. We fulfil your expectation perfectly. We also guarantee improvement in the performance of your store. So, if you want to be satisfied by your Shopify assistant, hire us.

After Sales Support

Our Shopify services include after sales support. We won’t forget you after the service period is finished. So, if you face any problem regarding our service, we’ll fix those issues as soon as possible. All you need to do is reaching to us and explaining the issue properly. Our after sales support has got your back for all our services. 

Reasonable Pricing

Our Shopify support is priced reasonably to make the things a bit less costly for the newbies. To hire our Shopify service, you won’t have to break the bank. Comparing to other high quality services you’ll find, our services are designed to provide more value in exchange of similar price. Also, if you pick multiple services from us, we’ll manage a discount for you. So, what do you think about hiring us?

Flexible for You

Our offerings are flexible for our clients. You have the scope to order for short term or long term support. Depending on our performance, you can expand or reduce the duration of the contract. Thus, the control is in your hand. Also, you have scope to customize the service and order. We offer flexibility to our clients that you won’t get anywhere else. 

A to Z of Shopify

Starting from picking up a niche to handling your customers- we can do everything related to Shopify for you. Reach us with any type of service request, we have experts for everything. In fact, you can build, maintain and expand a Shopify store with the help of our service, without any need of your direct participation, except managing. We’re doing these things for a long time.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: Our services are designed to be valid for Shopify, no matter what your product or niche is. So, you can take our service for any type of niche. All you need to have is a thirst for earning profits from your Shopify store and expanding your business.

Answer: We provide a wide range of services. Depending on the hard work we have to do, the value you get and the expertise you’re picking- the cost of the service depends. It also depends on a few more things. Check our package prices to get an idea about how much we charge. If you have any customized request, we can discuss price for that through email or live chat support.

Answer: You’re welcome to talk if you have any customization request. Knock us through the live chat or contact us through email to let us know your expectations. We’ll design a package and pricing according to your expectation and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Answer: Yes, obviously. We have expert social media managers who can handle the social media accounts of your Shopify store and continuously increase engagements. Thus, you’ll get more visitors to your store and your revenue will be increased. 

What do you think?