Social Media Advertising Service

Social Media Advertising Service

Amplify Your Brand's Reach with
Our Social Media Advertising Service

Our team of experts specializes in crafting tailored social media advertising strategies across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We identify your audience, create compelling ad creatives, and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

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Who We Are

We are some social media enthusiasts who have teamed up to help businesses grow and engage potential customers using different social media platforms. As social media is a gathering of a lot of people from all over the world, it is a great opportunity for the businesses to grow their brand awareness using related marketing policies. We help businesses to do that.

Each member of our team is expert in advertising in different social media platforms. Together we can assist you to grow and build good relationships with your current and potential customers. With the help of our targeting strategies and skills, we can help you to reach your marketing goal using social medias.

Social Platforms in which We Advertise

Different social media use different ways to reach people. So, depending on your product, service or target audience, the perfect platform varies. But don’t worry, we cover a wide range of platforms including-

Facebook is the biggest social media platform currently with more than 2 billion users. It provides you scope to share written content, photos and videos. This means advertising on Facebook can help you to reach a wide range of people and use different type of marketing techniques. For that, we are with you. 

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform with more than 1 billion users. It is growing rapidly, which means positioning in Instagram can bring you great result after a few days. You can strengthen your brand position in Instagram by advertising with relevant marketing techniques. We have Instagram advertising experts to help you with that.

Being a large social media platform, Twitter offers different types of advertising tools for businesses. If you want to utilize the tools for your business, you should come to us. Our social media advertising experts can help you with selecting the type of ad, designing advertising materials and selecting your ad target to maximize ROI.

Pinterest offers a high chance of getting the attention of your target customers by using proper visuals. You can connect your site to the pins to draw people to your site. Thus, you can increase website engagement which will result in increased sales. To utilize this platform, our social media advertising team can help you.

We also work on LinkedIn advertisement. LinkedIn is known as a platform for professionals. You can generate a lot of leads from this social media platform which you can use later to promote your services and products from professionals. Utilize the advantage that LinkedIn offers for the advertisers. 

How can Our Social Media Advertising Help you

The social media advertising service we provide is designed for the benefits of our clients. Availing our service will help you to grab the advantages that social media advertising offers.

Reach to Your Target Audience

We help you to reach to your target audience through social media. Using different targeting measures, we deliver the ads to your target viewers, no matter which platform you choose. This helps you to present your product or service to your audience straight. 

Achieve Your Campaign Objective

The objective of running ad campaign on social media can be anything.  Maybe you’re running the ad for increasing followers on your social media page, or maybe the reason is to receive customer queries. No matter what is your advertising objective, we can help you to achieve that.

Save Your Advertising Cost

Our social media advertising experts are here to help you by designing and running winning ad campaigns within a budget. By planning everything efficiently, our social media advertising service helps you to save money from your advertising budget if possible.

Improve Your Advertising ROI

We plan and design the ad campaigns in a way so that you can get better response from your audience costing a comparatively low amount of money. Thus, we ensure better ROI from social media advertisements for you. 

Lead Generation

If the goal of your social media advertising is generating leads, our service can surely help you with that. We can run campaigns for lead generation so that you can proceed further with the leads generated. 

Convertible Traffic Generation

With our social media advertising strategies, we can help you by generating traffic that you can convert to your websites. So, if you want a good traffic flow to your site who’ll check your products or services, you can take our social media advertising service. 

Explore Our Social Media Advertising Service Plans

We have arranged different sources for monthly SEO backlinks to ensure a quality service at an affordable price. You can take our service according to your budget and requirement. We also accept customized SEO audit orders.

Contact us via live chat or set a meeting for a customized monthly SEO backlink service.

What We do for You

Business Manager and Ad Manager Setup and Settings

At the very fisrt step of the process, we set up your business manager and ad manager accounts. Facebook business manager helps you to manage your business page in Facebook and ads manager helps you to manage the ad campaigns. Depending on the platforms, the name may vary. We setup those so that running ads become smooth.

Target Audience by Demographics, Interest and Behavior

Targeting the right audience is important because someone who is not your target audience won’t be interested to the ad. While designing an ad campaign, we focus on your target audience who are different than other by demography, interest and behaviour. Thus, we can reach to the people only who are your target audience and interested to get your product or service.

Appropriate Objective Selection

The objective behind running the ad campaign can be anything. You may run an ad for increasing brand knowledge, or generating leads, or receiving queries, or anything. No matter what is your prime objective behind the campaign; we fulfil the objective by being appropriate in selecting the right objective and focusing the right portion of audience.

