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If you’re looking for converting some audio into script, take the assistance about it from our transcriptionists.

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Why Hire Professional Transcriptionists?

To Save Your Time

Hiring a professional transcriptionist may need you to spend some bucks, but it saves a lot of your time. Transcription consumes a lot of your time and energy that you could invest in your business to look for improvements. If you hire someone professional for the transcription, you’re saving your time that you can use to earn more bucks.

To Get Quality

Professional transcriptionists are able to write the whole thing without any mistakes and other hazards. As a result, the copy you get in your hand is a quality version of the audio file you provide. To get quality transcription that comes with readability and reader comfort, you should hire a professional transcriptionist.

To Ensure Accuracy

While converting an audio file into a fresh piece of written content, a professional transcriptionist gives the best to maintain the accuracy. Getting it done by online tools or regular staff of your office won’t ensure this accuracy. Accurate transcription of your files is something that can only be done by a professional.

To Maximize Security

A professional transcription service is bound to maintain the security of your confidential documents. Getting it done by an office staff may lead the files to wrong hands because of any irresponsibility or other reasons. But a professional is always a professional. He/she will handle your files safely and maintain the confidentiality.

Types of Files We Convert

Audio Files

We convert your audio files into written documents. When the transcription doesn’t need to point out the person who is speaking, the audio file is enough for the transcription process. Depending on your need, we convert the audio file fully or focus on some specific points only.

Video Files

We also convert video files into typed documents. Talk show, interview, seminar or any other video content can be translated into written document. So, upload your video files into any storage service and let us have access. Your task will be done within time. 

Types of transcriptions We Offer

No matter what type of transcriptions you’re looking for, we have capability to do that for you. Below are some common types of transcriptions that we’ve worked on and expertise at.

We have experienced transcriptionists who can convert any academic audio or video files into text. Dissertations, seminars, webinars, interviews or any other academic audio or video files can be turned into text easily. For academic transcription service, we have specialists in different academic field. 

Business events like meetings, seminars, focus group discussion, etc. are very important for your business. But in most cases, keeping every detail written is not possible because of the time restriction. For that, you only have to record audio or video of the event. Our transcriptionists will do the rest for you. 

In legal process, every detail is important. So, while keeping note, you shouldn’t miss anything. But in-house transcription is a risky task because it may end up leaking any confidential information to the competitors. Our transcriptions are highly professional and not going to leak any information about your business to anyone.

Medial consultations, medical history, discharge details, medical interview and any other medial issues need to be written for different reasons. But, due to many reasons, writing is not possible when things are going on. That’s why we have medical transcriptionists in our team who are there to convert any type of medical audio or video file into written document.

The podcast culture is increasing day by day. If you’re looking for saving a written document of your podcast, you can reach us. Our expert transcriptionists will do that for you within the shortest possible time. All you need to do is sending us the audio file.

These are just a few types of transcriptions we do. Besides these types, we also provide all other type of transcription services. So, no matter what you need, you can knock us anytime.

Types of transcriptions We Offer

The Process We Follow

Our transcriptions are done following a process to deliver the maximum value you need. Below is the process.

1- Receiving the Audio/Video File

At the very first stage, we receive the audio or video file you provide to convert into text. Depending on the file length and topic, we communicate a deadline with you. The deadline is the maximum time we may take to finish the task and deliver it.

2- Selecting a Transcriptionist

After that, we select one or more transcriptionists to carry out the project. Depending on the project type, we pick up someone from our team of expert transcriptionists. While selecting someone, we make sure that your project is handled by someone who has expertise in that field. 

3- Completing the Transcription

Once we select someone and handover the task to them, they start working on the project immediately. While performing the task, they make sure that the transcription becomes accurate. After completing the task, they check once again to make sure that everything is okay and quality is assured.

4- Cross-checking the Transcription

After the transcriptionist submits the written document, we send it to someone else with more experience for cross-checking the whole project. They check it thoroughly and fix if there is any issue. After that, we deliver the written file to you. If you have any issue with it, you can reach us anytime. We’ll fix that. 

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We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

While selecting us, you may need to know the reasons behind that. Don’t worry, let us talk about the reasons for which we think you should pick our service. 

We ensure on-time delivery. Depending on the length of the audio or video file and the topic, the delivery time varies. But we always try our best to finish the task within our mentioned time. We understand that you might be in a hurry. That’s why we work hard to deliver the scripted document within time. We also have the urgent delivery option. 

Automated transcriptions are highest 60-70 percent accurate. On the other hand, human generated transcriptions are 99-100% accurate. We provide human generated transcription service and don’t use any type of transcription software. That’s why, from us, you’ll get 100% perfect transcriptions with zero mistakes and guaranteed satisfaction. 

We know that your documents are valuable and nobody should get access to those. So, we ensure confidentiality of your audio, video and written documents. We don’t expose any of your documents to others. We are professional who are committed to what we say. That’s why you can pick us without any hesitation if confidentiality is important to you.

Our team is made of experienced transcriptionists who are doing this for a long time. Maximum of them are working in this field for more than 5-6 years. So, from us, you’ll get flawless and reader friendly transcriptions with guaranteed quality. Our transcriptionists are there for you to help you with any kind of professional transcription need. 

All the transcriptions done by our transcriptionists are cross checked once those are done. This is done to make sure that you’re receiving an accurately written copy of the file you’re providing, no matter what that includes. Delivering a flawless document to our clients is our duty and we don’t fail to do that. You can keep believe on us. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: We ensure quality in different steps. While hiring transcriptionists, we check their background and experience. Also, we check their performance. Thus, through a 2-3 stepped process, we hire our transcriptionists to ensure quality. 

Our transcriptionists are focused on performance. They receive incentives for the improvement in their performances. Also, before delivering the transcription, we cross-check it by another experienced transcriptionist. Thus, in different steps of our operation, we maintain quality.

Answer: Yes, our transcription service is only for English documents. Currently, we don’t have the scope of working with other languages. But, if possible, we’ll expand it for sure in future.

Answer: Yes, you need to pay a bit more if the audio quality is low. Low quality audio makes it tough and lengthy to convert it to any written file. So, we charge comparatively more if the audio is of low quality, for example- the speaker is far from the microphone, the microphone can’t catch sound, audio with complex accent, etc.

Answer: No. In our service, we don’t use any software. To deliver quality transcriptions, we only offer manual transcriptions done by our expert and experienced transcriptionists. We want our clients to be happy with the transcripts we deliver to them. That’s why our service comes with only one option- manual transcription. 

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