Manual Placement

While designing the campaign, we place the ads manually. Manual placement ensures better performance than auto placement. According to a research, manual placements ensure 6% more audience engagement with 6% less cost. Thus, you get better ROI. From our experience of a long time, we know where we should place the ads to get better result. 

Optimized Bid

An effective bidding helps to make the advertisement more likely to get better placement opportunity. We are experienced in it and we know to optimize bid for winning the placement. Also quality bid means more frequent presence of the ads in the platforms. So, while running a campaign, we optimize the bid for better performance. 

Pixel Setup

Pixel is a code that needs to be placed in your website to know the conversion, and how people are using the site. While running the ad, we also help you to setup the pixel code for measuring the performance of the ad, if you can’t do that. This will help us later for better optimization of the campaign details. 

Custom Audience Setup

Custom audience setup is the process of focusing your audience more specifically. It basically helps to remarket to a specific audience or exclude the part of audience who have seen your ads already. This feature allows selecting the target customer base more accurately so that the bucks spent on the ads become more efficient and allow better conversion.

A/B Testing

If there is any confusion about the offering, we can run A/B testing to know what attracts your target audience. It is a great tool to understand the preference of your target audience. We can design and run an A/B test so that we can understand their preference and design the visuals and ad campaigns accordingly for getting better result.

Old Campaign Optimization

If you have a campaign that is already running but can’t bring expected result, we can help you by optimizing the campaign for better result. A lot of things in the campaign determine the performance of it. We check everything thoroughly to know the reason behind the poor performance and fix the issues so that it performs better.

Why Choose Our Social Media Advertising Service?

Here in our team, we have experts in social media advertising. For any of the social medias talked above, we have experts who are working with social media advertisement platforms for more than three years. As a result, from us, you can expect quality service and expert suggestions regarding to any social media advertisement.

Our social media advertising packages are designed to deliver you the best output from advertising. Comparing to what you’ll get after the campaigns, the price we charge is really reasonable. Though we charge a reasonable fee comparing to other services, we don’t pay less attention to the campaigns we run for you. 

Depending on your needs, our experts design and launch campaigns which are perfect to meet your needs. As a result, the outputs of the campaigns come really fast. To bring you quick output, we efficiently design the campaign and materials and target exactly your focus audience. This helps us to bring you quick outputs and you can get the ROI fast.

As we design the campaigns efficiently to hit the aim, you can expect maximum return from those. Also, we focus on cutting your digital marketing cost. Thus, by costing minimum and earning maximum, you can avail maximum ROI from your social media advertising. So, hire us to save some bucks from your advertising budget and still gain an attractive ROI.

Besides social media marketing, we also provide other digital marketing solutions for your business. So, from us, you can take necessary assistance for any type of digital advertising, starting from designing the visual to running a full campaign. Thus, if you’re looking for advertising in other platforms, you won’t have to run after another service provider.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: The number of traffic you’ll get depends on the amount you spend on the campaign and how attractive the visuals are. There are some more things also that matter. However, we design the campaigns in a way so that you get the maximum out of it. We use our expertise to do so. So, we guess you’ll get enough traffic for the bucks you spend. There is no hard and fast rule actually.

Answer: There is no hard and fast rule too. To get your expected result, you should prepare the social media advertising budget focusing on the results of previous campaigns. However, in most cases, our clients get a decent result by spending 300-600 USD per month. However, the profitability calculation can be done after running the campaigns for a few days. If it doesn’t seem profitable, you can stop running those ads anytime.

Answer: Profitability of ads depends on a lot of things and we can’t control everything. Designing, managing and running ad campaigns is in our control. We use our experience and expertise to perform these tasks really well so that the ads have enough chance to bring you the maximum benefit. But audience behaviour plays a great role here too. So, we don’t guarantee maximum profitability. But we guarantee effective optimization for maximum profitability.

Answer: In designing and managing ad campaigns and ad account, you won’t have to do anything. But we’ll need your continuous assistance for collecting info about your business, your audience etc. For that we’ll reach to you anytime and collect the necessary information through different methods. 

Answer: We have our in house designers who can design the visuals for ads. However, if you have contents developed or if you want to deliver content by yourself, we’ll use those. This is something to discuss. So, while placing the order, we can talk more about it. 

Answer: Yes, we monitor the campaigns continuously. When you ask us to manage your social media advertisement, we assign an expert to handle all of your ad campaigns. He/she continuously monitor the performance of the campaigns and take necessary steps according to the situation. 

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